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  1. Hi Bill, Yep, it's the XR4... As long as I am able to keep renewing the tabs on on it (I just did it last month) I am OK with the current title! I am sending you a PM on a un-related matter. It said that you can't accept messages when I tried to send one?
  2. I would have to do some digging to see if I still have the documentation you are looking for. As described in the "SB5800 - Plates for dirt bikes" discussion, and regarding your similar inquiry there, I may have deleted it once the DOL made the decision to 'grandfather' in all previously-plated dirt bikes: https://licensingexpress.wordpress.com/2012/02/10/off-road-motorcycle-update/
  3. Give Woody a call at Action Cycles - (253) 474-7770 - quality work with decent prices. He's located on the east side of I-5 right by the Tacoma Dome.
  4. Give Woody a call at Action Cycles in Tacoma - he does quality work at a reasonable price and can answer any of your questions regarding what you want done. He is located just east of the Tacoma Dome.
  5. Hi Bill - we parked at the trailhead off of the 2361-600 spur - didn't notice where the trail from below comes into the parking area that we used.
  6. Good on you guys for making it all the way through there, and thanks for the vids! I don't do Facebook, so any other pics and videos that you can post here would be appreciated! When shrubitup and I hiked in there to size it up awhile back, we determined that a lot of those switchbacks would need to be opened up/rerouted to even attempt making the trail more viable for bikes, and the other problem is, there are way too many of them! I don't recall if the terrain going away from the creek would allow for longer traverses/elevation gains across the hillside to eliminate a bunch of the existing switchbacks. That would be a ton of work, even if it is possible, and allowed by the Forest Service. I can already see the lawsuits from the Olympia Mountaineers, for sure!! When we got up to the de-comissioned logging road, the snowpack did not allow us to find where the trail continued on up and over to the lake. I will be on vacation in a couple of weeks - will have to see if wifey wants to hike it and see what the rest of it looks like!
  7. Was wondering if this ride on the Church Creek Trail took place yesterday? Was glad to see this thread get revived and a Rokon would be a good mount to tackle that trail! Hoping for a ride report with lots of pictures!!
  8. You can find them cheaper - I paid $30 for mine on CL - just search "ryobi weedeater". Here's another for $35, but it looks like the shaft connector on the powerhead end it taped up or something? Check that clamp/fitting on used units to make sure they are in good condition and are secure on the shaft. More to carry, but the way goggles and safety glasses can fog up, IMO, this is the best face/eye protection to use when running one of those. In addition, if you are going to be using it all day long, invest in a good harness - those single shoulder straps feel like they are cutting you in half after a hour or two as that weedwacker is heavier than it looks. And don't forget to wear some ear plugs! I've yet to ride Langille - based on it's reputation and eyewitness accounts - but I hope to give it a try before I'm too old to do so!!
  9. I picked up one of these on Craigslist awhile back, and got another inop one from a co-worker shortly after. I put one of these on one of the 'heads' - you will have to source the LH threaded nut to attach it - which goes through scotch broom, brush and saplings up to 3" or so like butter. I carry a 5/32(?) saw file to dress up the teeth when needed. On the other 'head' I mounted one of these for salal, smaller brush & grass. I haven't hauled it on my bike yet, but have been wanting to get another ALICE pack frame and shelf to make up a carrying system for it. I currently have one set up for trail tools that looks like this. The frame is skinned with .032 aluminum and I made brackets/stays out of AL extrusion/angle, etc. to position the tools on the frame and use velcro straps to secure everything.
  10. Hi Bill - missed all of you at GPNF this year... I think they only raced at Emerald Downs one year - 1988(?). Since the construction/composition of the racing surface at Emerald Downs was designed for horse racing and good drainage, it did not work well for motorcycle racing, especially mile bikes. Turns 1 & 3 got really rutted and rough, causing a few wrecks and making things pretty dangerous. Any track work done between heats didn't last long. The track didn't have enough clay in it to establish the traditional 'blue groove' that the racers prefer. I went into the pits after the race to get some autographs and Steve Morehead said that the track was "really scary", and that guy was fearless on a mile bike. Was stoked to see the AMA have the 3/8ths at Elma on the schedule this year, right before the Castle Rock TT, but a month or so before the race date, it was canceled... would like to know the back story on why that happened.
  11. Have you looked the S&W 22A? Had my heart set on a Ruger 22/45 since I really enjoyed shooting one that a friend owns. Came across the 22A while looking at what was out there, and after reading up on them, they are pretty well reviewed - a good bit cheaper than the Rugers & Brownings too. I did have some concerns with the look of the thing, but after owning mine for over a year now, I am real happy with it, and field stripping it is a lot easier than my friends 22/45. It is accurate as hell - the target of choice is clothes pins to make it more challenging at the shooting pit. My friend said he likes shooting it as much or more than he does his 22/45. As far as where to buy, I know someone already mentioned the Cabelas up in Tulalip/Marysville - if you don't get their sale flyers in mail, they are viewable at the bottom of the store information web page. They always have some kind of .22 handgun on sale every month.
  12. What he said... Did they say "close" or "decomission"? In the Olympic NF, when they decomission a road, they tank trap the shyte out of it, and it is closed to motorized traffic - I think it excludes bicycles too(?). Then they propose legislation to make it wilderness... Just look at the Wild Olympics proposal - they incuded all of the roads recently decomissioned by the Forest Service, and thousands of acres beyond those.
  13. Action Cycles in Tacoma is another place to call - Woody does quality work at a reasonable price and can answer any of your questions too.
  14. Unfortunately, they are ultimately all cut from the same cloth/reading from the same sheet of music... the left/right paradigm is there to divide & conquer, the most basic method of control over a population. With the current state of affairs, when I hear the words "sustainable", or 'sustainability" I immediately become suspect, similar to the use of the word "consensus" in the global warming/climate change debate... the Green Agenda has been hijacked by Agenda 21 and ICLEI... Go here to get some basic info about Agenda 21/ICLEI... trust me, it is here, and it is in work right now... Bush Sr. signed onto it in 1992 as 'soft law', Clinton was elected in the fall of '92 and signed Executive Order #12852 which created the President's Council on Sustainable Development (PCSD) which implemented it, Bush Junior did nothing to stop any of it and handed the ball off to Obama, and we all know where that facsimile of a president is headed with it....
  15. It doesn't... all of us need to get up to speed - FAST - on United Nations Agenda 21 and the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI)... This process has been invading the Federal, State & City governments for years through transportation funding primarily, and the heavily bankrolled "foundations" that support it have been coming at us from both directions. Ultimately, their plan is to have all of us living in 'stack and pack' housing in the huge urban centers, with no access whatsoever. There is a great book that explains Agenda 21/ICLEI in greater detail and the fight that the author has waged in the Bay Area of CA, titled 'Behind the Green Mask' by Rosa Koire. King, Pierce, Snohomish & Kitsap counties are all members of ICLEI - they are coming after every private propery owner they can. Alabama passed SB 477 this year that bans any involvement with Agenda 21 or ICLEI - we need to do the same as soon as we can... The "Green" agenda has been hacked by Agenda 21/ICLEI, and carbon credits are another future financial bubble created by the insiders to become more rich at our expense and further destroy the middle class...
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