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  1. Anyone have any for BTO, it appears that "steve" code does not work anymore? THanks in advance
  2. Still could use one All the ones above have been used, thanks
  3. Anybody with an rockymountain code or motorcycle superstore code? Would really appreciate the help!!! Thanks
  4. I was going to order some fuel from VP until I saw a 40 dollar hardazous shipping charge. Try to find locally.
  5. msj2819

    KX85 Question?

    I recently bought my son a stock 2007 KX85. I am getting a chatter sound at idle/low rpms, when revved/ridden it goes away. Checked compression it is at 170psi. Took the pipe off, piston skirt looks fine. Replaces pipe o-rings, gasket and springs. Could this be from the kips valve (Is that normal?), or the topend?
  6. Sappers, I have already done a compression test. (170psi). I was going to change the topend for peace of mind. But, after the compression test (170psi), I am wondering if I should hold off until winter.
  7. My son had an pw50 for almost 2 years. Since the engine is air cooled, you have to keep mud, grass, etc free from the cylinder head. Never had any problems with the oil injection.
  8. Sappers, I will try those steps you listed below. I went ahead and ordered some new orings, springs, and exhaust ring. Also, when I removed the spark plug is was wet with oil. What is good compression for the KX85's? I am considering doing a new top end.
  9. Experts, I just purchsed a used 2007 KX85 and there seems to be a "rattle" noise coming from the engine. It rattles at idle, goes away when revved, and comes back when the engine returns to idle. This is my first 85, didn't know if if could possibly be related to the power valve, or the topend/bearings? Will try to get a vid if to help hear the noise. Checked compression = 170psi Thanks for your help. Other info, bought if from second owner (who had it for 6 months from original owner), no known engine work, still on all original parts.
  10. What about the CR85, how does it compare to the other models? I am considering 85 options, as I may be purchasing an 85 over the winter for my son.
  11. So did it help on the landings? Thats what I looking for. Seems like the rear is always bucking around when he lands from a jump.
  12. It is expensive, but I not sure I getting the return out of them it yet. Although I probably will as my son has atleast 1 possibly 2 years left on his 65. I have heard a lot good thinks about th racing. Probably going to contact them about the doing the rebuild. I hear ya on the starts. My son either rips out of the gate or kills it. Can't get him to use the clutch properly on the start. Here is a video of a start from a couple of weeks ago. 65 (7-9)
  13. Yes, them seem to work well, I still need to adress the rear link.
  14. Yeah, I have been looking at the different packages TH offers. Probably going to address the rear link over the winter. Suspension has already been done by factory connection
  15. I heard a lot about PR2 and TH racing, just wanted some opinions from people with experience.
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