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  1. Dano426

    Best yz250f?

    The one that was better taken care of. Maintenance is everything!
  2. Dano426

    Quiet exhaust? 2007

    Changing your cams will give you more punch than any exhaust ever could.
  3. PJ1 sells a yz frame color that matches almost perfect. You should be able to find it at most yami dealers
  4. Dano426

    yz250f for big fella, multi use?

    Most people that are handy with a wrench can put a fork together with a manual and that may works for a street bike, but getting the forks to be "perfect" for trail riding and "good" for MX takes a bit of tweeking. It took my local guy two tries before I found what I was looking for. The hard part is know how to explain what you like. Just my $.02 I looked up the 2004 YZ450F stock spring rate: 0.46 kg/mm(stock) and is the same size (43.6x480mm) Look for a set of stock springs from a 450F and look up other years, you can save a bunch of money. The big question is if are you planning on gaining or losing weight? I had my bike setup for 205lbs six years ago and now that I am 215lbs I can feel the difference.
  5. Dano426

    yz250f for big fella, multi use?

    When I setup my bike I too was 205 lbs. I went form a YZ426F to a YZ250F and had way more fun trail riding. On the 250F you have to work to go fast. It makes you a better rider. It also weighs less so you can ride longer. I rode MX for fun and could beat my son on his RM125, but that was about it. I always wanted more power on the tack. Stock springs are set for a 130-140 lbs riders so your suspension will be worthless if you don't make changes. Look at Race Techs site to look up the correct rear spring rate. http://racetech.com/ProductSearch/1/Yamaha/YZ250F/2004 Use the spring rate calculator on the top of the page to tell you what springs you should install. Then go look for something simalar on ebay or TT classified. I found a stock yz250 2-stroke spring on ebay ($30) looked up the spring rate and matched what I needed. You will need to have someone help you with the fork changes. They are much more difficult. Best of luck D
  6. Dano426

    02 yz250f auto decomp. cam

  7. Dano426

    2005 WR250F converted into a YZ250F

    This is commonly called the "WR250F Free Mods. Here is a link to them all. http://www.thumperfaq.com/free_mods.htm#WR
  8. Dano426

    hot cam stage 1 or 2?

    It does not make sense, but some gave it a try and liked the results. I have read several post of people doing this now. My issue was that it cost more money. You can't just buy one of the stage kits. I went with stage 1. It does give you more low end power, but I feel I lost to much top end.
  9. Dano426

    02 yz250f auto decomp. cam

    Most dealers will not do the timing mod on a stock WR cam. Doing it wrong can cost a lot of money in parts. Your best bet is to do the work your self and find a used set of 03-05 YZ cams or a set of hot cams with auto decompression.
  10. Dano426

    question about a 02 yz250f sprockets

    I am a little late here but wanted to comment you on you frist questions. I also purchased an 02 yz250f (a few years back) to ride with the kids and here is what I found to worked for me. 1. I ended up running a 51 rear sprocket to help prevent stalling, not 100% but helps 1st gear be a bit slower while you wait for the kids. 2. Tire size won't matter at this point. (your still waiting for your kid) 3. Get a better clutch lever. Moose's ultimate clutch lever system is a one finger clutch pull. Its hard on clucth cables but it so nice to have. 4. Don't let your bike sit and idle, it will over heat. A better coolant (engine ice or evans) is recommended. Happy Trails
  11. Dano426

    YZ426F Shifter

    I don't know... $120 for 12 years of service does not sound that bad? http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/43/53/218/950/-/3029/Tusk-Folding-Shift-Lever/426+SHIFT http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/search/?textsearch=yz+426+shift
  12. I did not finish answering the "what was it like?" It gives the bike more low end power but best of all it make starting so much easier with auto decompression.
  13. I have not heard of the 06 cam going into a 400F but they have done it for years with the 03 Cam Mod. I checked Hot Cams website and they state the cams the same "For Models: ***2003 - 2009 Yamaha YZ 450F" NOTE: The 450 Cam Mod uses a 03 450 cam in a YZ426/400 with different cam timing. Read this post. Go to the last part of the thread http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/56257-yz-450-cam-mod-please-read/page__st__1100__p__9045803__hl__450%20cam%20mod__fromsearch__1#entry9045803
  14. Dano426

    Radiator lowering kit?

    You can raise your forks in the triple clamps in increments of a 1/8" to get the same affect. This may cause head shake at higher speeds (topped out on a gravel road) so you need to test for best results. The higher you go the more chance for head shake. I am at a 1/4" on my 2002
  15. I had simalar issues with my YZ426. Three to four rides and foul the plug if I did not turn off the gas in storage. Are you turning off the gas? A dark (charcoal) plug indicates bad jetting. It should be a light tan.