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  1. Trickster

    Oil question

    Hello, Do not use any car oils whatsoever in the KTM. Use a good synthetic or mineral based motorcycle oil - it doesnt matter which one as long as you change it regularly and stick to the same one.
  2. Trickster

    Fuel range

    yep......thats with a standard tank - 8.5 litres
  3. Trickster

    400 or 520...need some advice

    Craigy and Hawaii Rider are right - its all about how you get the power to the ground and suspension..no use going fast if you cant control it. You will find on a lot of tight tracks that a lighter/ smaller bike will be faster cause its easier to ride hard all day long - just ask Shane Watts!!! I have a 520 and have ridden both and trust me there is a small difference even though the bikes are almost the same - i have been told it is do with the motor inertia - a smaller piston going up and down creates less inertia - and there have probably been few times when i have got max power to the ground on the 520 anyway without wheel spinning. Hopes this helps!!
  4. Trickster

    Fuel range

    Gidday - Trickster from Adelaide - I have a 520EXC and generally about 100kms riding really hard in tight sandy tracks or trail riding - about 150 maybe 160kms but have never pushed it - i ve gone 140 and still had just under a litre left.
  5. Trickster

    520 EXC Noise

    i would take it back straight to the dealer and tell them cause if it aint the valves then it could be something that could cause big damage ie - clogged oil line or filter. If u continue to ride it they might void any warranty claim cause u didnt have it looked at straight away.
  6. Trickster

    Power XR650r/520EXC?

    if u want to spend all day herding cattle or sheep - stick with the xr650 - but if u want to enjoy bike riding and ride fast and risk divorce (cause youll ride every weekend) get a 520EXC or 400EXC.
  7. Doc - your dead right. Having riden older 380's and 300's that dont really match the 'rideability' of the 520. The 6 speed is magnificent as you have the broadest spread of gears i have known on a trailbike with a motor that is like a tractor thru the midrange, this combined with the best power to weight ratio ever for a trailbike makes it easy/fun/awesome/fast - especially when u get to my age - 38 tomorrow!!!!! The twitchy front end - it probably needs setting up and/or fork oil replaced - try new oil first - it makes a huge difference [This message has been edited by Trickster (edited September 19, 2001).]
  8. Gidday its Trickster from Adelaide in SA - buy a 520 EXC - trust me you will never look back. i have had mine for 18 months now and regularly go riding with guys on XR650's, YZ & WR 400's and 426's - have ridden them all and they are all jealous of the 6 speed and little black button not to mention the white power suspension - the KTM is also made better but be warned it requires regular maintenance. I run 14/51 gearing and on a flat hard dirt road it will run out to 180 kph flat out just below where the rev limiter cuts in. It handles the sand whoops and deep ruts etc with ease and is an absolute pleasure to ride!!!! hopes this helps!!
  9. I had a rear wheel bearing disintegrate the other day - no problem except that it completely scored out the inside of the hub and they are not cheap to replace!!! Apparently the spacer that the bearing goes over needs about a mm sandpapered of it as what happens is that the bearing heats up and too much pressure is then put on the bearing race and it goes kaput in a big way!!! Hopes this prevents what happened to me!!!!!
  10. Anyone from South Australia interested in going riding????? If u are email me on gtricket@chariot.net.au
  11. Trickster

    Man I love my Little Black Button

    hey you guys..show a bit of sympathy for YZ owners - I did the other day by using the kickstarter a few times during a ride and once when i had dropped it in sand up side down with petrol pissing out through the overflow. It started first time - except for when i dropped it - it took the second kick!!! Anyone on here from South Australia?????
  12. Trickster

    What type of oil in the 520?

    you must run good quality synthetic oil in the Katoom due to all the close tolerances and the fact that the oil has to work harder as there is the bare mimimum. It will also last a lot longer if the oil is changed very regularly!!!
  13. Trickster

    Man I love my Little Black Button

    Yep.....your right there alright....how many times have i waited for a yz or even an WR to be started..........but the worst of all with the KTM is all the energy that you have to use pressing the button.....
  14. Trickster

    RFS Valve Adjustment

    I take the plug out and use something flexible that isnt going to do any damage to work out top dead centre. I then use a small flexible feeler guage to measure the valve clearances and get around the bend...seems to work ok. The tappet noise is normal plus the clutch noise.....these motors werent designed to be quiet by having a large water jacket around the motor...thats why they are so light...... hope this helps!