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  1. onefasthonda

    2012 Crf450r Fork Seal

    Ok so I am changing out my fork seals on my 2012 crf450r and I have them all apart other than taking off the top fork cap. How do you all take the fork cap off other than using a special tool? We have done fork seals before on my 1998 cr250r just a little bit different on the fork cap on my newer model bike. Thanks for all replies
  2. onefasthonda

    2012 Crf450r Overheating Issue!

    So I have a 2012 crf450r and I have 30 hrs on the bike and the bike has been amazing! I have been doing some motocross with the bike and I am having overheating issues. The bike does not overheat on larger tracks but since I have been going to earlywine indoor track the bike has been literally boiling underneath the radiator cap. The bike does good for about 5-7 laps but when I ride 10-15 laps it was spitting out antifreeze an boiling like I pointed out before. So I am wandering what can I do to help prevent my overheating issue on my bike? I was looking at bigger radiators, cv4 hoses, an bigger radiator cap for my bike, but before wasting the money I figured I would ask you all what you would recommend doing. Thanks for all replies
  3. onefasthonda

    2012 Crf450r Fork Oil

    Hello everyone I have 30 hours on my 2012 crf450r and I blew out my fork seal last weekend at earylwine. I already ordered the dust seal an fork seal but I have not purchased any fork oil yet. I have looked in my owners manual and it does not state what weight of oil I should run or anything just how many ounces I need to put in the fork. So I am just needing to know what weight of oil comes factory in these bikes? Thanks for all replies
  4. onefasthonda

    2010-12 common issues?

    I have a 2012 Crf450r and I have 30 hrs on my bike and I have not had one issue with my bike. The only compliant I can come up with is that the bike does over heat easily in tight conditions but other than that the bike is excellent.
  5. onefasthonda

    practice at the ranch

    Nice riding looks really fun. I would recommend getting a bard pad though lmbo.
  6. onefasthonda

    pala pro track fast lap

    Nice riding.
  7. onefasthonda

    Mt kembla MX track GoPro

    Looks like a really fun track. Jw has anyone took out them tires yet lmbo Also what class do you run in?
  8. onefasthonda

    Private Super X Track.

    Looks like a fun track I would take a bush hog to that grass.
  9. onefasthonda

    2012 Crf450r Question

    Ok so I have a simple question about my new crf. Ok on the steering dampener do you all grease it or do you all do anything for maintance for the steering dampener? Thanks for the replies
  10. onefasthonda

    My private track Go Pro Video...

    Awesome track and good riding.
  11. onefasthonda

    Finally got a gopro of my track

    Nice track an good riding.
  12. onefasthonda

    Yeah buddy...just purchased a 2012

    Sharpe bike how much extra did that cost you on your bike?? I bought my 2012 crf450r back in december and I love it.
  13. onefasthonda

    09 kx250f build

    Look's awesome man.
  14. onefasthonda

    Learning to whip [Pics]

    Nice whips better than me lol