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  1. Not a 2020 comparison but I can add this. Coming off a 2014 KTM300XC and then a 2016 YZ250X I can say I have 0 regrets going to my current steed. A 2017 YZ250FX. The extra weight is only noticeable when picking the bike up. I really like 2 strokes. I feel like I can charge harder on smokers but like the more planted feel of four strokes. Less fatigue with the FX on long races. The suspension is excellent. Handles track and trail. I doubt very much you will regret the purchase of a 2020 FX.
  2. I would get some seat time before buying a GYTR tuner. You may find you don't need it. Mine runs so good I don't want to change anything.
  3. Don't rule out newer bikes. I don't recall if it is 2016 or 2017 the factory removed the kick start. I think it is 2017. You may already know this but a kick start kit for later years can be had for $168 at RMATV. Everything you need to add comes in the kit. Just thought I would add that since you mention kick start is a must.
  4. Very nice options... thank you gents
  5. Word is for Joey to park Webb to help teammate gain points. Not surprising considering what went down to last race when Tomac was running Dungey off the track. Championships are worth big bucks. These last races are going to see some aggressive passing. Tomac or Savatchy will park him....watch the sparks
  6. I am planning on riding an off road night race next month and would like suggestions for a bright headlamp. LED is probably best if brighter and pulls less power. I don't need a dual sport kit. This bike will not see the pavement. I don't see well in the dark so the brighter the better. Aftermarket or WR headlamp, does not matter to me. I will remove it after the race. I want to keep it as simple and minimal as possible. Also would appreciate suggestions for a headlamp to mount on my helmet.
  7. If you are good for an hour and feel it is just too twitchy. I wonder if a G2 throttle cam would help you. Pick the 200 cam and is very slow opening off idle. Or a GYTR tuner with a mild map can also take some of the hit off idle as well. I am sure a thumb throttle would not be too difficult to retrofit if needed.
  8. An hour of rambling about technical connectivity issues and non related bikes. I watched the whole thing and think only 10 minutes of it was worthy of the 250 bike comparison. Jimmy Lewis is a very talented rider. But this commentary he came across as totally unprepared. Just my opinion and not saying I could do any better. I was just hoping for a very comprehensive comparison from a non biased talented rider.
  9. I saw your post about gas tanks for a FX  I have been running a Acerbis gas tank on my 2015 yz250f for 3years.  It is as big as the IMF and their is more room under the seat than the IMF tank.  The Acerbis tank does away with the seat flap and the top of the tank sits a little higher than the IMF thus the more room under the seat where the battery is.  You still need to run the battery under the left number plate.

    1. Rethy525


      thanks for the reply.  I was hoping to not have to alter the factory components. I am leaning toward the 3 gallon IMS with shrouds. 

  10. Anyone successfully installed the 2.9 gallon YZ tank without reworking the relay pack and battery. I talked with IMS and they mentioned some have been able to notch the seat foam and fit narrow battery without relocation of components other than battery. I am considering just getting the 3 gallon made for the FX with the radiator shrouds integrated. Supposed to fit and no relocation of anything. Anyone here done that. I don't usually have anyone to pit for me and 2 hour harescramble can stretch out to 2.5 hours if stars align just right. I would be interested in hearing all options and comments from those with The 3 gallon FX tank. Thanks....
  11. Rethy525


    Buy it!!!!! you will find it is a perfect harescramble bike. Add protection and big tank if you run long races. you wont be disappointed
  12. WR250R is dual sport and WR250F is off road version. I also agree the YZ250FX would be the better choice. Will not require uncorking and ECM change. However you are in California so you know more about your requirements for red and green stickers for riding access. The YZ250FX is an excellent bike and plenty of power.
  13. True...but that is due to the depth of talent in the 450 class. I don't think the bike is holding either one back. In the 250 class I could see Ferrandes on the top step. Nichols was a total surprise. Too bad for Ciancarilo he was moving through the pack. I suspect he would have caught Mcelrath for 3rd had he not gotten parked.
  14. So I got a price to resole my Tech 3s at a minimum with shipping at $145.00 If it needs midsole it adds another $40. I let mine go too far and probably need the midsole repair as well. Straps and latches are going bad. I can get new Tech 3s for $220 . So new seems like a no brainer. My question to my fellow riding brothers is the difference in Tech 3s and Tech 7s. New Tech 7s are $280. these are clearance prices. Are they worth the extra $60.00. I need to keep under $300 self imposed limit. Need to update most of my riding gear. New helmet and neckbrace are also on my list. I bought a cheap set of Fox boots years ago and I think they were all synthetic plastic leather and never broke in. I had no ankle movement. They were around $130. I wont buy the really cheap boots again it was a waste of money. So any other boot recommendations under $300. These old Tech3s have been excellent just too many miles on them and even the straps are shot. Tech 7s any good and worth the extra $60
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