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  1. jerryls

    2017 KTM first impression

    It's not on their website yet, but they are taking orders and shipping. http://www.emperorracing.com/ This post has some pictures of it: http://ktmtalk.com/showthread.php?525047-2017-300-exc-IT-has-arrived&p=4975991&highlight=emperor#post4975991 Jerry
  2. jerryls

    2017 KTM first impression

    I bought an aluminum one from Emperor Racing. Nice and stout unit. Should hold up well in the rocks. Jerry
  3. jerryls

    2004 WR450 Starter Problem

    The clicking sound can be the sign of a dying battery. Make sure it's charged up.
  4. jerryls

    Hyde skid plate/pipe guard for 05 300EXC w/Gnarly

    2tall, I have an '08 300 w/ a gnarly and the guard fits fine. Works as advertised, no complaints. Called to make sure it was in stock, ordered, and had it 5 days later. Regarding your question: Seems weird that they're recommending 2008-2009 version. Try calling and asking if they have the HP-EXG-21 in stock (don't give them the application). Because it's an older bike, they might not stock it any more. Make sure you read the threads on why they're banned on KTMtalk before deciding to deal with them. My experience was very positive, but not so much for others.
  5. jerryls

    09 300 XC-W Protection?

    Or call/email Bryan at the TT store. I couldn't find what I wanted at the TT store, so I just told them what I was looking for, and they took care of it.
  6. jerryls

    Anyone running a Dunlop D606 on thier Wr450?

    The 606's will last forever. Probably a good choice for dual sporting, but not that great for offroading. If your looking for a long life and descent performance, try a Maxxis IT.
  7. jerryls

    How to remove the lower steering head bearing race?

    You need a "steering race remover": http://www.rockymountainatv.com/productDetail.do?navType=type&webTypeId=165&navTitle=Suspension&webCatId=13&prodFamilyId=13986
  8. jerryls

    Rekluse rear brake questions...

    Which end were you bleeding? I get good results by back bleeding the system (forcing fluid from the rear brake thru to the hand brake).
  9. jerryls

    Cheap Light Help

    Go to a car parts store and buy a xenon bulb. Its about twice as bright as the stock one.
  10. jerryls

    '05 WR 450 starting motor problem

    Hmmm. You need to figure out why the bike won't start with the kickstarter first. Once you get that straightened out..... My original starter quit working after 3 years. During that time, I always used the starter, never really touched the kickstand. I tried replacing the brushes, resoldering the wires, etc, etc, but it didn't help. I think I just wore the poor thing out, especially from cold starts. Finally broke down and bought a new starter. Now I only use it for starting when the engine is hot. If you're properly jetted and the valves are in spec, it will fire up on the second or third kick.
  11. jerryls

    Rear Brake on the bars + autoclutch?

    I have my bike setup with both the LHRB and the foot petal. Having the rear brake on the handlebar is great. I use LHRB 99% of the time. But for that other 1%, the foot petal is a lifesaver (literally).
  12. jerryls

    Trials rear tire on WR450F?

    Here's a review I did last year on the D803: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=441557&highlight=D803 Still loving it. Just don't race 'em. Jerry
  13. I've had my bike do this too when stalling. It feels like the clutch is still engaged, and I get no response from the starter. Usually if I find neutral and rock the bike back and forth a little, it will fire right up. Of course this crap never happens when trial riding, only during races. Jerry
  14. jerryls

    I've misplaced my service manual!

    See the "WR Performance Index" sticky thread. There an electronic copy of the manual there.
  15. jerryls

    pogo stick

    Try slowing down the rebound in the shock. The "pogo" effect could be from the rebound being too fast. Turn the rebound adjuster (by the rear linkage) clockwise all the way in. Take a test ride, then turn adjuster counter-clockwise two clicks. Repeat until you find the right amount of rebound. If your bike is an '04, the shock oil is probably toast. Get it serviced. Jerry