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  1. no!correction. just leave it, maybe it,ll burn out?when you ride it. or?maybe it wont?huuuum maybe i shoulda turned the flywheel instead of the back wheel?so i was a little bit closer to the situation?you are faced with a really tough call on what to do?maybe forrest gump can give you a tip on what to do?and every thing will be pees and carrots!Y.F.K.M!!!!!
  2. the mods probably got tired of the stupid topic because we or i dont base my tire selection on weight!it,s performance! try a chen shing shong dong. it,s the lightest ?maybe it.ll make you faster?
  3. good one lumpy!!ha ha not gonna happen
  4. i like to stop once in while and stuff both hands round mr happy and just let em slowly thaw out.warmest spot on the body.

    Do I need a new helmet?

    getting into this a little late and havent read anything and dont want to but.........buy a new one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!always after a hard crash.are you kidding us???????????????o.m.g.

    Ruined hydration pack??

    i,m getting ino this late and havent read everything yet and dont want to but...get over it and buy a new one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How to tighten front wheel?

    SNUG THE AXLE NUT SLIGHTLY. LOOSEN triple clamp bolts spin the wheel aplly brakes titen triple clamp bolts and axle pinchers and titen axle nut snuggy not too tite, done,dont really matter but thats how i do it on our race bikes

    GG300PRo Evening Joyride

    killer video!and that music is awesome!i,m looking them up now.

    Trials in Reno, NV

    come up 2ply,get away from that rain,mold infested place and see blue sky? jeepercole p.m. me dont like cold though!thinkin may june,we also frequent boca alot during the summer months,riding,fishing,boating,in one camptrip,,,the sierras...god's country!!!!!!!!!! bet i've seen you there.
  10. FESTER

    Removal of graphics glue

    kitchen floor!hell the wife bitches at me for the skidmarks in my damn underwear!and she aks me why i buy the colored ones?uhhh hello,and yeah i tested it 2ply!yeah!wife found me on the garage floor passed out from the fumes....thing is .... she dint try to recesssetate me.."ha,ha!spelling bad"she just kicked me, opened the garage door and went back in the house?
  11. FESTER

    Weight Loss challenge anyone....

    weight loss program? are you goll darn kiddin my bird dog ass!i put prolly a million dollars in my belly and i'm damn proud of it.i'ts a damn investment,hell, when my wife rubs it down with bacon grease to get rid of dem nasty stretch marks it gives out a little glare from the camera flash, gives her a little twinkle in her one eye,people spend there whole lives dieting?what a f-en pain in the ass! i like to live good and i like bacon and other stuff that taste good,i went over to my hippy neighbors house and ate vegeeeterian food, i shit deer pellets for 2 damn days!! constipated!for the life of me i dont know how deer survive,then ate a damn gallon of ice cream cuz i wuldnt full?or maybe they put sumtin in the damn veggies. wait loss program?i bot stiffer springs for my bike,and elastic waist pants,and ended that issue.weight loss program?,sheeeat ,weez iz men.but hey good luck,just joking,my 2 cents,yeah,ok,see ya.
  12. FESTER

    Beta Importer Changes

    thats ok cause i restored an 86 beta and those guys were useless,got info from a local guy.thumbs up!!
  13. FESTER

    Basic setup on 315R

    thanks cullins and mike but it's also an enduro bike!!?i went through the same issues as this guy.damn head angles too steep at speed, the suspensions too soft at speed,the clickers arent helping at speed, all those things wrapped up just blew me away when i bot my gg pro 280!so what i did is put 13lbs of air in the rear tire and 14 in the front depending on the traction conditions,wound up the rear spring,added spacers from ace hardware,1/2 p.v.c to the front fork springs,makes em stiffer, wound all the screws all the way in!!!but i got to tell you ,the best mod was..that 2foot tall block of foam i added to the seat?really helped me in my bike set-up at speed, also a little tip....32/1 fuel mixture...echo chainsaw oil...shit yall not.
  14. FESTER

    Beta Importer Changes

    dude:lol:w.t.f.:worthy:gas gas:thumbsup:a true corporation strong and smart:thumbsup:makes you wonder what the others are doing wrong oh master beta:banana: