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  1. Long time everyone! Surprised that I was able to remember my login and password to TT... Somehow I managed to shear the bolt that attaches the subframe to the main frame (can't explain that one! ). My attempts to remove the bolt fragments from the threaded part of the subframe have all but failed, including use of an "easy out" and even trying to drill the sucker (and replace it with a bolt/nut combo). Short of duct taping 'er and/or removing the seat/rear fender, holding the airbox between my legs, and standing up 100% of the time while I ride, I'm hosed. Thus, I'm in need to a subframe for my '01 WR426. Anyone have one laying around that you're willing to part with? Any ideas on how I could procure one (dealer's charge for a new subframe is ~$275 - ouch!)? For the person that can hook me up, I'd be willing to throw in all the jetting advice I could help with, and would even come over and wash your bike whenever you wanted. Can anyone help a brother out? Larry "used to be in CO"
  2. LarryCO

    Need Help, 01' Wr426 Swamped! - Is It Done!

    Grant, Let me guess...you were riding at Thielman with a friend named Dustin on a crappy yellow DRZ?? Dustin's a good friend of mine...and proceeded to give me an update re: his ride on Sat. Heard your story...huge bummer, especially considering the bike was just purchased! I was down there on Sunday...great ride, eh? Not quite like my old stomping grounds back in Colorado, but nice for out here. There's at least one thing you can do to prevent this going forward. Route two of your carb vent hoses into your airbox. Unless your bike is completely submerged, you should be in much better shape...in that, no H2O will be sucked into your carb. There's another mod you can do which allows you to actually start the bike while submerged in H2O, but from my standpoint, you'd just push her out and start her on dry land... Larry
  3. For those of you still running uncorked exhausts, I've got a cheap solution to quiet your bikes down to a responsible and reasonable level...buy a $39.95 insert from Quiet Products. I bought one in order to participate in a sound-tested ride in southern MN this past weekend...had to meet 96db in order to ride. I came in at 93db when using it with the '01 stock exhaust... The product is very simple in design...just a single tube approx. 6" long that is turned downward at an angle as it comes out of the pipe...a single bolt holds it in place. Overall, there was very little performance hit if any (i.e. need to rejet). Having no time to rejet before the event, I stuck it in and the bike ran pretty well. Going forward, I'll probably knock the pilot air jet up about 5...drop the needle 1 clip position...and lower the main by about 2...but again, I think I'm just being picky. Like I said before, the exhaust with the insert still flowed very well...no where close to the performance hits I've heard about from some of the other exhaust inserts... If anyone is interested, try this link: Quiet Products Home Page Larry"CO"
  4. LarryCO

    Quiet Products insert feedback?

    Rich, Thanks for the feedback. I have already emailed them...and the response was approx. 95 db. Also, his comment to me regarding how "restrictive" it is as compared to the uncorked stocker was that it was somewhere between uncorked and stock corked...and that most people end up dropping the needle 1 clip position to lean out the midrange slightly. All in all, I think I'm going to give her a whirl...for $40 + shipping, it's hard to beat. Not to mention, I need something in place by 9/11, as I'll be doing a trailride that has a 96db requirement. Once I get it and do a few test runs with it, I'll post my thoughts regarding its performance... Thanks again! Larry "CO"
  5. Hello all! Long time... I've been doing some searching on the forum for inexpensive ways for quieting the '01 down a bit and have seen several posts for an insert from Quiet Products (www.quietiscool.com). Does anyone out there in TV land have one of these...and if so, approximately what db level would you expect my bike to achieve when using one ('01 with the stock exhaust)? Also, about how much more restrictive would you guess it would be than use of the EXTREMELY LOUD stock uncorked exhaust? I'm trying to understand if their design is simply to redirect the sound in a more "friendly" direction...or whether it's restricting the pipe significantly...or both... Finally, has anyone had a chance to compare this insert vs. some of the others on the market currently (GYT-R, Pro Moto, Vortip)? FYI...I don't have either the cash or the time now to look into a whole new exhaust system...so the insert option seems to be the best way for me to proceed. Thanks in advance... Larry "CO"
  6. LarryCO

    Jetting for ice riding

    Hey there Tim (TIMMY! TIMMY!....) Glad to hear you're lovin' this ice riding deal. I told Chad I'd try it a few times before going off of the deep end and buying a setup of my own. Yup...those pictures are out on my site ( Haynes' website ). Go check 'em out. Let me know if you'd like any of those in full-scale...as I've got all of the originals. Got the new sled out the other day for a quick 25 mile spin. Now I'm just waiting for the snow to fall... Let me know when you both head out next...might have to tag along and get myself hooked! Larry
  7. LarryCO

