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  1. SVR6

    KTM 250 XC (2013)


    very good enduro bike. Does every very well.
  2. SVR6

    KTM 250 XC 2013

    very good enduro bike. Does every very well.
  3. I'm curious why people are doing this? I have an 03 with the steel frame and was warned away from the 05+ frames which are stamped Al and heavier.
  4. Just blew up the top end ice riding & got a great deal on a new stock piston. Now looking for used cylinders because it may be cheaper to replace than fix. Are all 99 to 2010 cylinders identical? Any improvements to power valve over the years?
  5. The bolt holes on my 03 yz250 are rusty & haven't been used in years. I was going to try to chase the threads on last time before drilling through and retapping. Thanks Stephen
  6. So standing increases the height of the center of mass of the bike and rider because the rider has elevated his cg. On the other hand, when the rider is standing, even though the cg has risen, the mass of the rider is concentrated down on the pegs which should lower the cg because most of the rider's weight is no longer on the seat. Why is the rider/bike combo more stable when the rider is standing? I have to stand more during my enduro races if nothing else to preserve my butt from the rock hard yamaha seat...
  7. I'm using 30:1 per the manual. Leaking out of power valve, joint between expansion chamber & mufller & out of muffler. Heard people are using up to 50-1. Doesn't it affect cylinder/piston life substancially? Thinking of cleaning power valve. Don't like Yam. manual particularly the 4 languages. What's the procedure? Do you have to take the head and piston off? I've raced this beast twice (AMA enduro) & its considerably better than my 05 crf250r. Shorter wheelbase, lower CG, tons of power when u want it, surprising torque. Thanks Yamaha (formely known as Honda by the Gages Lake ice racers)Steve.
  8. SVR6

    03 yz250 to enduro racer

    Yeah I've been after a yz250 for quite a while. Never rode one b4 except on the ice. Motor is awsome. Heard the brakes are on the weak side. Rebuilding the rear master. Need a bash plate for it also. Next week will bring both yz and crf250r to ride Tomahawk in Mi. This will be a good familiarization ride before I actually enduro race the thing.
  9. just got this bike. rebuilding rear master because I've got no brake. Bike appears to have been lowered -seat height is 37" although it's got a lot of sag. What is the stock dogbone length? Wondering if this bike has a flywheel weight... Guess I'll have to pull the dyno cover. Do most racers change the final gear, going shorter from 14/50? The bike already has bark busters but will need a bash plate and I may trim the handlebars also. Very soft suspension which is ideal for enduro but I may have to go up on springs to avoid bottoming out. Will also use it on ice and sand dunes. STephen
  10. SVR6

    kick starter internal spring

    does the ball bearing go on top of the spring? The recess in the boss is for the spring or the ball bearing? I took a look @ the photo and it's not real obvious.. Thanks Stephen
  11. I dissassembled this sucker because it flip flpped against the side of the bike and out popped a ball bearing, broken o-ring and small spring. I'll replace the o-ring and probably the spring but how do you re-assemble this. I noticed a small circular depression insite the knukle so assume the ball goes in there. Have my first enduro race of the year this sunday in Indiana so I kinda need the ks to behave. Thanks Stephen
  12. SVR6

    carb flooding while ice riding

    yes the spark plug suggestion is a good one. I'll try it out this weekend after confirming that my timing is right (I suspect that since compression is low all of a sudden). My mechanic (Tom Zont (racing) suggested that I find another harness to see if that cures the problem.
  13. SVR6

    carb flooding while ice riding

    I blew it through and ran the bike with it loose...didn't solve the problem...just leaked gas.... lol
  14. SVR6

    carb flooding while ice riding

    Still have the problem. I'll be running around & the engine will cut out suddenly. Starting to suspect ignition because the end of the sparkplug and the boot has some looseness (wrapped tin foil to improve it). re-adjusted the valves - engine still really hard to start and now down on compression - would be a tooth off on timing do this? May still have a fuel dly problem however the cutting out seems too sudden for fuel starving. Will have to rejet as the weather warms up. Running a 175 main so down to a 172. This bike is driving me nuts. Picket up an 03 yz250 which starts within a couple of kicks. I'm not fighting this bike through any more enduros. I can win these things if the bike behaves...
  15. SVR6

    carb flooding while ice riding

    Still had the same problem on Sunday morning. Ran the bike full out in 5th gear. Ran out of gas (not really) and could not get bike restarted. Got stranded on this big lake without snow. Have you ever pushed a bike on glare ice in a stiff breeze. I was having visions of crawling off while tugging the bike along. Looked for snow patches. When I got home, screwed some ice screws to my mx boots. May not be so good when putting that foot out in tuns.... LOL I'm suspecting the valve vent into the air intake housing - no circlip on vent line. Will check valve clearances. Maybe go back to a 180 main...