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  1. Jason_Williams

    EMM part #?

    Sudco its a brass needle only Sudco carries this needle it is not a Yamaha part I can't find sudcos number. Search its on here.
  2. Jason_Williams

    WR 426 mods

    Throttle stop cut down to 23mm or untill the slide just clears the carb opening
  3. Jason_Williams


    I ordered mine about a week ago from Norm> I bought two (1 for a friend) and I had them in 2 days!!! Norm mailed them before I could even get the check in the mail to him. Great guy! I would order but already took care of it. Can't wait to try it out!!! good luck!!
  4. Jason_Williams

    Michelin S-12 or M-12 front?

    S-12 for sure!!!
  5. Jason_Williams


    Kevin I was looking in the manual and it looks like I'm out of spec in the uncommon way because most of the shims are on the other side of being out of spec. Is this because my valves are getting looser instead of tightening?? HUH thats kind of odd. I am glad someone agrees that I should go ahead with my ride. Its been planned for a while.
  6. Jason_Williams


    Of course I wait until the night before a holiday to check my valves. Well I have two intake valves that are just out of spec at .076 The other is at .102 The exhaust are just in spec at .203 Intake .10 - .15 Exhaust .20 - .25 I'm planing a ride on Fri and of course I wont be able to get shims. Do any of you think it would be a bad thing to ride on two very close to out of spec valve clearances????? Hopefully you guys will agree with me that it wouldn't be a bad thing for one ride This sucks Jason
  7. Jason_Williams

    Anyone have a 5.4 rear spring?

    Kirtwell, or Yamimoto, If you are still serious about getting rid of your spring let me know. Jason W
  8. Jason_Williams

    Anyone have a 5.4 rear spring?

    Kirtwell or Davej, I would love to have the spring, are you serious about giving it to me? That would be great!!! Send me a private message and we'll work it out. Oh I have to go, gotta get down to that new Krispy Kream donut shop they just opened. Jason [ November 19, 2001: Message edited by: Jason Williams ]
  9. Jason_Williams

    Rear shock spring size ??

    Well I blue labeled a 5.6 today from Race tech, They also recommended the 5.6 at a lower preload. I ride mostly all woods, roots and rocks and lots of mud I'm not much on jumping anymore. Spring should be here on Wednesday. Reassemble Thurs am, Turkey Thurs Pm. Ride on Fri I will let you know how she feels. Thanks for the comments Cheers Jason
  10. Has anyone taken off thier 5.4 and put on a different spring? I am interested in getting 5.4 Let me know? JW
  11. Jason_Williams

    Rear shock spring size ??

    Garret, would you be willing to part with your 5.4? Email me and let me know. I'd like to get one before Thanksgiving. Don't know how we could do it but let me know. Maybe you could use the 5.0 that I have if the 5.2 is still to stiff Jason [ November 18, 2001: Message edited by: Jason Williams ] [ November 18, 2001: Message edited by: Jason Williams ]
  12. Jason_Williams

    Rear shock spring size ??

    Always in need of a diet but I am thinking I will go with the 5.4 and see!!! Maybe that will give the diet motivation that I need. If I buy a 100$ spring and I can't take it back. Thanks for the help Jason
  13. Jason_Williams

    Rear shock spring size ??

    NH kevin, I went to their site and came up with a rate of 5.480 this figure is figured with a rider weight of 220 without gear. Well, this brings up another question go with a 5.4 or a 5.6??? I wonder if I should round up or down? hmmmmm??? [ November 18, 2001: Message edited by: Jason Williams ]
  14. Jason_Williams

    Rear shock spring size ??

    Howdy, Does anyone have a suggestion for a rear shock spring on a 01 WR 426 for a rider that weights about 220 without gear? I can't make up my mind and was hoping you guys could help! The stock spring is a 5.0 and I have to crank it down to a spring lenght of about 235 mm to get the proper sag. This is well below the springs ajustment size of between 240.5 to 258.5. I think I need to go up two sizes to a 5.4 to achieve the proper sag and pre sag. I would like to try this before I have to have the suspension done by someone and see if this will make it better for now. Anyone have a 5.4 they would like to sell that still has some life in it? Ideas?? Thanks in advance Jason
  15. Jason_Williams

    Is this a PAS? (image)

    Yep thats the one! Taffy posted that Patrick Burns said that from lightly seated all the way in if you turn out the srew that= 1/4 turn out =45 paj 3/8 turn out =55 paj 1/2 turn out =65 paj 5/8 turn out =75 paj 3/4 turn out =85 paj 7/8 turn out =95 paj 1 turn out =100 paj 1 1/8 turn out =110 paj 1 1/4 turn out =120 paj 1 1/2 turn out =125 paj Hope this helps Jason [ November 16, 2001: Message edited by: Jason Williams ]