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  1. happy seal

    Own a Beta?

    Hey Chris, thanks Bro. You made my day. I picked up my 14 300R4 factory from Kissell in Pa. 4/2014. Its got 2,5 hours on it. My byob Stillwell suspension was a waist because I lost a lot of weight. But at i am alive. How's Dave doin? Hit me up pm.
  2. happy seal

    Own a Beta?

  3. happy seal

    Show me your...BETA !

    Rehab on a bad Surgery. But Kenny and Darius were prolly there. Thanks Bro.
  4. happy seal

    2015 300

    No, what I was gonna write was abrasive. That above is pure fact. You and George are both a cramp in the butt. You come on here and just cause problems. Why do you do it? It is supposed to be a fun place but when you get two guys that hang around with negative attitudes and negative posts it ruing it for everyone. Why do you two do this? Shut up and let people enjoy their day. If you don't like something or someone just ignore them and don't say anything. I would surely like to meet both of you face to face. The signature was a nice gesture from a very respfull person. I asked him to do it on Twitter and he replied and followed through. He signed the bike and sent me a pic. He then went to Vegas and kicked Taddy's butt. It will not make my bike go faster = no Shit &%$#@!! It is just a cool thing to have on your bike. The picture is cool too. How many KTM riders will do that for someone. Haters can go &%$#@! themselves. You guys are losers.
  5. happy seal

    Show me your...BETA !

    I am pretty good at crossing trees. I go over stuff others go around. But not enduro cross stuff. My time on a trials bike really helped with that. That is why these guys loke Webb, Jarvis, are so good. Trials.
  6. happy seal

    2015 300

    Yeah man!
  7. happy seal

    Show me your...BETA !

    My bike being signed by the man himself. Two weeks and counting.
  8. happy seal

    2015 300

    That is my Beta and if you don't know who is signing the bike then shame on you. Couple weeks away.
  9. happy seal

    On-the-fly suspension shifter on my beta!

    I am in a tough spot right now but if I wasn't I would be PMing you big time. i think if you could get a servo on the top side that would fit and the bottom side that could take abuse you would be alright. Nice job.
  10. happy seal

    2015 300

    EXACTLY THIS! This is what I was told. "If you get too big you turn into a low quality company like GM,toyota, and KTM". People kill me. They post like they know what Beta owners and management think and are on track with what would be best for THEM! ROFL!
  11. happy seal

    2015 300

    No one was pulling my leg Lightning. I will not out the source. Believe whatever you want to, I don't care!
  12. happy seal

    Beta in racing

    They just find the hardest stuff possible and ride it until they're worn out. Unbelievable talent.
  13. happy seal

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Did he break his leg on the bike? Jeesh man!
  14. happy seal

    Purchasing a new Beta

    Wow, that's a shocker. My wife was ok with my new purchase, then she asked for a divorce a couple weeks later. &%$#@! it!
  15. happy seal

    Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 on 2013 300 RR.

    I was on the phone with them when I installed the core EXP years ago on my 520. Excellent service. I took the core out of my 520 and guess what, it fits my new 300 when it gets here. i just have to buy a new cover and springs, YEAHHHHHHH!