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  1. rcdude33

    Need 2014 Kx450f fork swap advice

    Hey guys! Yes another question about these air forks. I’m looking to do a swap for conventional spring forks. My air forks collapsed on me and luckily I wasn’t in the air at the time. Has anyone done this conversion? What year forks from the kx450fs prior would work on this with minimal modifications? Also, has anyone done the YZ fork swap to the kx? If so what all does that entail? Thanks guys!! Sorry for all the questions! I appreciate everything! God bless!
  2. rcdude33

    2017 yz450f just dies

    Sounds a possible fuel pump issue. I would reccomend what Robt85 said. I would highly reccomend the power tuner Yamaha makes. It's an awesome tool to diagnose issues the bike may have, document hours on the engine for maintenance purposes and also to adjust fuel and timing. I know when I had a 14 250f I adjusted the mapping for the fuel the bike not only ran better but ran a lot cooler as well. Could be slightly lean but that's my two cents.
  3. rcdude33

    Which front tire

    I would reccomend the pirelli scorpion xc tire. I ran a lot of different brands and I seemed to like the pirelli especially in muddier conditions.
  4. Hey guys i got a 2009 yz250f which is my buddy's bike and its having some issues idling. The bike runs very well, but the problem is that the bike just dies or just shuts off sometimes. The bike idles high then once the idle lowers, the bike stops and you have to re kick it again. I did find a little dirt in the carb which i will clean, but its only a little spec and i sprayed everything out too. The bike does pop a good bit on decel, and BTW the bike is all stock. Thanks guys!
  5. rcdude33

    2014 yz250f vs my 2012 yz250f?

    Yeah thats what i was thinking too. My buddies at my work have the 14s, and so far they aren't having any problems. I was thinking the same thing with the new four valve design, but yamaha has reliability down to a science so i don't see anything problems. Only time will tell.
  6. rcdude33

    2014 yz250f vs my 2012 yz250f?

    Oh I got ya! I thought Yamaha was talking about two compression rings haha. But it looks like i may look into this 14 since its so tempting. Since I race woods, i'm not sure how often i'll replace my top end. My 12 has about 95hrs on stock top end and it is running great, but before the next race i'm going to throw a top end in. My old 09 yz450f had about 300 hours on a stock top end since i bought it new, and everything was in spec except for the end gap on the rings. Other than that, everything was perfect. Shows how reliable yamahas really are!!!!!
  7. rcdude33

    2014 yz250f vs my 2012 yz250f?

    Wow guys thank you so much for all the comments!! I'm really wanting this 14, but I may wait to see whether the 14s will go on sale. Does anybody seee any good deals so far on the new leftover 14s? My dealer has them on sale for 6499 already. I guess they are getting ready for the 15s. Thats what my buddy at my work was telling me about his 14. The front forks were extremely stiff for woods riding. Does the bike feel just as light as the 13? NOS, how long do you guys get out of a piston for the 14? I swear i was on yamahas website, and they said it was a dual ring piston, but maybe i am wrong haha. "Various detailed design measures are adopted to reduce horsepower loss. The forged 2-ring piston is light weight and is cooled by an oil spray jet. In addition, the compression ring is a singlering design instead of the conventional two ring. This new piston and rings, along with the offset cylinder configuration reduce friction loss and contribute to quicker response. What’s more, the new specs for the intake/exhaust ports, new cam profiles, new ECU, new carburized crank, optimized balance ratios for the crank web, the newly designed transmission, strengthened clutch design, and other features, all work together to create the YZ250F’s outstanding engine character with more power output and deeper power in the high-rpm range"
  8. rcdude33

    best smelling 2 stroke oil?

    My buddy runs Castor 927 with VP racing fuel and it smells amazing!!
  9. rcdude33

    Bike will not go into gear stalls

    A bent clutch fork could be a problem, but i would maybe take some of the plates out and take a look at them. See if there is any wear on the fiber plates. My friends bike did the same thing yours did, but once he replaced the fibers the bike was fine. Maybe examine your push rod for any wear as well. This may not be your problem, but hey its cheaper and less time consuming compared to splitting cases. Thanks dude!! Alex
  10. rcdude33

    2014 yz250f vs my 2012 yz250f?

    Thats so awesome man! I heard the motor was amazing. Did you have a 2012 or 2013? Because my 12 has excellent bottom end. Is the new 14 more snappy? Because i ride woods and i need some extra bottom end for those big hills haha.
  11. Hey guys! Man its been a long time since ive posted on here! So Ive been looking at the 14s yzs at my work and im very tempted to pick one up but I want to know what is the difference compared to my 2012 (or you can say 13 since the 12 is identical). Right now my bike is jetted with a fmf 4.1 system with megabomb header. I was wondering how the motor, suspension, and the handling compared on the 14. Did any if you mess with the gytr tuner on it yet? And how is reliability? Thank yoy guys so much!! Alex
  12. Hey guys I just picked up a new 12 yz250f and I just recently sold the 450 and man this bike is so sick!! But I am going to get racing but heres the thing. The bike has about 8 hours on it and man the rear shock is so stiff!! Like I push it down and it comes up so slow but I did mess with the rebound by turning 10 clicks softer and now its feeling like how my 450 felt. But in the woods its not too bad but the forks are a little stiff. Its deflecting off roots. I will be sending my suspension out to factory connection but for now I would like to know how to tune my own suspension. Now is there anything you guys recomend? I dont really know how to adjust my forks and shock right now but im hoping I can learn feom the experts Alex Thanks guys! And btw I am 185lbs and about 5'6 and Im about a c or b rider
  13. Ok i threw the new top end and it is running awesome. BUt it seems like it is leaking a little oil by the ignition cover and the oil is by the bottom of the cylinder by the filler cap. I check the bolts and they are tight but would it be better to replace that case gasket? We torqued everything to the manuals specifications as well.
  14. rcdude33

    2000 yz125 seized?

    Well i am waiting for my buddy to come over since it is his bike. But i noticed that the powevalve linkage has snapped. How does something happen like that?
  15. rcdude33

    2000 yz125 seized?

    Hey guys well I was over my buddies hous3 and he had a yz125 there and we went up in the woods for a ride. But when I was ripping down this straight the bike just bogged out and died and I heard a tiny clunk but not really loud. Now the kick starter is hard ti push down but we can still turn it over. Do u guys think that it could be just the top end? Thanks guys!!