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  1. Feral Donkey

    old set of 43mm Kayaba forks oil level

    They're exactly the same forks up to '94. Thanks for the info, guys! I went 4 and a half inches so that's about 110-115. I need to go out and beat on it a little more to make sure, but they feel fine.
  2. They're the blue anodized USD forks. They came off of a 1992 KX 500. I can't find the right oil level anywhere. Anyone have any idea? I'm tempted to go with 120mm and call it good.
  3. Feral Donkey

    Clutch and neutral safety switches.

  4. I have one or the other or both giving me problem off and on. How do I hot wire them so they don't leave me stranded out in the boonies again?
  5. Feral Donkey

    Help with leaking forks

    Not only is it possible but it's what I did. I just took the forks apart and saw. The former owner had it leaking like crazy. I just copied what was there when I put it back together so I'm not the only one with half a brain. It makes sense now, the way it was if you put oil pressure against the seal it'll fold the sidewall in and let oil past like a reed valve. So the flared, skirt end goes in the hole first and not the narrow end.
  6. Feral Donkey

    Help with leaking forks

    That makes sense because I hardly rode it at all and most of that was on pavement. It was leaking a little but I thought that was residual stuff from assembly. Then I took it on some serious off road last week and it gushed.
  7. Feral Donkey

    Help with leaking forks

    The 43mm KYB forks I rebuilt this spring are leaking like the Titanic. The only thing I can think of was I but the seal in upside down. Is that possible? If it is possible, what end do I feed into the leg, the skirt or the narrower solid end? I'm going to start tearing things down tomorrow after work.
  8. Feral Donkey

    I want better front brake.

    The only rotor I could get for that vintage KX500 was 280mm. The relocation bracket they sell is wrong so I had to make one. It works great now! I got brakes again! That OEM rotor was paper thin and glazed. I think even an EBC replacement rotor of the same size and the sintered metal pads would have done it. I went a little overboard. That front end was a huge improvement to the whole bike. The bike feels 50#s lighter. It probably is close to that now. I ditched the gages, headlight/fairing assy, and steel gas tank. I replaced them with a custom dash (1/8" aluminum plate with indicator lights, Trail Tech Vapor for instruments, Moose Black Speces headlight, and a 6.6 gallon IMS plastic tank. Now I have the bike I want for jeep trails and gravel roads. Thanks to everyone for helping me with this problem with the brakes!
  9. Feral Donkey

    I want better front brake.

    This morning I said "To hell with it!" and ordered an over-sized brake rotor kit, new sintered metal pads, and a caliper rebuild kit. If that doesn't do it, I'll just live with.
  10. Feral Donkey

    I want better front brake.

    Up in the air and braking it does a sudden stop. Pushing it around on the driveway I get a sudden stop too. It wants to grab hard. But once I'm riding, it just doesn't have the power. The brake pins were pretty worn and I polished them smooth again. I'll get a new set along with a new set of sintered metal pads. I have carbon pads now. I'll try that and see if it helps.
  11. Feral Donkey

    I want better front brake.

    It's not locking up by a long shot. Imagine the drum brakes on a 1960's Triumph. Yeah, it's 2 piston. You know, it could be the pads too. They were the el-cheapos. What kind of difference can I expect from fancier pads? I might want to try that before the $200 oversize rotor.
  12. I'm having problems with my front brake and I think it might just be too wimpy for the bike. My bike is a big, fat pig. It's an '07 KLR 650 which I swapped front ends with a 1992 KX500. So I'm using the front brake caliper for the KX and the KLR master cylinder. When I grab a mit-full of brake, I want to actually slow down and it's kind of having a hard time with it. I understand those brakes came off a 220# bike and now they're on a 350# bike with a 320# rider. I have new Tusk carbon pads and a steel braided brake line. It's bled-out really well. When I grab and squeeze the lever, it's hard and not mushy. I think that caliper and paper-thin rotor are just too under-built for my big bike with my big butt on top riding on pavement. What can I do to get better brakes? Does an oversize rotor make that much difference?
  13. Feral Donkey

    1991 KX 500 fork color?

    Thanks, guys! I have a blue set coming this morning. My project will be moving forward again!
  14. Feral Donkey

    1991 KX 500 fork color?

    I bought a complete front end off a '91 KX 500. The fork legs are anodized blue. Now I take them apart and see I need some parts so I'm looking on Ebay and they 1991 KX 500 forks listed have black fork legs. I'm starting to think I don't have 1991 KX 500 forks. Are the black ones the same? I have a bunch of stuff on order for a 1991 KX 500 like fork and dust seals, bushings, wheel bearings, and brake pads. Will that stuff work on my blue forks?