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  1. I think you are completely fine with this setup. Bit of a pain to push a bike uphill backwards but your good. I have loaded three bikes into a full-size the sameish way. Middle bike backwards. If you are still nervous about it you can do a strap at the back of the truck going across the tires at say 3 o'clock down to the tiedown location on the box. Also 1%? Hopefully that grows to a higher percentage for you!
  2. I just went through the same thing on my FMF pipe. It took me 4 months to get a quiet core for mine! They are on a never ending back order is what I have been told. If you imported the pipe I would try the same source for the insert, but be ready to wait.... Also like the other poster above said. Try repacking the can.
  3. Hey guys does anyone know if a drz400 seat cover will fit on a dr 350? Thanks John
  4. taylorjohn

    1990 dr350 tires

    I will second Kenda 270's. I had them on a KLR 650 and also on my Suzuki TS 200 and really liked them for street and trails and will probably put a set on the DR30 that I just bought. They are a 50/50 so they are not great in deep mud etc. Also people often complain about being a little squirly on the road, I found they need a bit of a break in period but then handle well.
  5. go with Kenda 270. they are a good 50/50 tire and will look good on the old girl
  6. I would say that this is the coolest wheelchair. This guy holds a couple of records. including fastest wheelchair and fastest baby stroller
  7. It is less about the size of the motor, there are lots of 600-650 bikes that do well on long hauls. Heck I at one point had a CX500 that I did lot's of multiple day trips on. It is more about the gearing, weight and vibrations of the bike. The bike is not really geared for long distance road riding. It will mean lots of sustained high RPM's, which will show through vibrations up through your arms, which is what will be hard on you the rider. The weight of the bike will also be a bit of a fight. You may get tossed around a lot on the highway. All that said, if you think your body will take it... do'er. Keep up on maintenance, look into doing some gearing changes and most importantly have fun. Stay cool John
  8. no you can't do conversions any more. It has to come from factory as street legal.
  9. now that looks like a damn good day. Ultimate vacation!
  10. Try checking out this website http://www.suzukits.com/ Mostly TS info but everybody over there is pretty helpfull Good luck and get some pics up for us! Stay cool John
  11. I ran Kenda 270's on my Suzuki TS 200 and was very happy with them. People have bad things to say about the fronts.Mainly they seem to find them squirmy. I found that once they had been broken in they were fine. I was able to lean it over in corners pretty damn fine. I often felt as though I was pushing guys through corners during on road sections of dual sport rides. The fact that they are about 100-120 for the set doesn't hurt either!!!
  12. I would really really recomend checking out the Suzuki bandit. I owned a 1200 and it was a killer bike. lots of comfort and tons of snap. Great bike highly under rated.
  13. I am 30yrs old, I have been riding for about 10/11 years. I was street only then about 4 years ago I started riding street and trails. Right now I have a KLR 650, I had to down grade from 4 bikes to one (went back to school). I tend to ride 70/30 dirt/street. With the 30 being long sections to get to trails in the north and planed trips away for the weekend with the street guys. Dirt is anywhere from fire roads, road allowances and no mainenance roads to double track, river crossings and single track. Comfort-3 Aesthetics- 2 maybe 1 (Look at the KLR there is no beauty there and it is a big seller) Weight- 4 Power-4 Customization-3 (suspension- aftermarket will take care of mostly everything else)
  14. I have always wanted to try a hack. I think being a monkey might be fun!
  15. ya this is a great vid. pretty damn inspirational. I am pretty sure I posted it last spring. great to see the old guys out riding!
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