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    riding dirt bikes, RVing, watersking.

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  1. squid reuel


    had a great ride today 75 miles, them dam jumping cactus suck, i hit one, im a mess , it got me in the man hood and legs..
  2. squid reuel


    after 80 miles i go back to camp , drink beer, eat, sleep, then take a day off. there is now way i can drive after 80 miles, probably to fat and out of shape right now but im dreaming of a big day.
  3. squid reuel


    went for a recon, its wet and perfect, this is what us Nor Cal guys like..
  4. squid reuel


    wow that looks so good, i gota find it, any one want to come up and ride that knows the area, looking to do 80 miles tomorrow
  5. squid reuel


    just got here, its wet and cold, just the way i like it, its gonna be good was looking at Boulder OHV, area, is that any good,
  6. squid reuel

    Anyone want to ride on Monday?

    yes, im in Phoenix AZ, were at.
  7. squid reuel

    arizona phoenix

    im on a winter tour of the country with my dirt bike and RV, just arrived in phoenix, looking for a place to camp and ride tomorrow,, im an old A enduro rider, looking for recommendations were to camp and ride tomorrow. or for a few days, was looking at Boulder OHV, area, is that any good,
  8. squid reuel

    Haystack in Roswell?

    was just there, great camping, road it all out in 40 mils, probably missed some stuff but it was fun,
  9. squid reuel

    2 Weeks in ABQ- where to ride?

    when you find out let me know, ill be there tomorrow with RV and dirt bike
  10. squid reuel


    i was at stonyford during a government shut down, trust me the LEOs are working over time to enforce the shut down, they kiked me out of fouts during that time, but i still road any way
  11. squid reuel

    Arkansas, Ozarks

    awesome, due to the government shut down had to do my rout backwards, im stuck in mobile Alabama, my NV4500 transmission went out in my pickup, waiting on one to be shipped from high gear in Memphis TN
  12. squid reuel

    Gold Note - big trees down everywhere

    thats a good saw, only reason i had to go with Husky is the Echo would fit my rack and didnt have time to make a new rack, my friends like there Echos
  13. squid reuel

    Gold Note - big trees down everywhere

    who ever this guy is, he is dirt bike god, im on a 10 week moto trip back east but when i get back PM me, by the looks of your set up we might be related, good epic trails awate
  14. squid reuel

    2 stroke vs 4 stroke

    09, had a major rebuild 2 years ago by pinit Motorsports, Steve Polk, he did the upgrades, only got 100 hrs out of them, some one just sent me a link to some after market aluminum ones. have limited internet out here in the Mojave Desert so my so doing internet research is limited,
  15. squid reuel

    2 stroke vs 4 stroke

    4 stroke junk, my first stop on a 10 week moto trip, unloaded my KTM 530, heard a noise in the engine that i didn't like, check out the teeth missing on the oil pump gear, im dam lucky i didn't ride it.