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  1. Geezerx

    2008 pipe question

    I went up 4 sizes on the main jet with the stock pipe and then bought a DRD pipe. I also moved the clip from 3 to 4. I could never 'jet out' a little hesitation between 0-1/4 throttle. The DRD pipe cleared up the hesitation. my next step is to try another size up on the main jet. This pipe was well worth the money.
  2. Geezerx

    1999 yz400f

    The only draw back to a leaking headgasket, assuming that it is leaking internally, is that it might have accumulated some moisture in the cylinder or the bottom end.
  3. Geezerx

    Use of illegal steroids in our sport???

    I think that it is safe to assume that a small percent of the pro's are using PHD's, probably something to help in the recovery process.
  4. Geezerx

    Does Lighter Fork oil = Plusher

    You might want to experiment with a softer IC spring to help the initial plushness.
  5. Geezerx

    Race Tech or?

    If you live in Socal, and from your signature I assume that you do, I would go to ENZO. He is the Yamaha guy. Both RT and FC are great companies.
  6. Geezerx

    2008 yz450 shock rates

    The Race Tech site will give you a spring rate for your weight.
  7. Geezerx

    08 450f Need stiffer springs?

    I would go to the Race Tech site and use the spring rate information to determine the spring rate for your riding and weight.
  8. Geezerx


    ENZO is the guy for Yamaha suspension.
  9. Geezerx

    2007 CRF 450R Pricing

    How about some place in California, Neveda, or Oregon?
  10. Geezerx

    Best initial upgrades for '05-'07

    The 06 is a great bike in stock condition. Get the suspension changed/adjusted/set for you and ride it. You might want to take the rear suspension apart and make sure that it has been properly lubricated and do the same with the steering stem bearing. The motor does not need any work. In my humble opinion a pipe will be a waste to money. I would spend my money on keeping good fresh tires on this baby.
  11. Someine had asked about gas mileage. I have an 01 F250 4x4 diesel. It is the 7.3 motor. I get about 17mpg on the hiway not pulling the trailer. I have only pulled my 6x12 once so far and got 13mpg, doing between 62 a d70 mph. Total trip was about 100 miles. Terain was flat. I expect to get about 11 if I start going into the hills or if I want to run at about 70 mph.
  12. I ahve a 6x12 trailer and I am looking for cabinets like yours. Do you recall where you got them and if you do not mind, how much were they.
  13. Geezerx

    Cramps !!!!!

  14. Geezerx

    Found this on OLN

    Lawn Dart Episode #2. For his sake, I hope it is the last time he does anything similar to that again.
  15. Geezerx

    A.R.C. Corona Goggle

    The padding is good and so is the venting. Buy them and do not look back. U can use Scott 89 tear offs.