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  1. RedRider31

    Publish date for the latest map of Rampart?

    Thanks guys!
  2. Anybody know the vintage of the latest map? Also, has there been new trails made and opened since the map was printed? Thanks in advance
  3. It's an epic day for watching live pro racing, too! (It's been so hot in most of the past years!) Have a good ride! We'll be hitting up the trails the day after the race.
  4. RedRider31

    Colorado trail map and conditions tips

    Thanks for taking the time to type this out, but I thought most of us did this already! (I actually learned about Stay The Trail in this very section of the forum)
  5. I would've suggested bring an umbrella in the past, for the sun... This year, it'll be for rain potentially! Just bring an umbrella!!!
  6. It's funny that I didn't hear any ads for the race on the radio, or mentions of any dealer signings, but lately all I play in my truck are PulpMX or DMXS podcasts. So much moto-related content during the week, I never have time to listen to the radio. I'll be at the race with some buddies, then we're riding 717 on Sunday morning!
  7. RedRider31

    Denver area shop reviews

    Give Jim at Airborne MX Suspension a call. http://www.airbornesuspension.com/ He's serviced my suspension twice, and I couldn't be happier. Quick turnaround, honest, fair pricing There is some pricing info on their website.
  8. RedRider31

    Aztec Family Raceway, in Colorado?

    Good dirt, they change the layout regularly, and they split practice into groups when the track is crowded. My favorite track in CO
  9. RedRider31

    CRF 450R Blew up- now what?

    Nice! What you end up getting?
  10. RedRider31

    CRF 450R Blew up- now what?

    Jealous, bro? That's kind of a rude assumption... I just asked a question, but it's his money.
  11. RedRider31

    How much would you pay?

    No you didn't... He well said "max dollar" in his first post. Oh, and good job getting all aggro when he called you out on it.
  12. From what I heard, this young racer was paralyzed, and has little or no insurance. I might head there right after the Poker Run. http://www.aztecraceway.com/az/
  13. RedRider31

    New into dirt bikes.

    I think your budget of $1000 is not too realistic, especially if you don't have a quality helmet and boots factored in there. However, I will agree that the best bang for your buck will be a 125 two stroke. Good luck, and let us know what you find.
  14. RedRider31

    Dean turned down 1.5mil from JGR. Good move?

    He didn't turn down JGR for PC, PC was a fall back after JWR went under. Matthes got that info straight from Coy. Multi year deal, and why should his name be the first to come up? He has more potential/doing better than Brayton, which sucks for Brayton, 'cuz he seems like a really good dude. Grant seems to have grown up, and I'm cheering for him to turn it around.
  15. RedRider31

    Adam Cianciarulo debut this weekend ! per Racerx

    I don't know why everybody is hyping up the AC/Coop rivalry so much... Do they forget who else will be lined up on those gates?! (Tomac, Baggett, Roczen, Musquin, Osborne, Seely, Bogle, etc...) I'm fired up Coop got to start the season as well as he has while the drama has subsided a bit with AC not there. With that said, best of luck to Adam once he's ready to race. They both seem to be great kids, and I hope they both have long, healthy careers.