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  1. backinthedirt

    dirt in the intake tract question

    Thanks that's good advice. The engine was very quiet for an old two stroke so I assume there is no bottom end damage. I sure appreciate the opinion, I've been second guessing myself about it. Thanks
  2. I'm starting my restoration on my '74 Yamaha TY 250 trials bike. When I bought it the previous owner said he just put a new top end (2 over) on it because the compression was a little soft. After the work he only put about a half hour on the bike to make sure everything is ok. I've ridden it about the same amount of time and it does run good and everything is nice and quiet on top and bottom end. As I was disassembling everything I pulled the carb and found that the slide was shows some light scoring and there is a little dirt in corners on the inside. I suspect that the air filter let go and the wear on the piston was from dirt getting in the engine. My question is; do you think I need to crack the cases or do you think I would be ok just flushing out the crank case? Any experienced opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanx One more question; I've got the engine out, would it help to pull the cylinder and flush the crank case instead of splitting the cases?
  3. backinthedirt

    '86 Honda TR200 and TRX200 carbs the same?

    500X, Awesome, thanks!
  4. I'm doing a restoration on a Honda TR200 Fatcat for my wife and I've run into a carburetor problem. I can't find a rebuild kit for it and I need the float bowl gasket and the O-Ring that fits on the front of the carb. Does anyone know if the TRX200 4-wheeler shares the same size carb? The rebuild kits for the TRX are easy to find. I don't need the other parts in the kit, only the two gaskets. Thanks in advance Anyone have any experience with the after market carbs that are available on fleabay? A new one sells for less than a hundred bucks.
  5. backinthedirt

    Fork seals on a Fatcat, installation question

    Thanks for the info Mike. I got my forks back together and it was easier than I thought.
  6. I'm restoring a Fatcat for my wife and I'm doing the forks at this time. I've got them disassembled and have a new seal set ready to install but I'm not clear on putting the seal into the fork leg. I've been reading threads that describe putting the seal into the leg with the tube already in place and using a piece of tubing over the leg to tap the seal in place, does that sound right? My plan was to put the seal in the leg with a homemade seal driver made out to a plastic pipe that I will turn down to act like a bushing driver. Then I intended to lube my fork leg and slide it into the pressed-in seal. Any advice to offer to make sure I do it right is appreciated. Thanx
  7. backinthedirt

    08 200 XCW Fork rebuild questions

    Thanks Dan and sontag, terrific info!!! It doesn't look that intimidating, I'll be calling Munn's Tuesday. Thanks again for the help.
  8. backinthedirt

    08 200 XCW Fork rebuild questions

    I want to rebuild my forks, bushings and seals, is that a home project or is it better to send the forks to a specialty shop? Does it take any special tools? Is there a rebuild thread or video anywhere? Thanks in advance
  9. backinthedirt

    wud u get for Fathers Day? I got!!!

    My dogs got me a Barska spotting scope so I can see how bad I shoot my AR-15 at long distances!
  10. backinthedirt

    St. Joe this weekend

    Went two weeks ago and I thought it was in very good condition. I don't ride the sand except to get to trails. The trials were in great shape, dirt (what little you find) was nice and tacky.
  11. backinthedirt

    '74 Honda MT250

    Thanks for the info. I'm a few days from firing it up!
  12. backinthedirt

    '74 Honda MT250

    Thanks for the info. If I leave it hooked up will it cause any lean condition with the connection at the intake?
  13. backinthedirt

    '74 Honda MT250

    Hello, I've recently picked up a project bike and it is almost ready to run. The oil injection isn't connected to the engine. My question is, can I cap off the oil injection lines and just mix the gas? I would assume 20:1 would be a good ratio. Any thoughts? Thanx
  14. backinthedirt

    Switch from a wr450 to a ktm 300

    Don't forget the Honda 450X, a massive two pounds lighter than a WR but at the end of the day it still felt like it weighed a ton. The analogy I always like to use is "pick up a bag of water softener salt that weighs 40 pounds, that is what you shed when you get on a 300".
  15. backinthedirt

    What's a 200 xc-w like?

    60% of the power of a 450? That depends on where you are riding. If you are in big wide open trails or desert where you are using all the power of a 450 I'd say you are close with that percentage. If you are in tight woods with lots of turns then I think that number changes to maybe 80% because you are in the zone where the 200 shines. Light, quick and incredibly nimble, I think you would have a hard time staying with a 200. I had a 450X and it would wear me out in tight woods trying to stay with a light weight two stroke. Not to mention the physics of a heavier bike trying to out break a light one. There is no question that you will see the reduction in power when you are running on open trails with the 450's. Get into the tight sections and slice and dice, the 200 comes alive!