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  1. Not exactly. I film and upload everything in 1080p and I always get vp09 codec. It depends if YouTube likes you or not. I have some ideas as to why some channels get the better quality but YT will not give any info on this. It appears it's not exactly related to subscribers, views or watch time. Filming and rendering in 1440p or higher is the current trick to get around this, there were others but YT patched them.
  2. The best trails are usually the farthest from the parking lot.
  3. Great fall conditions on a couple of my favorite local trails.
  4. Always a good time when riding with Megs.
  5. WA mountains rule, missing these mountain rides already.
  6. I don't get why people always say this. I think most people these days run a combo skidplate that covers the linkage as well. Hanging up on linkage is a non issue for me.
  7. Perhaps one of the most extreme trails in the Pacific Northwest.
  8. Make a mistake on this trail and it could be game over.
  9. Did you get to check out the "safety net" on the cliff at the top of this climb?
  10. RM only has restrictions on oem parts and certain brands shipping to CA (Go Pro, Sidi for example) They will ship most brands especially their house brands like Tusk to CA. Freight is killer though so most of us pick up across the line if possible.
  11. Same here for the oem stuff. They are concerned about getting caught selling to CA customers and jeopardizing their ability to sell oem parts so I get that. Recently they will not even ship me oils or chain lube as well. Silly as it's me bringing it across the border not them. I like RM but they are losing a lot of my business to the competition lately who have no issues shipping my stuff the the border.
  12. Other than posting here what are you doing to promote your video? You did a great job with the video and I can see you put a ton of work into making it but that is less than half of the equation. You need to find a way to get people to see it. YouTube is not going to help promote you at this point so you need to do it yourself.
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