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  1. pre-mixed

    Off road?

    Lots of gas, oil, filters and tires... best “affordable” mods you can make.
  2. The switch next to the hour meter is for a headlight. It should be all pre wired for one if you ever want to put one on. Also looks like an R&D fuel bowl with an adjustable leak jet. Pretty sweet!
  3. I was able to download a free PDF version of the manual from KTM’s website not to long ago. I can’t remember where I found it but it has been pretty handy.
  4. I just spent 4 days in southern Utah riding my 2010 400 XC-w and I am super happy and impressed with the bike. It took me a little while to get the suspension where I like it and I gave basically ended up in the “sport” settings from the manual with 109 mm of race sag but it handled everything wonderfully, washes, whoops, sand, rock, hard pack etc. very happy
  5. pre-mixed

    2012 vs 2014 KTM 300 exc

    The 14 XC’s also had the 4cs... wish I would of got the xcw...
  6. pre-mixed

    MM to OZ Calculator

    You may already have a manual but my manual for a 2010 also has the WP 4860 and calls for 626 ML or 21.17 oz I understand the 05 is a different chassis and has different settings but they are basically the same fork
  7. pre-mixed

    MM to OZ Calculator

    I understand that but I was mid argument with my wife and didn’t get to finish what I meant to say.
  8. pre-mixed

    MM to OZ Calculator

    Google is pretty good at converting stuff. But don’t you measure down from the top of the fork and that is the height the oil should be?
  9. pre-mixed

    Shop told me my forks were crooked

    Haha, I am happy the shop fixed it for you and you are happy with it.
  10. pre-mixed

    Shop told me my forks were crooked

    The sudden silence is kinda weird in here now even though the OP is still posting in other places. Come to find out he is in norther Idaho. And there are not to many Beta dealers just one in Sandpoint and one in Moscow. So I guess we will all just keep wondering if they ever made it right or what ended up happening.
  11. pre-mixed

    YZ125 for low experience rider?

    I am in south east Idaho and had a CR 125, one of the most fun bikes I’ve had. Can go anywhere but takes more effort. Everyone should own a 125 sometime in their riding career. I would not consider a 125 to be a beginners bike as it should really be rode with some aggression.
  12. pre-mixed

    Older ktm with estart issues

    Even the higher power 14+ models struggled if you raised the compression even a little. But with a 410w starter, stock compression, regular cleaning, a high powered battery they were pretty ok. Also.... are you ever going to update your Beta thread? I for one am pretty interested in the outcome there...
  13. pre-mixed

    Shop told me my forks were crooked

    Any updates on what happened?
  14. pre-mixed

    Shop told me my forks were crooked

    So this thread is a little older but as someone that also lives in Idaho I would like to know how this was resolved and if not what dealership it was. Pretty sure there are still only 5 dealers in the sate I am 99% sure it was not one of them and doubtful of two others so.... leaves 2 possible?
  15. pre-mixed

    Best Place to Weigh Your Bike

    People suggesting using truck scales keep in mind they generally only weigh in 20 pond increments so wont be very accurate. Bathroom scales work just fine