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  1. pad

    Squash ?

    What’s the normal range of squash I can expect to find on a DRV400E. And what’s the minimum safe squash on a standard motor Thanks
  2. pad

    cam choices.......

    Stage 2 inlet
  3. pad

    re grind stock cams??

    How much money do you wish to spend ?? There is way more to grinding cams than just adding a bit more lift and duration Unless the cam grinder or you have spent a lot of time crunching numbers and Time on a dino with a drz400 anything they are likely to produce for you will Be very safe and have an unknown HP/Torque curve You would be better off buying a hotcam inlet cam unless you won’t to put The work into designing a new profile
  4. pad

    e intake cam

    Cam specs are: S IN .334 lift 227 dur EX .323 lift 243 dur E IN .351 lift 227 dur EX .366 lift 243 dur yosh IN .354 lift 236 dur EX .366 lift 242 dur HC stage 1 IN .358 lift 238 dur EX .358 lift 238 dur HC stage 2 IN .377 lift 243 dur EX .377 lift 243 dur
  5. pad

    Stretched Timing Chain

    That’s a bit weird You can understand getting one soft chain but two is real strange Could it be a blocked oil jet , or am I getting my engines mixed up
  6. pad

    Jetting part explanation

    Save a few words http://www.keihin-us.com/tune1.htm As you mod the bike , Airbox new pipe etc you alter how the engin breaths,and becose carbies arnt perfect you need to change jetting to keep the mixture correct There are hole books on the subject so start reading
  7. pad

    question about changing sprocket(s)

    As a rough guide one tooth on the front is equal to three on the rear And a larger front sprocket will give you longer chain life So try 15/47 and see if you like it There is no single answer that suites all riding conditions
  8. pad

    No electrics

    Sounds like something shorted out and blue the main fuse Near the battery.
  9. pad

    Replace speedo with GPS?

    I Have a Garmin 276C mounted where the speedo was You need to make your own bracket and movethe key switch
  10. pad

    split hose on fcr

    The sleeve is there to stop the hose from getting a hole rubbed in it Putting a sleeve on the replacement hose is a good idea
  11. pad

    Billet exhaust tip???

    Save your money for a full system The tip is a bit of bling It will sound a little deeper way a little more and do nothing
  12. pad


    1 crank case breather 2 float bowl breather 3 coolant overflow 4 carby left side tipover drain vent 5 carby left side tipover drain vent 6 carby right side tipover drain vent 7 carby righ side tipover drain vent The tipover drain vent are to prevent the engine from flooding when you crash. The fuel can run out of theas instead of into your engine when it is on its side
  13. pad

    stand switch jumper electric ?

    It is only a diode in series with the switch So if you wont to be electrically perfect then jumper it with a diode But it will work fine without a diode, the coil will just get an extra .6v Across . It isn’t a problem on a system designed to run from 11 to 16 volts
  14. pad

    Best Rad Gaurds ?

    Go with the force dood http://www.forceaccessories.com.au/Pages/main%20frame.htm
  15. Lay her over shell be Wright