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  1. Ok thanks I will have them do the transmission bearings too.
  2. About 100 hours, last 2 or 3 with some kind of leak in air box. What is a trans bearing?
  3. Thanks Tractorman. I was looking for parts on line and came across this shop -- http://www.2strokespecialties.com/index.html. It seems like it wouldn't cost a whole lot more to have them just do it than if I did it myself. I had their engine guy, Jim Chamberlain, do a couple of my bikes back in the 90s and they turned out OK. They are pretty close to me, so I wouldn't have to worry about crating the engine.
  4. My 2002 RM125 has been running great for the past couple of years, but it looks like a bunch of dirt/dust got by my filter and it is time for a complete rebuild. I do my own top ends, but have never a bottom end. How hard is it to do a bottom end?
  5. When I was in college, I kept my bike in my walk-in closet in 1st floor apartment. How about a small enclosed trailer you could lock to a carport?
  6. MXCPA

    Help! Rm 125 bogging

    ...and how does it work? It won't affect the bogging, but you should change the gear oil too.
  7. MXCPA

    Help! Rm 125 bogging

    Don't rejet yet -- 2 much going on to tell if it is needed. Dump old gas. Clean carb really well and set float-- be sure to blow everything out with a compressor. Change all fluids. Be sure filter is clean. New plug. If that doesn't fix it, then consider jetting.
  8. MXCPA

    Blown motors

    Go to craigslist and search for "parting out" under motorcycles for sale. Lots of newer dirt bikes -- Mostly 4 strokes that imploded. I agree that they don't necessarily break more often than 2 strokes, but not many 2 stroke failures justify parting out a bike that is less than 10 years old.
  9. 45. Been riding 38 years -- 34 of them on 2 strokes. Back on a 2 stroke for good a few years ago.
  10. Nice! I remember my 1st time too. I am dating myself, but it was on a 1978 RM80 (no, not 85). I accidentally left it in a gear longer than I usually did, and...holy crap, what is this! What a feeling! I have been hooked ever since. Kind of like when Steve Martin's character found out what his "special purpose" was for in The Jerk.
  11. MXCPA

    Frozen Rear Axle - RM65

    I never got the chance to try the torch. I screwed up the threads on the axle with the sledge so I just wound up breaking out the sawzall. While I did sacrifice the axle and 2 spacers, I was able to salvage the other spacer and both bearings. The axle was frozen to the large spacer between the bearings in the hub. Wow, that axle was hard. I went through several blades before I got through both sides.
  12. MXCPA

    Frozen Rear Axle - RM65

    Right next to the spacers are some plastic/rubber covers for the bearings. Do I go ahead a melt those things while I am heating it to make sure the races are hot? I am going to buy this torch from HF - http://www.harborfre...orch-91061.html ...and how long should I heat it?if I am using a harbor
  13. MXCPA

    Frozen Rear Axle - RM65

    Ok, I am getting ready to run this thing over with my truck!! I am trying to remove the rear wheel and the axle is stuck in the hub. It spins, but will not come out. I have sprayed Break Free on it for a week now (alternating sides) and have beat the S%^t out of it with a framing hammer and a 3 lb sledge (the nut is toast, but the axle is still in good shape). It will not budge. Any suggestions?
  14. 97 RM125 was a great bike! I had a 96 and loved the conventional forks.