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  1. Lincolnlock

    Walker Valley Toughest Trails

    First rule of trails of questionable origins is: Don't talk about them on the internet. Second rule is: Absolutely no GPS. Third rule is: If you've been shown something, don't show anyone else. Fourth rule is: No stupid youtube videos with elaborate titles that make it easy for people to figure out where you were riding. Fifth rule is: Don't talk about them on the internet.
  2. Lincolnlock

    BikeMaster 3/8" Digital Torque Wrench

    As a professional mechanic by trade, I use torque wrenches daily. I have everything from a 4ft, 1" drive down to a 1/4" for finer applications. When I received the Bikemaster 3/8" Digital Torque Wrench, I was able to put it to work immediately. My overall impression is that it's a well-built, quality tool. I used it on everything from a trailer hitch install near its maximum torque setting, to a top-end rebuild at the very bottom setting. The wrench comes with a torque certification sheet and can be easily calibrated. I happen to have access to a torque calibration checker, so I was able to test the accuracy of the tool. From the very bottom of the torque range to its top, the Bikemaster Digital Torque Wrench was within .75% to 1.5% of the set point. In contrast, a much more expensive brand in my tool box is .1% to 1% throughout the range. But, is the difference really worth an extra $375.00? Likely only if you'll use the tool daily, or your 90s fluorescent riding boots will go another few rides before replacement. Pros The handle of the tool feels durable and your hand doesn’t slip, even when greasy. Seems to be pretty durable and it cleans up easily. The pricing is incredibly cheap! You can buy 4 of these for the price of just one Snap-on. AAA batteries are easy to replace. I haven’t had to replace them yet, but given my experience with other brands, they’ll probably last for at least a year or two. The manual says 110 hours. The sound to let you know you are at torque is loud enough to hear over the 1980’s metal that’s playing in the shop. Switching between units is easily done. You don’t have to back the torque setting all the way down before storage like a mechanical torque wrench. Saves the last torque value, and has 10 preset torque values that are easily stored. Two modes: one for preset torque values and one for trace that will show what torque is being applied real time. Cons The sound that emits when you reach torque is a bit slow, so you need to pull slow and consistent to insure you don’t go over the set point. Unlike traditional torque wrenches, there is no "click" felt when you hit the desired torque. The ratchet mechanism has semi-coarse teeth, so working in close quarters requires a reposition of the socket sometimes. It’s really not too bad. Bottom-line For the money, the Bikemaster Digital Torque Wrench is a good buy for most mechanics. It's basically 3 to 4X less expensive than some "professional grade" brands, and outside of it missing some features like a vibrating handle at torque, it virtually does the same job. Hard to go wrong here.
  3. 1 review

    BikeMaster digital torque wrenches are the ultimate wrench accessory for any precision garage. They give you remarkably accurate torque settings. They come available in various drive sizes with either 4 or 5 measurable torque units. Extremely easy to use and read, they come equipped with digital displays with auto shutoff. A techy mechanic's dream, these wrenches have an alarm and red light that indicate when the desired torque value is reached. They come with a heavy-duty protective carrying case for storage. Socket Drive: 3/8 in. Torque Wrench Scale: Ft.-lbs. Torque Range: 20-100 ft.-lbs. Torque Wrench Style: Digital Torque Wrench Material: Steel Torque Wrench Finish: Chrome Quantity: Sold individually. Notes: Features 9 in. overall length.
  4. Lincolnlock

    NW Short Attention Span Theater: Videos 45 seconds or less

  5. Lincolnlock

    Suspension Work - Everett (or north)

    What kind of bike? It makes a difference.
  6. Lincolnlock

    WOHVA Teanaway Comm Forest Survey

    I just took the survey. Hopefully this will help WOHVA accomplish their objectives.
  7. Lincolnlock

    Canyon ridge trail

    The Canyon Ridge Trail isn't open to moto until August 1st, and even then there are usually huge snow fields everywhere. My brother and I have cut the trail out the last 5 years on opening day. That's not to say it stays tree free, but for the most part once it's open, it's open. If you ride like a honey badger and can't keep your rear wheel from digging holes, get some more seat time before you do this one. A bunch of bros on dual sports went up there a couple of years ago and made a mess of some of the climbs. This trail is very difficult and hard to follow in some spots. Also, every time I've been up there I've run into bears and hikers. The bears seem friendly. If you want a tour guide, we'll be there with chainsaws on August 1st.
  8. Lincolnlock

    Pro-ORV Legislators

    This is such a helpful discussion. Thank you!
  9. Lincolnlock

    Best place to live for a young dude who wants to TWIST IT!

    Canada has the best riding. Seriously.
  10. It's funny to hear their take on the land use. Most of the trails in the area are from logging and mining. I'm pretty positive that despite our best efforts they will lock us out of the area even though it's been clear cut and mined for a century. I'm not saying let's give up, but I would say let's do all we can so that when our kids ask what happened to the area we can say we did everything we could. With that said, I appreciate everything that has been done so far and to please let us know if there is anything that can be done on our end to help.
  11. Lincolnlock

    KTM 300 Jetting

    Suzuki needle NEDJ in the 3rd clip position. 38 pilot, 168 main. Air screw depends on elevation and temperature. Check the float level as well. They ship them a little bit high. It shouldn't be more than $20 for the parts.
  12. Lincolnlock

    Riding in Anacortes, North Whidbey Island?

    The trails are short and full of people walking. If you want to explore what is there check it out during the week. There isn't anything challenging or anything like that. If you do go out there go slow and be nice as you will more than likely run into people. http://www.cityofanacortes.org/Maps/Whistle_Retail.pdf http://www.cityofanacortes.org/docs/Maps/Heart-Retail-2016.pdf
  13. Lincolnlock

    Is Gifford open yet?

    August is a good time to head up there.
  14. Lincolnlock

    Walker Valley Trail Conditions thread

    No snow to speak of really. Trails are clear.
  15. Lincolnlock

    MPG issues, Please Advise! :)

    I had the same problem with fuel consumption on my 15' TE300. Just lower the float level. Install a NECJ needle from a 2007 RM250 3rd clip. 35 Pilot, 175 Main and Bob's you're uncle. I pretty much doubled my fuel mileage from the stock jetting chart. If you are a little more conservative on the top end, a 172 main will do the trick.