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  1. MrGadget

    NEED HELP seatbouncing

  2. MrGadget

    Jimmy Lewis Rigged Again

    The mag needs some cool centerfold pics... race photos that can be removed and put on the garage wall... lots of the published photos are poster quality and are just wasted cause they can't be removed...
  3. MrGadget

    Honda and the Sierra Club

    i agree... well said
  4. MrGadget

    carbon fiber

    really -- Kevlar is not strong???
  5. MrGadget

    carbon fiber

    i've got Lightspeed C/F on my CRF450... check out the bike in my garage... Lightspeed makes some great stuff and is holding up well on my bike... soon i will be buying the same skid plate for my 250... i've had the E-line skid plate on my 250 and it is tuff as nails... has taken a real beating over the years with only minimal damage...
  6. MrGadget

    Help! 04 Crf450 Noise.

    got a rock in your skid plate or something maybe?
  7. MrGadget

    08 Leaking Steering Dampers

    oops... the CRF150R cam replacement was a full recall.... all bikes regardless.
  8. MrGadget

    What would you recomend

    6' tall + race = 250
  9. MrGadget

    Home-Made Track HELP!!!

    fire is cool
  10. MrGadget

    spoke nipples

    Excel spline drive nipples/spokes or excellent. I think they will only work on Excel rims though.... you got a good excuse to buy some bling now...
  11. MrGadget

    Home-Made Track HELP!!!

    call a fourwheeler... they eat more bush
  12. MrGadget


    ya, Dennis Kirk is pretty good... so is their catalog... it's huge.... and their web site is way easy to navigate... their prices aren't always the best... but they're good in every other aspect
  13. MrGadget

    Hand Gaurds

    Cycra... same as nilson... got them on all my bikes...
  14. MrGadget

    Going Red

    i could be wrong, but my understanding was that the '08 dampener wasn't for high speed straight line stability.... i thought it was for MX track cornering (relatively low speed)...
  15. MrGadget

    Going Red

    if you don't ride MX i think the damper would be something you don't need. just get an '07... you should be able to get at least $1000 off MSRP on an '07 the damper will just be another thing to go wrong or need maintenance down the road... or trail, lol