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  1. jim1234

    15 yz450 kicking back while starting

    No throttle and it idles normal ,thanks
  2. My sons 15 yz450:will kick back while starting when it’s hot. Only mod is a FmF pipe. We bought it with only a couple of hours on it. It has about six on it now. He loves the bike but the kick back hurts his hip ( broke it while racing) We’ve raced both two and four strokes. This is kicking back far worst then any bike we’ve owned. Any ideas on how to lesson the chance of this happening .thanks for the help.
  3. jim1234

    CR500 Identification

    If that’s the stock tank and seat it’s a 90. It was the first year of the upside down forks and the bike was all red. 91 had white shrouds and white stripes on the seat. I’ve owned both
  4. jim1234

    Good riddance

    He has put himself in position to win due to hard work and persistence. He made a living doing what he loved. Nothing but respect for anyone that can do this!
  5. jim1234

    Best Method - Changing Tube

    Baja No Pinch tire tool. We change a lot of tires and love this tool. http://www.bajanopinch.com/
  6. jim1234

    How Much Damage Can An Improperly Cared For Air Filter Cause?

    I only use FFT filter oill and water proof grease on the lip. It works great. I've never had dirt get past the filter using FFT. When my boys where racing four strokes I would use a strainer when filling up to keep dirt out of the gas tank. I just bought a 125 it had poor filter maintenance . The cases are now split getting a new crank and a 139 kit.
  7. jim1234

    Stolen Trailer and Bikes in Pinon Hills CA

    I'm in Phelan, I'll keep a eye out for the bikes. Hope they're found soon.
  8. jim1234

    please delete

    please delete
  9. jim1234

    06 yz125 outer fork oil capacity

    I found the problem. I got the wrong year manual with the bike. Scared me for a second thought I bought a 05. I verified the vin ,suspension ,and registration it's a 06. The owner gave me the wrong manual. I just downloaded the correct manual. Thanks for the help
  10. jim1234

    06 yz125 outer fork oil capacity

    I have a the 06 yamaha manual that came with the bike. It says 240 -250 in two locations. I just looked at the online manual and it is the same as yours. I guess I'll be adding fluid. It didn't seem right. Everything else seems correct. I'll scan the misprited page. Thgank for the help!!!
  11. Just put new fork seals in my sons 06 yz125. The manual says 240 - 250 cc's in the outer fork legs. Is this correct ?
  12. jim1234

    ktm 300 xc vs 450

    I like the 300's more then the 450's. I've had a few of both , but never the six speed. I built a 08 250sx/300 with a pro circuit motor , sxs forks, and a xcw trans for my 16 year old. It's a much better all around bike then my 450 and will pull it no problem in any gear, and is much faster top end. I just traded my 08 yz450 to my other son for his yz250. I'm going to sell the yz and build another 300. I want the close chamber forks and the wide ratio. After all that rambling the right 300 will stay with a 450 without a problem. The light weight of the 300 is a big plus for me.
  13. jim1234

    ktm 300 xc vs 450

    Are you looking at new or used, if used what year
  14. jim1234

    Ktm 250sx with 300 barrel

    Heat Range Controlling the operating temperature of the plugs firing tip is the single most important factor in spark plug design. Heat range is the relative temperature of the spark plugs core nose, and it is determined by the length and diameter of the insulator tip, as well as the ability of the plug to transfer heat into the cooling system. A cold plug transfers heat rapidly from its firing end into the cooling system and is used to avoid core nose heat saturation where combustion-chamber or cylinder-head temperatures are relatively high. A hot plug has a slower heat transfer rate and is used to avoid fouling under relatively low chamber or head temperatures. Whats confusing is that a hotter (higher performance level) engine requires a colder plug because more power equals higher cylinder temperatures. Read more: http://www.carcraft.com/techarticles/spark_plugs_tips/#ixzz2npTGcsgv