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  1. swamp123

    Beta 2020 here we come!

    "the orange Borg " Haha awesome, I haven't heard that one yet.
  2. swamp123

    2020 Beta Motorcycles Wish List

    nice ! so happy they kept the carburetors! ...now let's see those 2020 Race Editions.
  3. swamp123

    Beta 2020 here we come!

    START complaining? lol.. seems all they do is complain.
  4. swamp123

    Beta 2020 here we come!

    lol. I have 4 strokes too. just being a dweeb.
  5. swamp123

    Beta 2020 here we come!

    eww... that's not a motorcycle.. that's a 4 stroke.
  6. I found some dog heads and pig heads on stakes arranged in a large circle. it was when I was really young with my father. probably 7 years old on dirt bikes. really freaked me out. never went there again. it was in Louisiana. there were a bunch of abandoned concrete buildings . wont ever forget it.
  7. I see you old guys talking about phone holders. . this is probably the best one I've seen. it's called the perfect squeeze. by hondo garage. made in USA. they ain't cheap. $85+ I found it on advrider in the vendor area. a hose clamp run through some plexiglass with heavy duty velcro on it and the phone case would be pretty much run-into-tree proof though and cost about $10
  8. lol and it seems they are all moving to Colorado! I totally agree with you sir.
  9. my son rides with me. hes 6 now. I put him on a little trials bike when he was 4 now he rides a cobra cx50 and a gasgas EC. he did a BMX season of 24 races lol he won every dang race because he wanted the big trophy..he got the trophy then said he likes dirt bikes better. he loves riding single track on the gasgas. there are no kids his age that ride around here. not sure why.. I think its because the parents dont want to ride.. or are into watching tv football. I've been thinking about going to his school to try to start some sort of legue?
  10. lol...looks like "the day finally came" eh?
  11. swamp123

    GasGas Ranger review: X Trainer threat?

    cool bike for sure. but... gasgas scares the doo doo out of me. I've had a couple of their trials bikes and parts were a pain in the ass to find. they went out of business and I had zero support for those bikes. ECUs went out , stators f'ed up. weirdo brake calipers couldnt be fixed yadda yadda. so.. gasgas scares me. they just dont seem like a stable company to me. Beta is growing and kicking ass. I've had three of their 2 stroke bikes (I'll buy another when the 2020s are released) and my son has had 2 of their electric bikes . the service I've recieved from both my local dealer and betausa has been better than any ktm dealer or jap dealer that I've delt with here. so to answer your question with my opinion... no , not a threat at all.
  12. at the end of the week I'll have maybe 50 miles of hand cut gnar n' flow on my property. built it all myself. built a house in the center of my land then started cutting trail. I walk outside butt naked , gear up and the trails start behind my workshop. when I'm done I just ride into the workshop and strip down. makes it easy to ride every day.. no special stickers or registration or permits. .snow only sticks for a day here. i used to travel around looking for "the good stuff" then I realized it was here the whole time, I just had to build the trails. I wouldn't recommend the southeast at all for freebie trails. but if you're willing to work your ass off you can build your dream trails "out your back door ". I think if you love to ride you'll be happy wherever you go in America.. except New York city.. that place would suck.
  13. swamp123

    Maintenance, adjustments, and modifications to our Betas

    put this in my beta yesterday. have 4 rides on it now.
  14. swamp123

    2020 300 info

    I'm pretty excited to see what comes out for the 2020 lineup. I thought the 2T motor / clutch redesign in 2018 was pretty major and it made me buy another one. I doubt they will do another clutch / motor update for 2020. Beta has started doing a suspension program which I think is super cool. I've got a sneaky suspicion they might offer an xtrainer with the factory shock and boano /sachs fork kit. I really do not want a fuel injected 2 stroke.. (but I know it's coming damn it) and I hate aluminum frames.. do we want our foot pegs mounted on /into aluminum? everything that bolts to the frame would be bolted into aluminum... not fun I say. I just dont see beta ever ruining their enduro bikes with an aluminum frame. no way.