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  1. BuenasNalgas

    Part Needed

    Can't find one on ebay, apparently per the local shop the seat pan bracket isn't sold separately...... Anyobe got an extra seat lying around? $$$
  2. BuenasNalgas

    Part Needed

    Anyone...... Or does anyone know where I can get this little bracket?
  3. BuenasNalgas

    Part Needed

    OK, So I Need The Rear Seat Bracket For 96 CR250....Somehow it snapped, go figure! Anyone got an extra? The local shopd are of no help and I don't really feel like going n buying an entire seat either.
  4. BuenasNalgas

    Wonder What This Gem Will Bring?

    Well we just saw an 06 brand new in da crate for >7k on EBAY.......I wonder what $$$ amount this gem will reach? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/?cmd=ViewItem&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649&item=180966416920&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT When I first saw the ad there was a "Buy It Now" for $1300, guess the seller is gonna be one happy dude or dudette!!! LOL
  5. BuenasNalgas

    Craigslist AD of the day

    Here's another solid deal......lol http://fortcollins.craigslist.org/mcy/3163328474.html
  6. BuenasNalgas

    Craigslist AD of the day

    Along with the new "BEE TOP END" did you happen to check out the front tire???
  7. BuenasNalgas

    Craigslist AD of the day

    Here's a deal.....................lol http://ventura.craigslist.org/mcy/3128402212.html
  8. BuenasNalgas

    eBay wheels- What brand?

    The ad description says "CNC" so I'm thinking they are just a generic wheel set. They sure do look nice but what about quality??? For a bit more yoy know you can het some Xcels or DNAs and feel good about it!!! JMHO
  9. BuenasNalgas

    Took the 94 out last Saturday

    Gotta Love It!!!
  10. BuenasNalgas

    Looking For A Part

    Ya, i've looked on ebay although I was trying not to pay $30 - $70 on a beat up seat just for a lil ole bracket.......yep, i might just have to manufacture something up!
  11. BuenasNalgas

    Looking For A Part

    Going Out On A Limb Here: 96 CR250: Busted one of the brackets on the seat, it's the bracket in the rear to where the plastic is bolted on. I can't seem to find this part anywhere, does anyone have an extra or even know where to get this lil part without buying the entire seat assembly??? Thanks In Advance!
  12. BuenasNalgas

    Almost done restoring my 94 CR250 (finally!)

    Nicely Done!!!
  13. BuenasNalgas

    Decision 2t 4t?

    Smoker All Da Way!!!
  14. BuenasNalgas

    want to buy CR250

    Too bad your on the wrong coast, there's been a couple for sale here in So-Cal on the local craigslist......good luck on your hunt!
  15. BuenasNalgas

    Christmas at Pismo Beach anybody???

    Yes I have, My Pops Used To Live Up There! Although I didn't camp at the dunes or ride that trip but have heard it's a blast.