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  1. Sounds to me like a cable came loose on the battery or the starter...or simply the battery is not charged enough to turn over the engine. Check your battery terminals.
  2. http://www.ktmworld.com/category/237-service-manuals.aspxy No download though....
  3. I was thinking...when i sold the 2011 350 sxf i had a FMF 4.1 on it and gave the guy the stock exhaust. Would that muffler fit this bike? I can get the stocker back if i want.
  4. Just to confirm its a 20** 350 XCF not an XCFW. Make sure your sag settings are spot on. Also check the spring rates for your weight and what is riding style?...rocky stuff sand roots ect. If your an aggressive rider you might have to go up a spring rate is what im thinking.
  5. I purchased a new 2013 XCFW back in November. Previous ride was a 2011 350 SXF. I have not had a chance to ride the 350 XCFW here due to weather. I will be riding trails only large hill climbs, rocky, water crossings, snow mud ect. My concern with this bike is the exhaust. It just feels restricted without riding it. Now i dont know if I should do a slip on or full pipe or just leave it. What have others done and has it made a difference.
  6. I recently pulled the carb off of my kids 2010 TTR110 and did a basic clean. I noticed a white gel build up in the choke chamber that inclined me to do the cleaning. Last season the bike idle was quite slow almost to a stall. It took several minutes (10-15) before the bike was actually warm enough that the kid could ride it with the choke off. So after the cleaning and reinstalling the carborator, old fuel drained and new fuel added i still have the same issue. The bike will not idle with the choke off, in fact it dies almost instantly. I cant keep the bike running with trying to give it any throttle at all. Anyone with some recommendations would be great. If i cant resolve this before the snows gone i guess its off to the mechanics!
  7. call and ask a dealer...if everything is legit as you say i'd think you would be in that less then 1000 diff...hell i traded a 11 350 in on a 13 350 and paid only 2500 diff....good luck to you.
  8. Alex..if you could e-mail that bike to canada i'd give you 6g's for it....you would make 1500 bucks but...whats a 450 worth down there and now that we all know what you are paying for it you likely wont get enough for it that its actually worth..kinda sucks i say..
  9. There always seems to be a lot of "SHOULD I GET A 350" posts. I have had an 11 350 SXF and now i have a 13 350 XCFW. I love them both. Although... I am just your regular weekend warrior type guy..little out of shape and not in direct competition. 450 played me out and the 250 could not get me up some of the big hills we climb out here without being pinned the whole time. That's the reason i ride a 350 and it works great for me. I think for those that compete and they compete in a certain class need to stay in that class. If your racing in the 450 class stay in it with a 450 if you have stamina...the 350 is not a light 450 i dont care what anybody says its not a replacement. Its not a 250 on steroids either. So IMO stay in your class or advance to the next class whatever it is don't get a 350 to replace a 450 unless the 450 is too much power and you cant rid it the way you want. I think in open class the 350 is a contender but really...that's your/the riders choice. It's a great deal on the bike...Your may consider buying it and selling it privately...make a few bucks and get the 450. You say you cant afford 2 bikes...at the price your suggesting i'd say you cant afford not to have two bikes.
  10. im thinking not but im not positive on it.
  11. Scorpion skid plate and rad guards here. FYI had to do a slight alteration on the rad guard to install the cooling fan.
  12. thanks guys, I found the plug it was under the gas tank on the left side inside the frame.
  13. I just purchased the KTM fan kit for my 2013 350 xcfw. I got it installed and bolted back together. The only problem i am having is where to plug in the power supply. Im not possitive if its a direct plug in or if I need to splice the wires into another set of wires.
  14. A case gaurd is an optional accessory. If your looking for a repair manual you can order them from your local KTM dealer for 20-30 bucks. As far as bleeding the forks you can buy some after market bleeded screws or push style. They should not be hissing unless something is loose. Maybe it is your bleeder thats leaking as MrHix commented.
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