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  1. Papa Sarge

    And now, The Gorman 6...

    If it were the Gorman 12, pretty sure they would be proudly posting their adventure all over the internet, with pics and videos.
  2. Papa Sarge

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    We did that ride 8 years ago (1/15/11), started from cal city, shredded the rand mountains, ate lunch in randsburg, fueled up in joberg, took your route you described through red mountain. took a wash with mini waterfalls down to a small dry lakebed, then back to cal city. That ride We lost Joe and jack at Joberg, When we were ready to leave. Joe was in the shitter. and atop the mountain, we realized it. We had a somewhat large group. half of our group, me included went through the wash, and the other half took a jeep road back down. the wash started at the bottom of the first Single track from the top, where the jeep road meets.
  3. Papa Sarge

    Had a fun friends and family trip to Cal city

    our campsite for the trip
  4. The grandson, a few friends, and I had a fun three days at Cal city. Nothing death defying, just fun cruising, climbing, and watching the kids enjoy life. even though it was in the high 20's at night, and high 40's in the day, it was perfect. here are a couple of videos of the fun Some fun on Cadillac Hill My grandson Zack and Dube's kid Levi showing us how to have fun jumpung grandson Zack, sees a hill, takes a hill We had a blast. our camp and ride crew was nine of us... Mark, Russell, John M, Ed, Cooper, John D, Levi, Zack, and I .. My grandson is on my old 530 exc. he is handling it great.
  5. Papa Sarge

    LPNF Piru Creek Trall Sun. 11/18

    I have to work, else Zack and I would join you. We did a short ride last sunday after 5 months off the bikes. I'm hoping to get out again sometime soon. Piru is a fun trail.
  6. Papa Sarge

    Who makes the best over the glasses goggles?

    I don't wear glasses when I ride... I might be frightened at the trails I ride if I could see them. lololol. what you can't see can't hurt your , right?
  7. Papa Sarge

    LPNF - Yellowjacket 126

    part of upper piru disappears and you need to hunt down the trail. rocks, sand, brush, rutts, and crazy climbs. lower piru is easier. just a small rock climb, a couple water crossings, and and avalanche rock slide to hop across. other than that and cliff side exposure. it's a piece of cake.
  8. Papa Sarge

    LPNF - Yellowjacket 126

    Me and my grandson love the trails up there. arrasta, yellow jacket, goldhill, tejon, whata, east frazier, west frazier, long dave, lockwood, and piru just to name some of them. need to get him on the full piru when it cools down.
  9. Papa Sarge

    Kennedy Meadows weekend of 7/28-29

    34e27 is Beach ridge trail. not to be confused with a forest road near there that is for licensed vehicles. beach ridge starts from the troy overflow road and runs to 35e06 which is albanita. Albanita runs from Little horse west of beach ridge to jackass. little hours brings you west, up and around to blackrock mountan. . backrock mountain runs between little horse and granite broder. there are forest roads near by, you cross some. but to ride those, you need a plate. and if you are riding forest roads. why go to kennedy meadows.
  10. Papa Sarge

    Kennedy Meadows weekend of 7/28-29

    If I recall correctly, it took about 5 hours. with that said. we did stop for 30 minutes to help someone free up a bike from a bike eating rut. and another 30 minutes for lunch when we crossed paths with Joe, and a couple other times to enjoy the sights. This was our third day of riding on that trip, before heading back home. My grandson was 15 at the time, he rode the 06 crf250x. now he is a badass on my old 09 530 exc. My old buddy, who is a year older than me, rides a 09 530 exc and I ride a 16 500 exc. We weren't out to beat any speed records. even though, my grandson was waiting for my slow butt at stop points. we had a blast and would of went up with these guys if we weren't recovering from injuries right now.
  11. Papa Sarge

    Kennedy Meadows weekend of 7/28-29

    A shot part of Granite Broader connect Blackrock to albanita. attached is one of the routes my grandson, buddy ed and myself took last year.
  12. Papa Sarge

    Kennedy Meadows weekend of 7/28-29

    day trips are doable, but makes for a long day. from where I live, Sunland... leave house at 5am. 3-4 hours to get there. 1 to chew the chit and get ready to ride. on the trails by 10. ride for 6 hours. back to staging at 4. an hour or so the chew the chit and load up. 3-4 hours to get home. pull into the house at 9-10 pm. leave that for the youngins. done it a few times. rather camp up there, relax, and ride without being exhausted. ­čśë
  13. Papa Sarge

    Kennedy Meadows weekend of 7/28-29

    Zack and I were considering joining you crazy old goofballs, we both love kennedy meadows. but we are both injured right now. two weeks ago, I was stepping out of my travel trailer while camping at the beach, and the bottom step broke (yes i am that heavy). I fell on my A$$, broke my wrist watch, and hyper extended my bad knee. it swelled up 4 times the size. today I have gotton better, about 75 % motion before pain. so i'm out. same knee I had surgery in 7 years ago. stupid knees and stupid old age. I guess I should of had my riding gear on at the beach. that would of been a good look. And Zack somehow pulled a back muscle. pain in his back and leg. we think he did it at baseball. He is at the doc getting it checked out. we should of been riding our dirtbikes. much more safer than relaxing at the beach or playing high school sports. ;-)
  14. Papa Sarge

    Kennedy Meadows run?

    I'm hoping to set one up late July. Zack and I have been pretty busy lately. from baseball to school events, busy busy busy. Zack and I had a blast last year at this time when we headed up there.
  15. Papa Sarge

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    when He's not looking. turn on his choke