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  1. regulated voltage 12.5-13.5 V /3000 rpm is what my Service manual for xr400r said
  2. dehusted

    mikuni pumper

    I'm intrested in your carb please let know how much you want for it
  3. dehusted

    help with stator winding

    try this link http://www.4strokes.com/tech/honda/brpstatr.asp or this one http://www.all-offroad.com/DirtBikes/TrailTips/XRStatorRewind.html
  4. dehusted

    dc power for GPS

    I need power for a GPS has anybody installed a rectifier to put out 12 volts DC to run a GPS. I have a stock XR400 with High Low Beam, Brake Light Tail Light added to make street legal.
  5. dehusted

    DOT Tires

    I'm looking for new tires for my 400 will a Michelin Baja 140 80 18 fit and is this a good DOT Tire for this bike. I will go with a Dunlop 606 for the front.