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  1. Super nice graphics man. I love it with the white plastics.
  2. Not sure on your bike, but I also installed a suzuki needle - NECW - on my 2015 300RR. Runs like a champ. I played around with the beta jetting chart (which I thought made it run like crap). I had a friend that was running the NECW so I just copied his jets and needle/position and now it runs flawless. I've heard good things about he JD jet kits, but man, I don't need it.
  3. What holds the shims in place? The bolt diameter is obviously quite a bit smaller than the hole in the shim, and the shim doesn't fit inside the knuckle. It seems like it would just kind of fall down??
  4. I couldn't find any of the amsoil locally, so I got some lucas xtra heavy duty. I hope that comes in at a close second.
  5. Yeah, I wouldn't use regular grease on an air filter haha. I like these tips. I'll check those skf seals out. Again, I'm fairly new to this kind of stuff. It's the first time I've ever taken a bike this much apart. I'll take all the tips and help I can get. What's the best 2 stroke oil to use (don't worry, just kidding haha!)
  6. I've used superlube for everything. I always liked it because it didn't drip out of my gun. I guess I better get something a little better. Is the amsoil a "good for everything" kind of grease. I need a jack of all trades
  7. Well that's a major bummer. I've done all the wheel bearings, steering stem, and linkage with it. All I have left is the swing arm. It's gonna have to be good enough for a while at this point. It has to be better than the tiny bit of grease that was there from the factory. Can you get the amsoil stuff at any stores? Or online? Neat idea about the orings and shims.
  8. Yep. It's waterproof
  9. Superlube synthetic. Hope it is
  10. Got it. That was the trick. Thanks
  11. Alright. I'll give that a shot. I was using a small flat head screw driver and was tapping from the inside like you say. But I was doing it pretty lightly. I've never done this before, obviously. The two big ones came apart so easy. It's surprising how much difficulty I'm having with this one.
  12. What I tried doing was using a slightly smaller socket and tapped on it from one side. I hit it decently hard, but not too hard because I didn't want to break something. So I just need to hit it harder ya think? Mine isn't seized, it turns freely. Maybe I should just leave it alone?
  13. I got both of the big bearings all disassembled and greased but I can't get the small one apart. Does it not come apart or is there a trick? Or do I just hit it harder? Bike is a 15 300rr.
  14. True, they do. But the stock flange nut fits an 8mm bolt with a 10mm hex head. The only ones I could find online that would fit an 8mm bolt had a 12mm hex head. It's already tight enough trying to get a wrench on a 10mm head I think. I wanted to stick with the stock size.
  15. I get the whole supporting your dealer thing, but I honestly feel bad about asking him for something like this. I feel like I should go to a hardware store haha.