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  1. samras121

    Amature day @ the Out door Pro-Moto x 2014

    budds does.
  2. samras121

    Set up for AMA super cross

    we rode monster energy cup with stock gearing. try it stock then adjust
  3. samras121

    Scar Evolution Footpegs

    torc 1 and another brand , whose name i forget, have pegs very similar. torc 1 had great customer service but that doesnt stray away from the fact that their product was not very good at all.
  4. samras121

    Ahhhhh yeah, MEC on .......

    I dont have to worry about staying up...I'll be on the starting gate
  5. samras121

    Big dreams

    and ditch the girl in your avi. moto hoes will get the best of you if you are fast enough.
  6. samras121

    Big dreams

    well you have one point of view. the give it up point. to go pro the answer is not set in stone. nobodys amateur career was the same. race all around the country. ride every chance you get. train. be determined. thats what they all have in common. oh and do well at lorettas.
  7. who is your guy at fcr? met a bunch of them down at lorettas this year and good friend of mine rides for them.
  8. samras121

    Power a pro bike makes compared to a stock bike

    pro circuit 250's will produce more hp than a somewhat modified 450.
  9. samras121

    factory mx teams?

    rules are made to be broken. almost nothing is stock.
  10. samras121

    Trailer tire wear

    replacing the bearings now. They are goodyear marathons on the trailer.
  11. a friend of mine started doing this(i think you are talking about the same thing)...its flippen sweet. he did a crescent wrench, kx 85 piston, crf250 valvetrain and a bunch of other stuff
  12. I have a 6X12 encolsed trailer and we put new tires on it a little over a year ago. well they have heavy wear on the inside of the tires. almost like the axle is bowed from having too much weight on it. I never noticed enough to see if it was like that when we bought it or from us. Other than it being the whole torsion bar that needs to be replace is there anything else you might think it would be??
  13. samras121

    Easton MX? Speed citi?

    they will be open the 4th and 5th of may.
  14. samras121

    Honda Master Cylinder

    really? nobody put on a different line?
  15. samras121

    Honda Master Cylinder

    for those of you that put on a honda front master cylinder what....I have my stock brake line on there now. its not kinked like the honda line is so was looking to get one since it hits the bars. so far im seeing 17" line, 19" line, CR style, blah blah. which one do i need? simple question so all i need is a simple answer... thanks