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  1. Cmott426

    North Idaho Single Track Obstacle

    Just one more thing to watch out for when riding Single track in North Idaho. This sign is posted on all forest service roads near my house. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v614/Cmott/100_0479.jpg I have seen plenty of Black Bear, No Grizzly's yet.
  2. Cmott426

    Why don't they still....

    I don’t think they are needed as much as conventional forks because of "Gravity". The dirt and water doesn’t sit on the seal like conventional forks. When mine do leak I just use the negative film trick.
  3. Looks like "Pink" is the answer was the 2000 YZ a 426 and not a 400 as stated in the eBay ad?
  4. Cmott426

    Places to Ride in Idaho.

    Lots of trails and forest roads, you won’t get bored.
  5. Cmott426

    WR Owners pin your location on the map.

    I changed the permissions so it is easier to join now.
  6. Cmott426

    street legal in Idaho?

    I have 3 quads, all have plates.
  7. Cmott426

    WR Owners pin your location on the map.

    Spamming, all new members will now have to ask permission to be added. Sorry for the inconvenience. 328 members