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  1. jagarcia89

    South florida Riders?

    I'm also moving to west palm and looking for tracks or really anything to ride. Hopefully we find something!
  2. jagarcia89

    What kind of fuel range on a stock 2014?

    Thanks. The race had a bit of mud sections combined with high speed. I ended up putting 3 laps in (a bit over 5mi laps) And had about a half tank. I topped off and ran the rest of the race no issues for another 4-5 laps. I think it would've been close with no pitting but given the nature of the course I wasn't going to leave it to chance. Hopefully this helps the next guy searching for this info
  3. Just curious- This is my first fuel injected bike and I am running a hare scramble this weekend (1.5hrs). I know it will depend a lot on how I ride and the course, but I'm just trying to get a general idea how many times I'll need to refuel.
  4. I have a 2004 crf250r and when a busy was riding it, the chain guide got ripped off. When this happened the engine fed chain til it stocked up above the shift lever and broke the shaft out of the case. So I know I need a new one. But I am curious what years are cross compatible for this part and what year full engines will bolt right in incase I find a deal on that. I looked at a micro and it gave me like 4 different part numbers for this year. Any help appreciated
  5. I got relocated for work and after riding a few times by myself, I realized I miss having folks to ride with. I mostly have been riding the OHV park in Council Bluffs, Whitesands in Ashland, NE, and Abbot in Lincoln. But I would like ti know other places to ride and or have some people to ride with in those areas. Just kinda sucks always riding by myself (Haven't even been able to set my sag!) Let me know if you would ever be down with meeting for some riding. Thanks
  6. jagarcia89

    Just picked up a brand new 2014- got a few questions

    Thanks everyone. I took it out on some trails for the first ride. I hadn't ridden in several months so was able to keep myself from hammering. Once I started getting comfortable and moving faster I stopped myself and changed the oil. Good amount of metal on the strainer. Rode it normal another 4 hours or so, changed oil again and almost no metal on the strainer magnet. I'm loving the bike so far, probably need to send the fork off for a revalve, but this thing handles great and plenty of usable power for a recreational rider like myself.
  7. jagarcia89

    Just picked up a brand new 2014- got a few questions

    Thanks guys. So the yellow thing is for the injector- what about the black piece? Fuel line plug or something? And I guess I am pretty much clueless on a moto re-map. Do I need to buy a tuner? Is it a suzuki specific tool? I plan on dialing suspension immediately and maybe sending it out for a revalve (I usually do this with my motos) When you say get it warm than spank it- should I just idle it til warm then hammer it for a few laps? Or baby it a few laps then hammer it? I may be over thinking it.
  8. Well I just got myself an early birthday present and bought a brand new off the showroom 2014 rm-z450. It is my first new bike purchase, first suzuki MX bike, and my first Fuel Injected bike. So in light of all these firsts, I have some questions. The manual says break in just don't exceed 1/2 throttle for an hour and 3/4 for another hour. Anything else you'd recommend? I got the carbon yoshi pipe with it (a month out), the dealer says I don't need to do any mapping but I am used to a carb bike where you gotta do some jetting with an exhaust swap, will I need to change anything? I am assuming this bike is like my 07 kawi and the engine and trans oil are in the same? No separate drain plugs or fills? I ran amsoil 10/40 in the kawi then switched to royal purple- any major recommendations for this machine or should those do fine? The bike came with the "short wires" I get what those do but also a little black plastic dongle in a bag with a yellow rubber boot- what the heck are these? Anything else I need to know about FI bikes? Is it true I can go to different altitudes and it will adjust itself? Anything you'd recommend I get right on replacing or changing? I know it's a lot and I appreciate any advice. This is the single most expensive thing I have ever bought including cars so I want to make sure I take care of it and do it right. Thanks! Here's a picture of the beauty coming home.
  9. jagarcia89

    Just picked up an 01, I have some questions.

    Did the search, and read all FAQS before posting. Thanks for the link on the k thing. Good to know not all drz owners are pretentious
  10. jagarcia89

    Just picked up an 01, I have some questions.

    Yes I know it has a kickstarter, my question is that the only thing that makes it a "K" model. or if there are other differences
  11. Just picked up an 01 DR400 for 1500 bucks because it has some small issues like the tail light isn't working and the headlight seems to have a bad connection (I think I can fix those easy). And it has a bad rear brake (less sure whats wrong there). Here's my questions: It says it a 400k does that just mean kickstart? is there any way to add a key so its harder to steal? There's no switch for the HL or tail light, are these constantly on when running? And lastly i found this switch connected to a hose that seems to go down to the tank or near it. The switch is mounted between the bar and plate. And I have no idea what it is, it seems to only open some hole. Any ideas (see picture)
  12. Sorry, I posted from my cell in the garage. 2004 crf250r
  13. So I sold my friend my 250, first ride he hit a rock, it rippen of the guide, the chain fell off the rear sprocket and piled up on top of the shifter and broke it out the bottom of the case. We went to some case welding specialist and they said they can weld it no problem, if we can get the shift shaft out to ensure its not bent. No you have to split the cases to get the shaft out or can we remove the clutch basket and access a clip of some kind? Anyone done this? thanks
  14. jagarcia89

    ssr 90 questions

    So I just got an SSR 90 as partial trade for another bike. The thing is pretty fun and surprisingly quick. I'm looking for parts for the thing but haven't had much luck. I keep seeing it referred to a crf50 clone. How close are they? What parts will work from which years will work? The current thing it need is a shock and this one seems pretty much blown out. Anyone know a reasonably priced replacement? What other pit bikes have similair shocks. Also, anyone know the oil change volume on these?
  15. jagarcia89

    2007 fuel screw- how many turns can I have

    What altitude are you at?