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  1. supergper

    2015 FE 501S modifications thread

    If the dealer will do the re flash it doesn't hurt your warranty (fwiw, you don't have much of a warranty on dirt bikes to begin with). Things may have changed but I've heard finding dealers that will re flash the S models can be tough. My dealer did my non-S bike no problem. As for the heat, no problem so far on this bike, but I melted a couple pairs of pants on my 2012 KTM 500 XC-W. Same basic bike, so yes it's an issue. You can get Heat guard from a couple different sources. I'd strongly suggest the P3 guards. They cost a little more and are usually on back order but their quality is worth the extra wait/money.
  2. supergper

    Husqvarna FE 501 2015

  3. supergper

    Husqvarna FE 501 (2015)


  4. supergper

    2015 FE 501S modifications thread

    That seems like a fairly large bag.
  5. supergper

    Well that was awkward....

    Ha, when I got my KTM after riding a Honda, I couldn't get it out of my head there wasn't a separate chamber for the tranny.
  6. supergper

    New 2015 FE501, what's needed?

    After having broken my foot while wearing a pair of MX boots, I've come to realize how important proper gear is. They're stiff for a reason. You're crazy to ride with the wrong kind of boot just because you're a little short. IMO, get a proper boot and slightly lower your bike to fit you. A broken foot/ankle isn't worth it. I've switched this season to a pair of Forma Adventure HPS boots. They've been super comfortable and they are priced fair.
  7. supergper

    Favorite Tie Down Straps

    This. Pro Tapers if I'm using straps but my trailer has the Risk Racing Locks in it.
  8. I have them in my trailer and love them. If you're interested, I can have them shipped to you from Rocky Mountain ATV for $131+shipping. I still keep straps in my trailer and attachments for my e-track for those unknown moments, but don't really use them.
  9. Are you using a fork saver for the front? Spend a couple bucks and get one of those, makes it so you won't have to tighten it down so much and save your seals. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/1011/29963/Polisport-Fork-Saver?term=fork%20saver
  10. supergper

    FE501 Tire Sizes

    Why did that suck? Was it the tire or size that sucked? If it was then size, what about it didn't you like?
  11. supergper

    New 2015 FE501, what's needed?

    Thanks for the suggestions, I previously had a 2012 500 XC-W so I'm familiar with the tractor like power/grunt these things produce...I still love having the rekluse . With that said, I actually got a call Monday afternoon that my bike had come in, went down and picked it up. I ordered a Rekluse, it'll be there in a couple days, I also ordered a GPR stabilizer, it'll be here tomorrow. I had the dealer flash the euro map before I took it home. I'll be ordering the P3 parts shortly along with the trailtech map switch. This weekend is supposed to be very nice here so I'll be out in the desert breakin it in
  12. Looks like the factory KTM XC-W rear tail light. Paul Williams on eBay is who a lot of guys go through. http://m.ebay.com/itm/201269203340
  13. supergper

    New 2015 FE501, what's needed?

    Thanks, I'll tell the dealer to flash the ECU before I pick it up. I found the same thing about my roost guards on my 500 XC-W. I got more busted knuckles while using them than I ever have.
  14. supergper

    New 2015 FE501, what's needed?

    Thanks guys. I'll plan to do the euro map. I was planning to keep the stock can for now, ride it for a year then do a full system next year.