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  1. can you push back the caliper and have the fluid push out the piston?
  2. etuke

    Just bought a 16 YZ450FX

    +1 on the throttle tamer,I installed one for that very reason and it takes the hit away.Only regret is I wish I had gotten the cam kit to try different settings,mine came with the 400 cam and I think it could be a bit more aggressive would like to try the 300 cam.
  3. etuke

    Just bought a 16 YZ450FX

    no,have to buy seperate
  4. etuke

    2016 450fx will not start with e start

    put power directly to the starter and see if it turns over,if it does replace the starter relay,if not inspect starter.Click you hear is probably the start relay.
  5. etuke

    Oil Capacity

    is this with or without filter change?
  6. etuke

    White smoke and backfiring

    Not sure but I think the bike will fire the spark plug every revolution and kicking it slow maybe igniting the fuel from the compression stroke in the exhaust stroke causing it to backfire out the exhaust.When you got it started did it run good?Guess it could be possible for the exhaust to have some coolant in it causing the smoke still but should clear itself out after its running,if it doesn't then you need to check for another leak.Pressure check the cooling system and that will tell you if there is a leak.
  7. etuke

    White smoke and backfiring

    the yz426 is a really difficult bike to start if you don't do the right technique.I remember my first 426 I bought when I decided to go 4 stroke,pulled it off the truck in the pits and I must have been there a good hour kicking(I was ready to burn it).It was so bad that another rider there had to come by as he had 426's in the past,took the bike and 3 kicks she was up and running(guess he felt pity for me).Once you get the technique these bikes are really easy to start.As for the white smoke it sounds like coolant getting into the cylinder,you should do a pressure test on your coolant system to check for leakage,just because you installed a new gasket doesn't mean you fixed it,cracked head,warped head/cylinder there are still a lot of places for it to leak.If it is leaking then its a good reason for it not starting.
  8. peacock clogged is my guess.
  9. I have read a couple comments that leaving the bike in gear kills the battery,not sure if its true or not.I have the same bike and leave it for weeks in neutral and it starts up just fine.
  10. etuke

    2019 YZ450 FX Availability

    Mine will idle up small grades in first without stalling.
  11. etuke

    Yz450f aluminum dust in oil

    I have used stainless filters in my KX450 and my older yz450 and never saw anything like that.
  12. etuke

    2019 YZ450 FX Availability

    exactly what I did with the rear sprocket and its perfect.2nd is my first and if I need a extra low gear for tight stuff its there,5th is still very tall to the point I hardly ever use it.
  13. I thought these FI bikes had tip over sensors that shut them off in cases like this.
  14. etuke

    Fresh top end --- Wont start

    check and make sure one of the valves isn't jammed open for some reason.Would be kinda difficult to mess up the ring position to cause that much blowby,unless you broke the rings during install.
  15. etuke

    Parts problem

    looks like maybe the clutch bearing that releases the clutch.