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  1. You see we do agree on something. Shit does happen. I stand by what I said. Ride with friends and all your problems will be solved. I guess were going to have to agree to disagree as I see no benefit for either of us in taking this discussion further.
  2. Alright Travertt, Yeah, if thats what it takes, you bet I'll do it. Lets go for a ride. How much you wanna bet we both get back to the truck with no issues.... And if we do what are the odds it would be a kick start issue? Now do you see why I'm call'n the kick start issue BS?
  3. Well I can tell you this... I ride my 350 like a 250 2st motocrosser (cause that's how I roll) and it feels like one. The difference is, it's smoother but just as flickable. A stab of the clutch and Brawawawa.... It wheelies away. not like a wheel spinning 2t but more power to the ground type of ride. This is not to say it's a peaky type of power, it will roll on if you want. The 250 4t's I've ridden are IMO ... ah weak.. More like a 125 or 150 in the 2t world. Not that you couldn't go fast on them but just didn't have the wind in the sails type of power I was looking for. Case in point I took my 350 to Jawbone canyon (Mojave) last year and could climb the biggest hills my 450/500 buddies could. Never would have on a 250 4t. that power robbing sandy grit they have there eats HP.
  4. Wanna end this kick starter BS? Take along a riding buddy. end of story. But you all knew that didn't you.
  5. 2014 350EXC with the 2014EU map in XCFw trim and some other mods. Why the EXC and not the XCFW? Because in this state the pen that made it legal to plate a dirt bike can also make them non-plateable... The EXC is DOT 50 state legal and not so easy to ban from the roads especially when all I have to do is bolt back on the smog crap.
  6. Where to start here…. First I’d say for a person who really wants a mostly back woods “real dirt bike” that happens to have a plate and on-road plans are back roads, short trips, and running to the local 7/11 then the 350 is it hands down. I’m an ex Motocrosser and have ridden/raced for over 30 years, so keep that in perspective. Yeah, I wanted something a bit mellower but something useable to me for whatever I wanted to do. Since I gave up street bikes years ago road use was not on my list, but I do live in the real world and find a plate is required in many areas these days. Now a bit on the kick start issue. I don’t see it as being an issue for a number of reasons. As others have said you can buy the kit or as I suggest just pack one of those mini battery jump start packs. I’ve had my 2014 for 3 years now and have only used the kick starter 2 times. Once when it was new (just to see if it worked) and the second time was after trailering it in below freezing weather (after a few weeks of sitting in the barn doing nothing) I used it and the electric starter to get it started. The bike has been phenomenal in the reliability dept. Oh, and trust me. I’m not easy on my bikes. I should also mention mine is not stock as I’ve had Kreft do my suspension and added an SX throttle body and XCF muffler with the EU map modified with my USTool. I would also say take a good look at a used 2014-2016 as the changes were mostly things you’d change anyway (suspension, tires, etc). Any way you go on this I’m sure you’ll be happy as KTM seems to have built a dam good bike for the masses.
  7. the 2012 350 is a whole new design for ktm. I don't think you'll find many of the newer engines having that issue. Something must be causing this. Battery? something binding? A short? I am curious...
  8. jim9006

    Can't decide between a KTM 300 XC and 300 XCW

    I agree with automag 100% (assuming we're talking stock or near stock bikes). Remember you can swap 1st and second gears with just a few parts, and any "good" suspension tuner can set that rearend up for the slow stuff and still do an excellent job of handling the high speed track. Thats the advantage of the linkage. For me the 2017 XC is looking really good especially when it comes with those airforks... Got me drool'n thats for sure.
  9. jim9006

    13/50 +13/52 Chain Length

    I can tell you the stock chain will work for the 13/50 because thats what I'm doing. Flip the axle blocks around. It will stretch enough to clear the flap after a few rides. Oh, and I'm using a 110/90 tire.
  10. Yes my exc had the top mount injector. I had to re-route my harness closer to the bottom mount injector to get the connector to fit (I’m using the bottom mount SX injector). I did not measure the TB but it does say 44 stamped on the side. Upon further testing I have noticed some hesitation with off idle quick throttle openings. I have a USTool and plan on playing with fuel maps this weekend and see if I can tune that out. Another thing I’ve noticed is my exc “rubber band” like power curve is now more like an MX bike. It really comes alive in the upper rpm’s now and pulls with authority like never before. I’d be interested in hearing what you’ve done / thoughts on tuning the map.
  11. UPDATE 05-2016: Yeah, I know almost a year later… Installed the 44mm TB last night and initial (using my “seat of the pants dyno”) results are in. Without boring you with the long diatribe version I’ll say more power everywhere above, I’d say 4500 / 5000 rpm. Low-end is unchanged or maybe a bit better. Now roll on wheelies happen unintentionally… I gotta watch that. Installation: The 44mm SX TB is pretty much a bolt-on with using the EXC’s TPS swapped in. Everything else plugs right in. You will have to reroute the injector connector wire by moving the harness closer to the TB. Fuel line plugged in with NO mods required. Setup: 2014 350 EXC-f EU map Set idle at 2100/2200 rpm Adjust TPS to 597/601 Use an XCF muffler Notes: You’re going to need a USTool to adjust the tps/idle because the tps changes every time you change the idle So this will be done a few times before your set. The new idle screw is now located very close to the PDS shock. Very hard to get to, impossible when the exhaust pipe is hot. Use a long screw driver. Make sure there is “some” slack in the injector wire as the new location is at the bottom now and you don’t want that pulling loose.
  12. IMO, just have them unlock it.. Then get a USTool and modify it yourself. Just say'n
  13. jim9006

    KTM's UST or user tool - Must read

    Your welcome! , and if you ever get to the States (Washington) look me up... We'll do some riding... You'll love the Cascades.