    Jetting for ice riding

    Stick with me Chadwick...I'll take care of ya! After all, I am the self-proclaimed MN jetting master...actually, didnt you proclaim it for me? I've got that "JD jetting" kit we can throw in your bike to try out. Havent had a chance to try it myself... BTW...picked up the new sled this past Saturday ('04 Skidoo Renegade)...so maybe we can trade off on the lake as you try to convince me to pick up a set of ice tires for my ride... Late
  8. LarryCO

    what a con-jetting Qs

    LOL Good to hear from ya Taff. Been way too long... From my perspective, TT's been a bit "boring" as of late...mostly because it's all discussion related to the WR450 (which I admittedly know nothing about), but somewhat because of the lack of good ol' Taffy posts! Once again, from a "not so old" TT member, props to you for all of the help with my bike. Of course it's all a mute point right now due to the 12 degree F temps outside right now! BTW...know anything about tuning dual carbed Ski-Doo Renegade sleds? Think I'm in the market for one. They come with "DPM" (quasi-EFI), but I'm sure there's always room for improvement! Later... Larry
  9. LarryCO

    Is there too much POWER for a beginner?

    Let me restate my biggest "beginner" issue. It wasnt the "massive power" of the bike that was the hardest thing to address (just dont twist the throttle as much!)...it was the seat height. Yeah...I was seriously considering the WR250 as well, but due to the seat height being the same, got the 426 to save myself a future upgrade. Once again, very glad I did that. And yes, this is a 426 forum...so you're getting biased responses. The XR400 forum will say that it's a better bike, etc. Drop us a line back and let us know what you ended up getting...and your reasons for that... Larry
  10. LarryCO

    Is there too much POWER for a beginner?

    I can honestly say that I was (and in some circles, probably still can be) termed a "beginner". The WR426 (2001) was my first and only bike that I've owned. I considered the WR250 as well, but since they both have the same seat height (my other big concern...being able to ride technical trails and touch the ground with your feet!), I sure am glad I pulled the trigger on the 426. Having that extra power at your fingertips sure is nice...and you'll soon learn where and when to use it. Larry"MN" P.S. It's freekin' cold here! Brrr...I miss those occasional sunny, 70 degree Denver winter days!
  11. LarryCO

    Fork oil replacement

    Thanks gents. Sure appreciate the input. Sounds like I've got some tools to go buy... So does fork oil freeze? I think everything else does up here in MN! Just got back from my last day working in CA and it's freekin' 45 degrees and raining. Where did my summer go?!?!?! Larry Larry
  12. LarryCO

    Fork oil replacement

    So how do I go about changing it? What are the steps? Also, how do you measure how much is in there (so I can compare the level to the spec's in the manual)? I sort of figured that I've been a "negligent owner"...but it's time to take care of that now... Please advise... Thx.
  13. LarryCO

    Fork oil replacement

    I've been quasi-religious about cleaning the muck out from under my dust seals... ...but inevitably there's been times where oil's seeped out. Given that I've owned the bike for a few years now, it's probably more than time to check the fluid levels in the front forks and/or replace it. Got a few questions: 1. How often do folks CHECK their fork oil levels? 2. How often (if ever) do folks CHANGE their fork oil? 3. HOW do you check the level of oil in the front forks? What are the steps? Any things to watch out for, and are their any special tools required? 4. How long does this process take? 5. What type of oil should be used? Any special brands, etc? Sure, I might know a little about my carb, but Larry dont know Diddly about his suspension! Thanks in advance amigos. Larry
  14. LarryCO

    WR 450, Is there a list of the free mods

    Nice guys...I'm definitely jealous! Yeah, the bike's running VERY well with the jetting I've got now...and yes, more oxygen certainly helps! Got that JD kit...but havent put it in yet. Next weekend will only be the 4th ride of the season for me! Geez... Been working out of town during the week in CA, so time on the weekends has been scarce. Once I get a chance to try it out, I'll let ya all know how it compares with what I've got now. On the positive side of things, we're renting a house right on the Mississippi River...so many a smallmouth bass has found their way onto the end of my fly line! And then there's CKULZER coaxing me to get studded tires so I can go ice riding once the lakes freeze...that should be interesting! Anyhoo, things are going well...just not nearly as much time on the bike as I would like...but that'll change here soon I hope. Keep on riding Rampart/Georgetown/etc. before the weather gets bad and/or the next disgruntled forest service person burns it down! Late
  15. LarryCO

    WR 450, Is there a list of the free mods

    No accelerator pump mod required for the 450, eh? Nice. Why is that? Is it a different accel-pump, or did they actually decide to put in some sort of accel pump actuator-throw adjustment instead of having folks do it themselves? $160 for YZ cams? Geez...I wouldnt be doing that mod either. Money's better spent on new tires, jets, hospital bills, and post-ride cocktails! Anyhoo, check these mods out Bibmen and ask when you have a question. Again, from my viewpoint, throttle stop #1, re-jet the bike with YZ jets (or JD kit jets) #2, then the others as you see fit. Makes a WHALE of a difference...trust me. Different bike alltogether. Good luck. Late