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    125cc Pit Bike

    Sounds like a vacuum leak between carb and intake runner. This can cause high idle and hard to start problems. You need to fix the stripped bolt problem
  2. erichshonda

    No spark after full rebuild - 08 CRF250R

    Check the stator pickup coil wire solder spots. Where the wires attach to the pickup coil very fine shavings can creat a small bridge from 1 lead to the other causing intermittent spark. Clean off debris no matter how insignificant it may appear. Also make sure ground wire from coil is clean nd right
  3. erichshonda

    Need help with brakes.. Chinese pit bike

    Try tboltusa.com. They will probably have what you need
  4. erichshonda

    Stuck half way through revolution

    Sounds like it's out of time. Recheck your valve timing. If that's the case and you turned the motor past the stuck point you probably bent a valve
  5. erichshonda

    Best place to buy SSR replacement parts?

    Tboltusa.com Great customer service and fast shipping
  6. erichshonda

    2006 450f opinions. ?

    Did you notice a big difference with the 08 clamps? I too have an 06 and wanted to hear first hand that it's a big improvement in Corning . I have had this bike for several years and it's been a great bike. Make sure to change oil regularly and clean your air filter.
  7. erichshonda

    SSR 110 carb problems

    If bike is equipped with a molkt carb they are known to cause problems. Like the above post you can try reject or buy a makuni vm 26 carb from tboltusa.com. You can also post question on planetminis.com for help. Tbolt also sells jet kits for the molkt carb
  8. erichshonda

    engine and gearbox siezed

    Inspect oil filter for shavings
  9. erichshonda

    clutch rod stuck in mainshaft..HELP ME!

    I would have to agree that the end might be mushroomed. That rod must be aftermarket since its hollow. I own a 06, and a 08 model and the rods are solid.
  10. erichshonda

    Pit bike won't start

    Try disconnecting your kill switch. Also try touching the cyl. Head with spark plug when checking for spark, not the exhaust
  11. You can also remove oil filter and check for shavings that would help verify a worn out crank
  12. erichshonda

    Bike Won't Start, I Believe Its The Coil.

    Check out tboltusa sight. I found this Home TBolt USA New Owner Info Pit Bike Wiring Info Basic Pit Bike Wiring Basic Pit Bike Wiring Wiring With Lights Wiring With Lights Japan Inner Rotor Kit Japan Inner Rotor Kit China Inner Rotor Wiring China Inner Rotor Wiring Lifan Outer Rotor Wiring (Daytona Style) Lifan Outer Rotor Wiring (Daytona Style) 155cc or 155Z wiring 155cc or 155Z wiring Wires you likely wont need Wires you likely wont need Testing Electrical Systems & components Testing Electrical Systems & components How to Remove & Replace a Broken stator How to Remove & Replace a Broken stator Pit bike engine wiring and Chassis wiring systems Pit bike engine wiring and Chassis wiring systems Honda XR/CRF50 & 70 Wiring Honda XR/CRF50 & 70 Wiring General Motorcycle Maintenance Identifying Parts, Bikes, and Engines General Motorcycle Troubleshooting Pit Bike Installation Info How Things Work Parts Diagrams and Breakdowns Testing Electrical Systems & components - TBolt USA Tech Database! Testing seperate Electrical systems: Make sure all electrical connections are tight and you have a solid ground from the engine to the frame. Disconnect Kill button (will run/spark without it) The coil is actually three parts coil wire cap all three screw together like a wood screw , clockwise Make sure you have a good spark plug (Pit bikes take the same plug as CRF50 & KLX110) Testing seperate Electrical Components STATOR: (Once you have the ignition cover off) Visual test: Inspect the coil bar , if you see any bulges or discoloration its likley worn out Voltage Meter will be set on AC for testing output The stator should have 80-100VAC (usually black/red) Set meter to OHMs OPEN circuit or infinity OHMs is bad COIL: Set meter to OHMs OPEN circuit or infinity OHMs is bad
  13. It's burning oil. Sounds like your top end worn. Could also be worn valve stem seals and or valve guides. You need to tear it down for inspection. If your cylinder had grooves in it , it too need replacement due to sucking in dirt. Clean air filter often to avoid this
  14. erichshonda

    trannsmission makes clicking noise when moving

    I had that problem on my yx160. When in 3rd gear it felt like there was a bald patch on the sprocket. I ended up buying a new trans gear set and shift drum assy from tbolt. After install problem no longer present. The weird thing is couldn't see any problems when parts where inspected. All gears where perfect. The kit was 150.00 plus gaskets. Pretty cheap compared to crf parts
  15. erichshonda

    pitster pro x2 125 brakes

    I too had a problem bleeding my bikes rear brakes. Nothing worked until I used a hand held vacuum pump. As far as brake pads, maybe try tboltusa.com
  16. erichshonda

    Thumpstar 120! GEARBOX HELP

    Tboltusa.com has trans gear sets and shift drum kits. Check them to see if there kits will work for bike
  17. erichshonda

    How does this happen

    It looks like the bolt that holds the primary gear wasn't torqued..
  18. erichshonda

    Counter Shaft Seal!

    The spring is part of the seal. Just replace it and you should be fine
  19. erichshonda

    Girl needs advice with an 06 crf250 seized bike... :(

    Remove your oil filter and check for shavings. Bottom end rod bearing may have let go
  20. erichshonda

    Crf450r decompression problems

    Check timing using the ign. Side (shifter) check the sticky at the top of forum , it illustrates the correct procedure
  21. erichshonda

    chinese pit bike revs out and dies help!

    Sounds like a lean condition. Check for clogged jets in the carb and check for an air leak at the carb connections.
  22. erichshonda

    Whirring or whining noise after rebuild

    Did you install the timing chain tensioner in the fully collapsed position before installing it? Sounds like the timing chain may be to tight.
  23. erichshonda

    2006 crf450r over heating

    If the radiator is overfilled, the system will purge out the access when hot, this is normal. Usually coolant level will be just above the fins when looking inside. If the level get below the fins, then you may have a problem
  24. erichshonda

    Please help!

    Never use the trans check bolt on these models. It's located to low. Just put 690cc and you will be fine
  25. erichshonda

    2007 CRF not starting **Frustrated**

    Are you installing the timing chain tensioner in the collapsed position before installing? If not, everything is in a bind. Install collapsed, then release tension.