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  1. PBWR450

    1992 KX250 low buck project

    Looking good, have fun with that build. I really miss my blue fork KX, it was the first "modern" 2-stroke I bought. I have been searching CL almost everyday looking for another to overhaul just as you are doing. I seriously doubt I will score one as nice or cheap as the one you found.
  2. PBWR450

    Carb or Electrical

    Making some progress. I made a small float height adjustment and cleaned the coil contacts with some emery cloth. I then took the plug out of my KDX and put it in the YZ to see if an already dirty but not fouled plug would still fire in the YZ. I noticed the gap on the KDX plug was at .030, I had been using .020 on the YZ. Doing a spark check with the plug removed I noticed it was throwing a better spark than before. Anyway, the YZ fired right up and ran well and has started and ran well 3 more times since with no problems. That's the first time I have been able to ride more than once on the same plug.
  3. Although I cannot give an exact answer to your problem I will add from rebuild experience of two motors that, if you could not work the gears smoothly after tightening the cases, something was binding. I did the same thing when assembling my 2001 YZ125. I could not shift after mating the cases the first time, I seperated them again, re-aligned everything and it shifted smoothly thru all gears. The trans has been working fine since rebuild. Unfortunately, I believe you need to split the cases to explore the problem. Or at a minimum, remover the right cover and make sure the pawl pins are still seated. Now, if I can't get my plug fowling problem fixed I will be joining you nightly at the pub!
  4. PBWR450

    Carb or Electrical

    I always turn the fuel off after riding. With the tank of the bike I have checked the petcock, it does not leak in the off position. I only changed the fuel recently just because I had some 36:1 mixed up for a newly acquired KDX220 and wanted to try a different type oil to see if it would make a difference in the YZ, it did not. I am really leaning toward a weak spark or maybe a leaky right side seal. I replaced the seal when i rebuilt it but, it may not have sealed properly. If the seal is leaking would it be blowing excessive smoke while running? As I noted before, when it is running well after installing a new plug there is little to no smoke from the pipe and it pulls hard thru the mid to top, better than I would have expected from a 125 anyway! Thanks to all for the help.
  5. PBWR450

    Carb or Electrical

    Depending on outside temp it will start after 1-2 kicks without choke. With choke on it revs quite high so I usually leave it up for only a few seconds then close it and twist the throttle slightly, either way it will foul soon after cold start without a new plug installed. I have tried clip in 3rd and 4th position with no noticeable difference. I have tried the air screw any where between 2 and 2 and a half turns out. I recently switched from Techniplate at 32:1 to Bel-Ray synthetic at 36:1. One other thing that has me concerned is I had the frame powder coated when I had the motor out for rebuild. I cleaned the coating out of the threads where the coil attaches with a tap but am still wondering if maybe there is a grounding problem causing a weak spark. I have used BR8ES, BR8EG, BR9ES and BR9EG with the same results on all plugs.
  6. PBWR450

    Carb or Electrical

    I am using new plugs. If I put in a new plug it will start and run well then re-start and run well as long as the motor is still warm. It is only after the bike has cooled that it will wet foul the plug about 30 seconds after starting. If I dry/clean that wet plug it will start again but only run for a few seconds before wet fouling again. Basically, I have to put in a new plug every time I ride it. That plug will last all day as long as the bike has not cooled off much. The next time I start the bike when cold on the same plug, it will foul right away. Put in a new plug and the process starts all over.
  7. PBWR450

    Carb or Electrical

    First, I apologize for bringing up such a frequent topic but, I have searched endless threads and have yet to find one with a definite solution. Background: 2001 YZ125 that I overhauled top (B OEM piston and replate) and bottom (crank rebuilt, crank bearings, seals) last year about this time. SST pipe with 450MJ and 25PJ. The bike had no problems with plugs before rebuild but, I had only road it a handful of times before rebuild. Since overhaul it has been fouling plugs relentlessly. With a new plug installed it will start and run fine thru-out the band with very little smoke and minor spooge. The plug shows a nice chocolate brown. After it sets more than a day it will wet foul the plug within 30 seconds of start-up. I can pull the plug, dry/clean it and re-install again, run for about 30 seconds then bog and die. If I put in a new plug the process (runs great until next start-up) starts all over again. I have recently re-checked float height and re-packed silencer. It ran well for about 1 hour, shut it off then next day wet fouled on start-up as noted above. So, it appears to only wet foul plugs that are already a little dirty from a previous running. While recently trouble shooting I checked the stator and coil resistance per the manual specs. All seemed OK however, the coil resistance appears to be a little higher than spec (sorry, I don't have the numbers with me right now.) I also noticed that while doing a spark check that the spark intensity seems to be greater the harder I kick it. So the question now is, should the spark intensity be the same regardless of how fast the flywheel is turning? If the problem is a weak spark what is the probable culprit, coil or stator? Thanks for any assistance and bearing with the long description.
  8. PBWR450

    us chrome vs millenium tech.?

