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  1. zokalr13

    What to do with old bikes (Selling)

    hi- I flip bikes as a hobby so maybe I can help..I once sold a perfectly good bike [cr250] quite quickly by stripping it down so all parts can fit in a box..then advertise "bike in a box" blah blah but you sell it a lil lower than a complete bike .fill it up full of spare parts too...the psychological effect is that they are getting a deal and some might be drawn to trying to "rescue" it ..give it a try- it might work..
  2. zokalr13

    Should I purchase a DR-Z 400?

    HI-ive owned every type of dual sport: honda, ktm,kawi etc..I now have a DRZ E model [which has the better cams- better carb, is lighter etc]I recommend this model as well....
  3. zokalr13

    426 to 450 coversion complete with pics

    YOUZA !! -very nice 426!! how about a lil list of your extensive mods and parts you put on the 426.....inquiring minds wanna know!!
  4. zokalr13

    2000 YZ426f questions

    this is my second yammi -I used to have a nice 99 WR400- now I have a 2001 YZ426 and I think its the best bargain thumper out there..I was looking for a CR500 or a KX500 but they are getting older and rarer these days and people seem to know them now so -imo -these bikes are the next best thing to them ..the starting thing [whatever] ISNT so bad.. I used to own a 93 DR650s -that pig was a bitch to start compared to these..lots of parts availiable and reliable[ if you stay on the maintenance]you cant go wrong...good luck ..
  5. zokalr13

    yz426 oil filters

    thanx for the info -i like ufo too ...nice 426 btw!! mine has a way to go to look like that [quite a ways actually]
  6. zokalr13

    yz426 oil filters

    yeah thanx for the info -it appears that it is a used oem filter so im going to buy a knock off stainless filter and change oil and filter every 3 rides like everyone else does ..also another qestion.. how do you make a T4 system quieter?? is there a baffle for the end of the muffler i can bolt on..?? and also-what brand of aftermarket plastic is closest blue to yammi blue??
  7. zokalr13

    yz426 oil filters

    hi everyone - i just recently purchased a decent 2001 yz426 and i changed the oil and the filter media had metal shards so im chucking it out but.. the PO had given me a metal filter that looks like it was used- i dont want to use it but all the shops are closed..what is this?should i use it or whats a good filter to get?? i m just gonna ride recreationally with this bike so how often should i change the oil and filter? i ride quite fast for an old guy..anyway thanks ...
  8. zokalr13


    well i sold my wr400 so i will have to wait til next riding season as spring is coming fast in these parts as snow is melting ...i think i will buy a ninja 600 beater this summer and use it for a sled bike with a track kit ......or is their a better model to use ?
  9. zokalr13

    what is the red pull knob behind my carb

    just dont do it when someone can see you.....
  10. zokalr13


    ok ive been doing some research on this and it looks like a track system of some sort would work for me as i have no extra space in my garage for a damn sled anyway and i only have a 3 month winter here in K-town BC -so the track on a dirt-bike thingy would work for me then..now the bike i have at the moment is a 99 WR 400 f- could i get a set of trax for it or is it too old ? and im serious about the KX500 as i got a line on one and would prefer the extra power and lighter weight . seeing the vids is very inspiring- i must do this someday...
  11. zokalr13


    thanx for the info. i guess i wont convert my ZX9 then- but i do have a wr400..or should i get a kx500 -would this two stroke be better as a sno-bike??
  12. zokalr13


    i see these track kits for dirt bikes- but is it possible to somehow adapt to a sportbike ? it would weigh as much as a snowhawk but the power[150hp] would make up for it -no? just lighten it up put on dirtbars gear it down etc.. im contemplating a sled but when people say they are like quads i get turned off as im a bike guy.. so i am just trying to find a good reliable machine to blast around my local mtn...
  13. zokalr13

    I'm thinking XRL

    i owned one an 07 and it was fine at first but as i rode it faster and faster off-road it was too heavy and scary actually at high speeds so i sold it and now got a plated wr400 and so far im happy now with a lighter ,better suspended bike. really hope honda updates this bike to a more modern version [like a crfx] good luck in your quest....
  14. zokalr13

    the bike you most enjoyed

    1976 IT400 and the 1980 YZ 250 and my full race 91 KX500 as well as my 1982 CB750c- those where sweet rides but my worst where these:XS650/1100 and KLR650....
  15. zokalr13

    After wash maintenance

    i clean and detail my bike to the T i mean you could eat off it ..polish the metal bits and all plastic wiped and every crevice dirt is removed ..then you go riding ..then- i spray it down with hose/soap and it usually comes clean with minimal detailing afterwards due to the prep work of detailing it in the first place..i dont spray wd 40 thats cheating!! on street bikes its easier just bugs on fairing and chain lube on wheels to wipe off...i use simple green /hot water when its time to sell......