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  1. This thread really improved my mood today. Life is good when all we can do is argue about the great places we have to ride. ->
  2. neipie

    '17/'18 450 XC-F Power

    Also welcome to ride mine, Mammoth Lakes/Bishop area. 17' Husky FX. Recently had some mapping work by Twisted Development. Wish it had a sixth gear. Definitely wouldn't call this bike a lugger. Neil.
  3. I have one, but on a ktm xc 2 stroke, not a yzf/x. It's taken a serious beating, and easily adjustable. I think the ktm linkage is far more exposed and vulnerable than the yamaha.
  4. http://www.lightspeedcarbon.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=331-00350
  5. neipie

    Fix for 2016 YZ450F off-set

    Do you have a 16' ? I've been on an orange bike for quite some time and considering switching to a new 450. Curious on the offset change for high speed stability in the desert, and mountain single track. Plenty of dealers with 14's and 15's leftover. NP
  6. neipie

    Four Aces H&H

    I'll be there, for my 2nd ever race. I tried my luck at the opening round put on by the jackrabbits MC, and had a blast. Stop by the viewfinders MC if you don't have any luck with the other clubs. Neil.
  7. Thanks for the link 556er. I've always used the fiche on cyclehutt. I think i'll start using Munn Racing!
  8. Hey guys. I've got a slight oil leak from around the kickstarter on my 08' 450 XCRW. I've looked at the mirco fiche over and over again, but cant find the appropriate seal to replace. Any ideas????? NP
  9. neipie

    Mammoth MX advice sought

    I work for the mountain, and have worked the event a few years in a row. There isn’t any camping at the track, but if you’re looking to camp, most people look for designated places along Sherwin creek road, shady rest, or the mammoth RV park. All owners of accommodation in Mammoth are very accommodating of racers, so that’s also a great option. Getting to the track isn’t necessarily a challenge, but you have to prepared. You can bring your toy haulers, trailers, trucks etc to the track each day, but the parking is very limited. They start letting people in at 5am, and you have to show you are racing that day. I’ve seen some people leave their vehicles in the parking lot at the gate as early as 6pm the night before, just to get a spot the following day. Oatfield is very well attended, so bring you’re ‘A’ game to qualify there. I think there will be around 400 entries there. Another qualifying option is the Honolulu Hills at Taft, which has far less entries and should be an easier process to qualify. Worst case scenario, you can always try to apply online, if you don’t make it in the pre races. I think roughly 60% of racers get in through the pre races, and rest come from online. If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask. If I cannot answer them, I’ll forward them to those who can. It’s a great event, and I can’t recommend it enough. Neil.
  10. Hey guys, I have an 08' 450 xcr-w. I want to bleed the clutch. The clutch reservoir says 'brembo, use dot 4 only'. The manual calls for 5.1, and the local dealer says to use magura clutch mineral oil. What do i use??????