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  1. PNW_XR

    Yearly battery replacement

    Where in WA are you at, and what are you riding?
  2. PNW_XR

    Yearly battery replacement

    I do have a battery tender, but I have more batteries than I know what to do with, and the bike is stored in a shipping container with no power. I guess I'll just start pulling the battery every winter and keeping all of them charged in a series. This battery from NAPA was garbage. I rode the bike half a dozen times in the year and it already crapped out, having been ridden just a few months ago. I think it was junk from the start.
  3. Hello all. I hardly ever post here anymore since I've not ridden my 2005 XR650L much in the past 5 years. She's still only got like 3,000 miles. Anyhow, I do try to start her up and run her around a few times each year. The maddening thing is that I have had to buy a new battery every year for this thing. I just went to start her up again so I could run some fuel store through the tank and carb, and she was dead as a door nail. This battery (NAPA) is literally 13 months old, with a 12 month warranty. The last one lasted a year, too, and it had a 6 month warranty. I am getting tired of spending $100+ a year on a battery for the bike. I know I can order online cheaper, but every time this happens I need it sooner. I am getting burned out on batteries in general. In the past year or so I have replaced both of my 5th wheel batteries, 3 motorcycle batteries, a car battery, a tractor battery, and had to charge the battery on my generator. This is really getting out of hand. My question: How long should a battery be able to sit without being ridden or put on a tender? I just rode the bike a few months ago and it started right up. Also, what brand are you running? I've tried all different sellers and brands and they all seem junk. The same thing seems to happen on my street bikes.
  4. PNW_XR

    XR 650L Oil Cooler Recomendations Wanted Please!

    If it were me, I'd find an old Lockhart cooler or something similar, and just fab up the mounts. Not too difficult at all.
  5. PNW_XR

    Comfortable grips

    I like old school Scott waffle grips.
  6. PNW_XR

    94 xr650l new black plastic ?

    You might try plastic paint. Apparently it's come a long way. There are many different brands.
  7. Appreciate the opinions. I don't worry about the Tygon fuel line leaking. It fits very nicely on the barbs. The filter is also inside the tank and frame rail so cannot hit anything. The lower petcock filter is still in place.
  8. I have looked, and looked and looked, but I never could find the answer. I have a sneaking suspicion it is 7mm inside diameter, but that's just a guess based upon my eyeballs. The auto parts store only sells 1/4" or 5/16", and 7mm is in the middle. Sooooooo...I am running 1/4" because it fit nice and tight on the barbs. Here it is right now. I will be putting some pinch clamps on, but wanted to test the bike out before I went and bought smaller ones (the ones which came with the filter are too big). I didn't notice any performance issues with the smaller fuel line. Anybody have thoughts?
  9. I had no idea that the petcock filter was missing from my bike. I bought it with less than 1,000 miles on it and it already had the aftermarket tank, so I guess whoever installed it broke the plastic filter off and proceeded to abandon it like it meant nothing. Anyhow, I ordered a whole new petcock assembly but while waiting for shipping I went and bought some new orings and gaskets for my existing one, then put an inline filter setup so I could ride. What do you think of just using this and not even installing the new petcock? Here is a picture:
  10. PNW_XR

    PJ1 Frame paint

    Good to know. Thanks. I was just curious what it costs as I'd never heard before.
  11. PNW_XR

    PJ1 Frame paint

    What were the quotes for powder coating?
  12. I bought this bike used with less than 500 miles on it and it already had the IMS tank. I bought a brand new petcock and I just realized that the previous owner installed the other petcock WITHOUT the screen. I was only aware of the screen in the bottom of the bowl, not the one which is supposed to cover the brass inlet. Sooooo....roughly 3k miles with no filtration to speak of. I had no idea there was supposed to be one. I fixed the old one to work, but without the screen I should probably use the new one, though it sure was pricey.
  13. Yep, the bike sat for at least 3 years unused. The reserve area of the petcock, as you can see, is totally blocked. I am going to try to fix this one and keep it as a spare once the new one comes. I have an IMS tank and so still need to find a new o-ring for that connection.
  14. My cover is riveted on this one, so no getting to that large rubber gasket. Weird.
  15. I went ahead and ordered an entire new petcock assembly from Rocky Mountain. The price on the individual parts made little sense so went with new and will keep this as a backup. Now I can't ride until next week. I can't stand this system where nobody stocks inventory anymore.