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  1. I don't know that I'd call that a failure. I'd suggest it's merely a leak. Probably one of the squeezy fuel line clamps would seal that up.
  2. Cmon Sausage. You won't be able to make those bad a$$ videos anymore on the 230 I financed my 300RR at a local credit union a couple years ago. Mine's at 2.49%. As others have said, I'd look at a credit union before a stealership.
  3. Man, I just love those white plastics! Mine are red :/
  4. Damn. You one-upped me. I've got a manual printed, hole punched, and in a three ring binder by a friend who does printing, but not laminated Nice.
  5. I wouldn't clean that yet
  6. Those look nice, but darn pricey.
  7. I put black zip ties just above that metal ring. Did that a couple years ago and haven't had to replace the zip tie yet.
  8. I thought the same thing. Mine has a little bit of leaking around the seal - maybe a little less than the OP, but I also clean mine around that spot too. I'd clean it off and keep riding it. Keep and eye on it and see how much leakage you get. That could have built up over the last 50 hours. Also, make sure the chain isn't too tight.
  9. KTM clips are the same and can be found on Rocky Mountain ATV
  10. So why not just eliminate the throttle altogether and install an on/off switch?
  11. While I'm not totally sure, I used it to tighten down my handle bar clamp bolts (the ones that are hidden underneath the handlebar itself). I was out on a trail ride and my handlebars were wobbling. In short, those bolts had come loose. They are an allen head, but the torx was all that was in there and it worked to get me home.
  12. I'm in the upper Midwest. I think I'd sell it for $4k if I was you. But only sell it to me
  13. I'm no expert, but from what I understand you can't tune your carb based on the spooge. For that, you have to assess the spark plug and how the machine is running at various rpms. Spooge can be caused from a bike being too rich, but not always. My bike is perfectly dialed in and I was getting spooge like you had. I switch from motul 800 to 710 and now I have no spooge at all. Motul 710 has a lower flash point than the 800, so it burns up at a lower temp than the 800. Anyone, please correct me if I'm wrong, but this is what I believe is correct.
  14. I agree with the others. It's probably pretty close, depending on how hard you are riding. I get 75 miles to the tank if I'm riding it hard (and my idea of hard is taking it pretty easy haha), 85 - 90 miles if I take it easy knowing it's a long ways to a gas stop.
  15. I did this and it fixed my spooge problem down low. I was also using the motul 800 and switched to the 710. The 710 spooged way less than the 800. I used to get a lot of spooge drooling down the end of the pipe, and now I just get a little that collects.