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  1. BikeDestroyer

    08 YZ250 stock fork settings

    Anybody have a manual for the 08 YZ250? Can you give me the stock settings for the fork. I got this from a friend, but it just doesn't seem like a middle of the road starting point. Compression- 20 out and Rebound- 14 out.....is that correct. Thanks.
  2. BikeDestroyer

    White Plastics for 2001 YZ-250?

    [/url][/img] '06 bike, but plastics haven't changed much. Mine was UFO plastics with DeCal works graphics.
  3. BikeDestroyer

    What causes broken clutch plates?

    I had this happen to me with a "BRAND NEW" GYTR clutch basket. Finally had the basket measured and sure enough the measurements were off between the clutch basket fingers. Only 8-thousandths off, but enough to cause the plates to chatter back and forth between the basket fingers and break. They were also the plates towards the middle of the basket like you are experiencing. Make sure the measurements are within spec.
  4. Make sure you get proofs sent to you. They originally had my #'s towards the back and they would have been close to being cut off so I had the #'s moved more towards the front.
  5. I cut my number plates and the numbers plate backgrounds/numbers are DeCal Works.....supposedly the new SX #'s
  6. Thanks, it's been a great bike & was time to do a nice little make-over.
  7. BikeDestroyer

    Considering a bike for my wife for xmas...advice ?

    I'm 5'9" and when I started I started out on a KDX200. If she can ride your RM around then I would definately start her out on a full size bike, anything less will not be comfortable and she will not learn proper technique. The KDX is outdated, but are bullet proof, cheap and a great bike to learn on. It will all boil down to what's available and what you 2 together think is the best bike to start on.
  8. BikeDestroyer

    Keep your goggles on!

    WOW....glad you are ok and live to tell about it. I agree....ALWAYS keep the goggles on! A guy that rides in our group occasionally lost his eye to a tree branch and has a fake eye.
  9. BikeDestroyer

    Trail guide

    What part of CO are you from? Where abouts in Phoenix will you be staying? I may be able to take you on a ride out near Lake Pleasant (we call the Mile Markers) where the Nat'l Enduro used to be held.
  10. BikeDestroyer

    Ride this weekend????

    William.....are you guys still meeting Sunday @ MM14 7:30? If so I'll see you there.
  11. BikeDestroyer

    Ride this weekend????

    What day? Never mind...I scrolled all the way back up and found it.....SUNDAY. I might be there, but don't wait on me if I'm not.
  12. BikeDestroyer

    Tecate Hare Scrambles

    Are any ladies interested in doing this race? It's Dec. 5th and is one of my favorite races. Here is the web-site. http://www.losancianos.com/2009-tecate-hare-scrambles
  13. BikeDestroyer

    You chicks change tires on the trail?!

    I have changed several flats out on the trail, but it doesn't take brute strength. Takes someone showing you how to do it right and practice changing your own tires in the garage at home.
  14. BikeDestroyer

    Thumpette Spring Break in MOAB 2010

    BUT are there and WATER CROSSINGS!