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  1. pre-mixed

    twisted engineering &%$#@!

    They are still kind of operating i believe. My buddy jut got a set of bars from them after a frustrating few month wait with no answer to e mails or phone calls. I think it is only one of the original two partners now and lots of issues.
  2. pre-mixed

    What do you guys think?

    Im not worked up and no hard feelings I just don’t think you are giving real accurate advice and I don’t have anything better to do right now than cruise Thumper Talk. I ride with a few guys that have/had 350’s and they did well over 100 hours before they did a top end and there original stuff looked good. I do think KTM uses quality parts. I just think your blanket statement of everyone agrees that you need to do a top end on a 350/(bike in general) or you are going to grenade a motor on the face of a jump and get horribly maimed is pretty overkill... But then again you need to trust your equipment so if that means new parts real often I’m not trying to say you shouldn’t... just you probably don’t need too.
  3. pre-mixed

    What do you guys think?

    50 hours...? Are you racing competitively at a high level? Or is the OP? Or the owner of the 350 in question here? This isn’t some 14 year olds 125... sounds like either paranoia or ignorance to me. How often do you actually change pistons or cranks?
  4. pre-mixed

    What do you guys think?

    There are tons of similar bikes with well over 100 hours that have never been opened up. Unless its hard to start, runs poor or has some obvious reason to rebuild it just buy it and ride it. I feel like the people that claim the first thing they would do if they ever bought a used bike is tear it open and replace everything probably don’t usually buy used bikes or put very many hours on their new ones. So... most likely paranoid unwarranted claims. 4cs forks are basically the worst forks ever though and that is why I wouldn’t buy that bike without budgeting at least $1,000 for suspension and go AER or Del saggo or saggio or however it is spelled.
  5. Enduro engineering radiator braces come with tabs to hook those on and you put the rubber part through the mounting hole on the lower part of your shroud so that the rubber square part will be to the outside of the bike and the loop with the little pull tab on top will be pointing in to the center of the bike at a slight downward angle. Pictures are so much easier but I don’t feel like walking outside to my bike tonight. Not sure if they will work with just any radiator braces as I’m not sure you have anywhere to hook them.
  6. I feel like there are not enough 400 threads and pictures make threads better
  7. I rode an 06 400 EXC and I now ride a 2010 400 XCW. Both are great bikes. The RFS motor has a longer stroke and you can tell the XC4 likes to rev a little more. I felt like both bikes handled well and are well suspended. But I think they guy before me had some work done to the 06. I am a big fan of the 400’s and feel like they are one of the best all around bikes. Obviously not everyone thought that and ktm didn’t think they should keep making them. I paid $4,000 for my 2010 a little while ago. I would recommend the newest one you can find but at least an 06 or 05. There are a lot more aftermarket stuff if you get the 08+ chassis though. They are not light bikes but the 400’s feel lighter than they are in my opinion.
  8. pre-mixed

    8oz or 10oz flywheel weight for 03 cr250r

    I have the 10oz on an 02 and it’s a good choice. It will still have plenty of hit. Unless your reeds are bad I wouldn’t replace them. Spend your money on your suspension and seat time to get ready for the hare scrambles you are all excited for!
  9. pre-mixed

    So when a rider like Cooper Webb....

    You think you could keep up and stay that close to him?
  10. KTM’s website has a pretty good PDF manual available to download for free.
  11. pre-mixed

    Robert Taylor’s Come Back

    Ha maybe not a big deal but his name is Taylor Robert not Robert Taylor. He is a bad A either way though.
  12. pre-mixed

    twisted engineering &%$#@!

    I heard today that the one of the owners bought out the other one and I’m not sure the reason if it was a falling out or not. But apparently that was the reason they stopped producing bars for a while but are back in production and going right now. But not taking any new orders until they can try to get their back order mess sorted out. Anyways, I’ve had mine since mid 2013 and on 4 different bikes and multiple crashes and would buy them again. The hand guard thing kinda sucks though I wish there was a better option for full wraps.
  13. Good job on finishing first try, that is one of the few races I do and it’s usually a pretty good time.
  14. Just curios but you wouldn’t of happened to be 88A would you? ... not a lot of people out racing on an XR250 these days but I was checking one out in impound on a Friday afternoon
  15. I would be looking at a Honda XR 250 or 400