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    SM riding around SF, trail riding around Twain Harte near Yosemite
  1. em8691

    Chain noise...is it normal?

    +1 just another noise you didn't hear because of the motor
  2. em8691

    FMF Racing PowerCore 4 Full System

    Sounds great, got pulled over and given a warning about excessive noise so i put a quiet insert in and solved the problem with only a small amount of power taken off the top end(dam California laws, but really cool CHP officer)
  3. em8691

    sm wheels to mx wheels front brake problem

    Remove the caliper spacer bracket! If your bike is an 02 then it didn't come stock with SM wheels and you are probably running a 320mm brake rotor with caliper relocating bracket. There is nothing wrong doing as noted above but this way you don't need to buy a new $$$ brake rotor.
  4. em8691

    Best price for a Cylinder Works big bore?

    If you have Amazon prime it and most other things from Amazon are shipped to you within 2 days, I have on more than one occasion received items the next day. But tax, yes I see your point!
  5. em8691

    SEAT CONCEPTS awesome seat

    I installed my tall seat on an extra seat pan I had laying around in about 10min. I even got myself a NEW tool in the process, air stapler from Amazon for $25. The seat cover is well made and it would be hard to mess it up as long as you take your time and follow their guidelines.
  6. em8691

    DRZ is screwing with my vacation plans

    here you go http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/316850-the-master-3x3-post/?view=findpost&p=11454601&hl=%2B3x3+%2Bmod also check out all the DRZ FAQ at the top of the forum page, BIG HELP to all new DRZ 400 owners
  7. http://www.thumperta...sm-wheels-pics/ sorrry all ready answered
  8. I've been running the Pingle for over 5 years with no problems, took awhile for me to remember to turn it off but other than that, it's 100% quality
  9. em8691

    Long term Rekluse experience anyone?

    True, so why is it not recommended for engines with a big bore, again other bikes put out MUCH more power
  10. em8691

    Planetwister's "build" thread 14' sm

    Cams will get you there faster, also the way you have your bike set up now it should pull hard till at least 8000 rpms. The DRZ motor in general thrives in the 4000-8500 range anything beyond that is really wasted RPMS because the motor is not producing any more HP. If your bike isn't pulling till 8000 rpms you might need a larger main jet.
  11. em8691

    What is your best makeshift work stand!

    How old is that pic? I just saw a pic of your bike with NEW bars and BLING hand guards
  12. em8691

    Seat strap....

    I one hand curl mine with that strap
  13. em8691

    Planetwister's "build" thread 14' sm

    Look into some E cams or Hot Cams they will wake it up like the 3x3 w/jetting and exhaust did!
  14. em8691

    Long term Rekluse experience anyone?

    But not included with the EXP! I meant DRZ basket SORRY
  15. em8691

    Long term Rekluse experience anyone?

    I will also add that I rode a stock DRZ today and let me just say I was really surprised at the lack of power though out the entire power band. Total POS!