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  1. Derekj426

    Exhaust glowing BRIGHT red..

    I wonder how many threads would popup if you did a search on this... Its totally normal, just go enjoy your bike with the FMF setup
  2. That is sweet,, I love the all white with the black rims..
  3. Derekj426

    Hot Motocross Babes & Girlfriends

    I get an error, not found.
  4. Thx Zenith. Only problem is there are no peers and 1 seeds
  5. Derekj426

    Post pics ofyour bikes here!

    MY KX250 01 YZ426F Here's my 2 babies..
  6. Derekj426

    Laughin at quads!

    I dunno about the people in yall's area, but I guess here in Texas we can get along what not.. I ride a dirtbike, and at one of our particular tracks they let the quads and dirtbikes ride together. I don't mind riding with most of them guys, actually I look forward to it, just cause of the difference in competition between the 2. You will always have them goofballs that ya gota look out for that have no common sense on a quad, but you know what, there are always a goofball or 2 that are on a dirtbike that ya gota look out for too.. One thing is, no matter what we ride, let it be a dirtbike, 3-wheeler, or quad, we are all doing it to have fun and enjoy ourselves.. So why not try and get along with each the best we can and have fun together. That's the main thing.. Ride on
  7. Derekj426

    Bike won't start!!!

    With my odd work schedule, my 01 426 sits up for about 2 weeks at a time before riding, if its warm outside,, couple twists to the throttle to gets some squirts in,, since I still have the decompression lever, I do 2 kicks thru, and then kick her over, first kick every time.. Now if its cold outside, I gota twist the throttle about 3 times,, kick a couple of times, twist again maybe once or twice, and usually will start after that.
  8. Derekj426

    its going bye bye

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1686689#post1686689 My bikes up for sale if anybody wants it, maybe I'll get lucky, if anyone knows anyone lookin, please let em know. I need my baby to go as soon as possible before I change my mind. lol
  9. Derekj426

    Something I thought I would try on my YZ450

    Have you thought about maybe a white plastic setup with some graphics with some red color in it? If there is anything out there like that for a yamaha.. A thought.
  10. Derekj426

    Something I thought I would try on my YZ450

    What color plastics? I would've took of the footpegs rather then painting them too..
  11. Derekj426

    450 Cam Mod or Hot Cams

    That was mentioned, what page, who knows, but if I remember correctly, I would say yes, you can leave and still use if you like to just to kick thru and clean it out.
  12. Derekj426

    Best looking bike on TT

    I am curious, how does the bike handle with that motor in there.. I'm sure it threw off the balance of the bike with the change of weight ratio, with what that kindof frame was built for?
  13. Derekj426

    450 Cam Mod or Hot Cams

    Honestly, I'd just go with the 450 cam,, plenty have done it, and have checked it on a normal basis with no problems or signs of wear. Satch on here, had his done a cpl years back I believe.. Satch? And has never had a single problem and he rides all the time, and can haul some @ss, even tho he may deny it. 450 cam mod, smoother power, more power, and you'll be happier then ever.. If I ever get off my lazy:moon: , and order me one, I'll be going 450 cam mod also with the oem cam.
  14. Derekj426

    450 Cam Mod or Hot Cams

    Chills, if my memory serves me correctly.. You would see better performance with the 450 cam on the stock bike, then what you would see with just the hotcams autodecompression cam. Now if you put hotcams intake cam, along with there exhaust autodecompression cam, then you would see better results then just the exhaust cam alone.. Hope I made sense for ya.
  15. Derekj426

    450 Cam Mod or Hot Cams

    So, if I were to run a autodecompression cam from hotcams vs the 450 cam for my 426 then I would probable see more snap outa hotcams then the 450 , since my 426 has been bored to a 440? :cry: