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  1. Mike_socal

    Ocotillo Wells: January 28-30 2011

    I'll try to be out there by 5 at the latest hopefully by 4. I'm driving a Gray Dodge 2500 with small 18 ft toyhauler. Cya out there.
  2. Mike_socal

    Ocotillo Wells: January 28-30 2011

    Hey I'd like to join you guys that weekend. I'll be bringing the Wife and kids if that's ok. I sent an rsvp.
  3. Mike_socal

    500+ hour valves

    Good luck with that!
  4. Mike_socal

    Ocotillo Wells for Halloween

    I haven't seen a can of Keystone Light since college. Now those were some good parties!
  5. I carry a home brew mixture of slime, liquid latex, glitter, and amonia. It's popular for mountain bikes running tubeless setups. The slime just seems way to thick to be of any good. I carry the brew in the small Slime bottle since the cap doubles as the schraeder valve core remover. I haven't used it yet on a dirt bike tube but the concoction has been known to seal some pretty large holes in mountain bike tires.
  6. Mike_socal

    Suffering from arm pump? ... check these out! (LEG PEGS)

    I don't know if this was mentioned but they have these on the Kawasaki bike that's going to run the 1k. Definetly an interesting concept.
  7. Mike_socal

    05 crf450 front wheel washout

    Try a click or two on front rebound. Not enough on my bike and I feel like the front loads on entry but then unloads as I'm going through the turn and the front loses traction. Of course I guess you could drag the front brake a little. Probably a few ways to address it.
  8. Mike_socal

    Where does everyone get their top end kits?

    The cheapest I could find for my 06 was a OEM top end kit off ebay for $120 which included shipping. It came from some MX shop in florida.
  9. Mike_socal

    What year did Honda fix the valves on CRF450r?

    My 06 left intake went to 0 at 62 hours. I sent the head off to Mxtime and haven't had any problems since. I hoped that the 06 would be different but it's not. The CRF's have a high probability of a valve wearing out relatively early. It is what it is and I knew that before buying it.
  10. Mike_socal

    Anyone use WD-40 as grip glue?

    I've always used hairspray and wire. I tried WD40 once but was pretty skeptical like most people are. To my surprise it worked better than the hairpsray.
  11. Mike_socal

    2009 recall

    At least Kawi is pro-active. Can't say that much for Honda.
  12. Mike_socal

    Another 09 KTM 300XC-W Question

    As far as I'm aware it's a federal law and not a state law. I'll try and find the .gov link but it was discussed in detail in the California forums back in 06. Edit: Here's the EPA documents. OrbaBill feel free to correct my understanding of this data. I would rather be wrong on this issue. : http://www.epa.gov/otaq/regs/nonroad/2002/f02039.pdf http://www.epa.gov/OMS/regs/nonroad/2002/f02045.pdf#search=%22motorcycles%20used%20competit%20ion%22 "If your motorcycle was built in 2006 and later.....And has been exempted(I assume this means not EPA cert)....Then, it may only be used for competition, and may not be used for recreation" And when it was talked about : http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-424493.html
  13. Mike_socal

    Looking for riding buddies at Ocotillo..

    We should get a big Thumpertalk ride going. I'm up for a desert day trip possibly this weekend.
  14. Mike_socal

    Red and Green sticker bikes

    I would pay it.
  15. Mike_socal

    can I make my own valves for my 05 crf450?

    The biggest difference would be R & D.