    I have had cylinders repaired/replated by both companies. Millenium did my GG EC250 cylinder and it needed no finishing before installing. US Chrome did my YZ125 cylinder and I had to lightly sand the power valves to fit due to excessive build up of plating around the ports. They also welded the exhaust port bridge during the repair and it had cracked again less than 1 hour after initial start up and break-in. I will be using Millenium again for future repairs.
  9. PBWR450

    Husabergs in Action Pictures

    I often regret trading my 1994 FE600 in on a 2003 WR450. I bought the Berg used in 2001 after a 20 year break from riding. I really liked that bike and although parts were obtainable they were higher than a cats back without alot of dealers around and the NA distributor changing as often as I changed my drawers. I had alot of people turn their nose up at the Berg as "a brand that won't last" and, you couldn't give them away in the early 2000's. It's good to see the increased interest in these awesome bikes. Heck, even some early Husabergs are bringing a decent price on E-Bay now. Only wish I currently had the $$$ for a new 390.
  10. PBWR450

    GasGas-husky parts

    When I go to the local dealer to get parts for my 2001 YZ125 I almost always hear; Don't have it but can get it in a week. On the other hand, when I call Hall's Cycles for 2001 EC250 parts they are almost always at my door in 2-3 days.
  11. PBWR450

    Odd spark plug color.

    I had thought about the color difference being caused by intake and exhaust side but wasn't sure if that was possible. I'm rather inexperienced with the 2 strokes. Anyway, I put in a new plug and rode for about 30 minutes in the woods. Pulled the plug and it was a chocolate color, thought I could live with that. Let it set for about 30 minutes, started it and warmed for a few minutes then rode about 100 feet from the shop and it fouled.
  12. PBWR450

    Odd spark plug color.

    I was recently fouling plugs within a few minutes after starting my 01 YZ125 so I started making some air screw adjustments this weekend. At about 2 turns out the bike was pulling pretty hard thru out the band with a barely noticeable bog when twisting the throttle and, didn't foul. I pulled the plug and this is what it looked like (sorry, no pics). Looking straight down into the bottom of the plug imagine looking at a circle then draw a line thru the middle. Exactly 1 half of the plug was dry and black, the other half was dry and white. In other words, half of the plug had a lean color, the other half rich. Anyone ever see that color pattern before or have any ideas what would cause it?
  13. PBWR450

    Husaberg FC600?

    If you haven't already looked, you might try husaberg.org. They used to have downloads of the older Berg manuals and parts diagrams. It was a tremendous help when I bought my 1994 FE600 which by the way was an awesome ride. I often regret trading it in.
  14. Unfortunately, you really won't know what it needs until you open it up. When my clutch disentegrated I had expected to spend about 800 but ended up spending closer to 1500. I used all OEM parts and decided to replace alot more than originally planned since it was a 2002 and had only had 1 top end replaced by the PO since new. The good news is that the CRF engine is pretty easy to work on. If you have some mechanical skill and a manual you will be just fine. As far as tools you will need a special socket to remove the nut holding the crank gear on. A soft coin or washer can be used to hold the gears in place rather than buying the special tool for that. You will need a flywheel puller AND, read the instructions so you don't booger up the ingition side of the crankshaft. If you need a manual let me know. I have one on PDF that I can send by e-mail. I got it from a link on this site but cannot recall where. Maybe someone else can help with that.
  15. Drain the oil on both sides to inspect. About three rides after I bought my used 2002 it suddenly made a loud knock that I thought was up top or to the right side. Sounded kind of like putting an auto trans on a car in park while it's still rolling, if you are familiar with that sound. Turned out to be two clutch fiber plates had come apart and left chunks all over the place. The problem became obvious after draining the trans side oil.