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  1. just got to test my 295 kit out this week. I still cant stop smiling best thing i have ever bought for my 250, just raw power man! surprisingly jetting was pretty smooth for me unlike some problems ive been hearing from other people.
  2. Cycra sells the newer front fenders that will fit on the older 2 strokes http://store.cycraracing.com/20yzf125250c.html and motosport.com sells the wheel bearing kits
  3. Thanks man i figured it out though. I thought the flywheel only went on one way but on the hot rods cranks they dont have a woodruff key sticking out so i just got the piston .007 before top dead center and put the flywheel on where its supposed to line up with the stator.
  4. So i just recently put my yz back together with a new hot rods crank and bearings. Im in the process of adjusting the timing but when i get the dial indicator at .007 the timing mark on the flywheel is way off the mark on stator. Im following the manuals way of adjusting the timing i put the piston at TDC and move the flywheel clockwise (opposite way) to the .007 mark is there something im missing? The red line is where about the mark on the flywheel is and the blue line is the mark on the stator
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    Great bike.
  6. Josh142

    Yamaha YZ250 2001

    Great bike.
  7. Bought a 2004 400ex with a 440 kit, elka suspension, CT racing exhaust, K&N filter, and some other little things for 1300 put about 300 into it to fix it pretty good deal since the guy paid 4000 a few months ago.
  8. I have a Clarke tank on my 01 yz250 haven't had any problems with it.
  9. Josh142

    2004 trx400ex.

    Well me and my dad took the head off and the valves were completly bent and werent closing so we just bought a pretty new looking head that came with valves and everything. Also we figured out the reason the timing chain came off was because the tensioner broke and wasnt tightening the chain but we bought a manual adjusting one instead of the stock one. Looking to start it up this weekend and taking it for a ride next week, pretty good deal if you ask me the guy we bought it from paid 4000 for it in march and we bought it for 1300 and only put about 400 in it.
  10. Josh142

    2004 trx400ex.

    Ya that wasnt the problem the timing chain came off. We put it back on and tried to start it but the motor just kept turning over the flywheel looks fine and so do the stator. Maybe valves could of got messed up when the timing chain came off?
  11. So me and my dad are about to pick up this sweet trx400ex its a 2004 and its been built a little. It was bored 40 over has aftermarket cams and some other things. But the problem is the guy said his brother was riding it and all of a sudden it died on him he tryed starting and it wouldnt start back up. He said he took it to a shop and they said it needs a new flywheel but i dont see how that would of caused the motor to die. We got him down to 1500 for it. do you think its worth it or could there be other problems with the quad.
  12. yea thats what i did I tryed to just put in the brake side fork but just the threads part goes through and once the bolt gets to the thicker part it wont slide in it gets stuck.
  13. it looks like the bolt is binding in the brake side fork what should i use to fix this?
  14. yea im pretty sure they are the right size i got them off ebay and the guy said it was off a 2001 yz250 and i looked around and they looked the same size as the others. And yes they fit inside the hub but it does seem like the spacers are too big but i dont know why.
  15. I am trying to get the front wheel on my yz250 i just finshed lacing it up and bought new spacers for it and when i put the axel bolt through it the bolt wont come all the way through and i hit it in with a mallot like 50 times still wont go through all the way. Also the wheel isnt straight with the bars and front fender.
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