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    chewing on bark & washing my prius....are you KIDDING me?? really?? it's a motorcycle fourm
  1. I had a stand alone GPS prior to customizing my OEM computer with a Manzanita bush. I replaced the OEM with the Voyager and it works great for following a line and as a back up to my GPS just in case of operator error with my GPS. I also have a 9v outlet attached directly to the battery. By using the Ram mounting system it makes it easy to swap out my GPS cradle for my phone attachment depending if I'm going on a street or dirt ride.
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    Great bike very reliable.
  3. notTobyG

    Beta 525 RS 2010

    Great bike very reliable.
  4. Two weeks till the RR200. Great single track, fun evening activities, beer, meals and front row seat to the Reno Air Races.
  5. You should come out, you'd have a great time Jim. What are riding these days?
  6. What's up Slyko? No tarp city, we've moved up. Bikes in the truck bed and pulling the trailer. If you though the truck tent was luxury you should see me now.
  7. KennyMc, I decided to go last minute 6 or 7 years ago and had such a great time I haven't missed it since. If you have a trailer or camper staying at the KOA is the way to go. We take over the back half of the place and have a party.
  8. I don't know if anyone has posted this yet but, if you're looking for a fun DS ride (or Adv. ride) and great two day party the Reno Ride 200 is it. If you want challenging single track or great Adv. trails this ride delivers. The dates are Sep. 18 & 20 (Fri/Sat/Sun). Friday afternoon is check in and GPS help, then Sat. and Sun. we ride. Saturday's ride includes Breakfast, lunch and a big banquet dinner and music. Sunday's ride breakfast and lunch. Our lunch stop on Sundays ride is a front row seat to the Reno Air races (they fly close enough that you can see the pilots faces). The cost for the two day ride is $220 which includes: 2 day non guided Adv. or DS ride with easy and advanced routes GPS files of routes Printed routes Discounted rooms at Boomtown hotel (with code) Discounted camp sites at KOA (which is where we stage out of and the party is) All meals listed above view to watch air races Commemorative T-shirt Commemorative Pint Glass Commemorative RR200 stickers I'm not part of the group organizing the ride, I've just ridden in it the last 7 or so years. If you want more information call Scott Gerz 775-235-8687. Reg. link https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=JCLKF8UNPLAUW
  9. I made the jump from a hydration pack to the Ogio Flight Vest last year and it is in a completely different league. I carry all my tools, spare tires, water and food and never feel the 15-20 LBS all day. The bonus is the Flight Vest acts as a kidney belt and accessibility to my stuff is worlds more convenient.
  10. Is Trail Tech my only option other than OEM? Are there any other model I should look at? Or are my options just really limited? I guess there's really not much of a demand.
  11. So, I was out riding a fast section of single track this last weekend and got a little out of shape and found out how strong a 3" branch of manzanita is. 3rd gear to 0 = no fun Snapped bolt on left bark buster and I'm pretty sure I killed my trip computer. Since I wasn't all that fond of the OEM unit I thought I would see what others had opted for in the aftermarket world. I like remote switch mode buttons on the left but, not having them isn't a deal breaker. A tachometer would be nice alone with all the other modes on the OEM would be ideal. Finally, as close to plug and play as possible.....not asking for too much. I've looked on the Trail Tech site but, they don't list 08' Beta's as an option for their computers. Any thoughts or advise are welcome. Bike is an 08' Beta RS 525 [/url]" />
  12. Great video! Might have take Eldorado up on that offer to ride in his back yard.
  13. So nice to read a thread that doesn't have a bunch of people bitching abour this or that. This was the TT that was fun to bench race during the week and get together on the weekends and ride. Many good memories ...
  14. Get on it and register! FYI, I'm not a member of the club but in all honesty it is one of the best put together rides I've been on.
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