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  1. I took mine to a local metal shop and they welded a foot on to it. I never tried the beta one for sale, but I drilled and tapped it and used a large washer. The stupid bolt kept coming loose, even with loctite. So far the weld hasn't come loose. The shop charged me $20 for the material and the job.
  2. Definitely check the exhaust o-rings. I thought my motor was blowing up, but fortunately it was just those And the power valve is just totally up to you. I like mine in a little bit like you have yours for the wide open stuff, and I like it more flush when doing single track.
  3. Forgot about that part
  4. That's because Cali is stupid.
  5. In Michigan I just renewed and it was $23
  6. I don't know for certain, but I believe they put all of those groves in it.
  7. @motoxgiant is my go to. His legit name is Steve and he's the dealer in Dearborn, Mi at Plus One Powersports
  8. You can send in your existing head and they will do it. I think it's $150.
  9. Just found this one out a few days ago over at the ADVrider forum. RK Tech heads. They sell new ones or machine your old one. I think what they do is change the shape to their proprietary design, but maybe they can just machine a little material off for what you want.
  10. My 15 is the same. I can get the plug out no problem, but it's super difficult to get the plug wire back on with the tank on. I found it to be much quicker to remove the 4 (I think 4 - two hold the tank and two hold the rad shrouds) bolts that hold the tank on and lift it up just a bit.
  11. I totally agree about a new (better) clutch. But I like the simplicity of my non-OI bike
  12. That little bit of oil around the cylinder head wouldn't concern me (but I don't know a ton about bikes either). I guess the safest thing to do would be to re-torque those head bolts just to make sure they're tight. A little bit of oil seeping around the power valve screw is fine. I'm not sure why, but mine also had oil behind in there. Kinda weird. I recently replaced the allen headed screw with one that you can adjust on the fly with just your fingers and noticed the same thing.
  13. Here's an update on it and a couple pics. The whole install took about 10 minutes. Super easy. I don't feel like it's vulnerable at all. The pipe sticks out 4 inches past the adjuster. It's tucked nicely between the clutch case and pipe. I think it's a slick little addition.
  14. All these guys are way wrong. It sounds like you have a catastrophic failure on your motor. I'd reluctantly give you $2k for the bike and take the risk off of your shoulders for you
  15. When I go from single to two tracks and back and forth, it's nice to be able to tame it down (on the single). I like to really let her rip on the two track, but it's not as much fun in the single