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    I travel for work all over and stay in one place for months at a time. I like to sample the local offroad riding wherever I stay and meet up with local TT'ers.
  1. Sorry, dealer took care of it. That is the info passed down to me from them. Very trustworthy dealer. They sponsor many racers in the area and go the extra mile to take care of the regular guys too.
  2. I had this issue and it was something different that what everyone else has mentioned. My error at about the same amount of hours as you have on yours. After servicing the air filter I didn't get it seated back down completely in the air box. It looked good from the side that you put it in on, but the opposite side hadn't seated properly. Dirt got into the intake and coated one of the sensors in there so it couldn't do its job properly. Once everything got properly cleaned and air filter got put in properly, the dealer did a reprogram on it and it's been good ever since. I now take the seat off when I put the air filter back in to make sure it has seated all the way around.
  3. Nah! That was just me trying to show my youngest son that the old man has still got it. It took me 3 days to recover from that ride. I don't always ride like that, but when I do, I make sure I've got plenty of time off before I have to go back to work.
  4. I like it. Hooks up well in a variety of conditions and wears well too.
  5. I usually run a MotoZ mountain hybrid on the rear for mountain riding so I don't tear trails up as much, but I have a Sedona MX907HP on right now from when I was racing in Missouri. It hooked up really well for me with little to no wheel spin when I didn't want it. MotoZ Tractionator Enduro S/T on the front. I can't recommend that one as well for that type of riding. Compound was too hard and there are signs of chunking already. Still haven't found a front tire that I'm really crazy about yet. That was a relentless climb. You didn't stop climbing for almost 7 minutes and 1000 vertical feet. If you dabbed it was difficult to get your feet back on the pegs with the angle of ascent. I'm sure I looked ridiculous at points on that climb, but the good thing about wearing the camera is nobody sees that.
  6. I have a 2016 430 RS. It takes a little time to get into where the lodge is. It's about 40 minutes of FS road once you leave the pavement on the south end on Lake Pend Oreille, but worth it in my opinion. I guess a lot of pros go there and do training and stay there too. I rode 1 day with Javier from Gold Creek Lodge and 1 day with Steve and Rick from the PANTRA group. The trails are loads of fun. There are some steep climbs there too. We all know how the camera flattens terrain out. On some of that stuff you can hear the motor working pretty good and I was in 1st gear with 13/52 gearing.
  7. Video from last weekends fun in North Idaho. I highly recommend Gold Creek Lodge for a "stay and play" trip. Ride right from the lodge. You can explore for days from this one location. When you get back to the lodge you've got a hot shower and a meal all right there.
  8. Had fun. Did about 90 miles in 2 days. Too out of shape for that. I'm still sore. Hoping to have a highlight video up on the video thread tomorrow.
  9. Tried to get a ride in with Fuhl this weekend, but we couldn't make it work. He does live in some incredible country. This isn't much of a shot of the Beta, but it's there. The picture is on Independence Creek in the same general area. Thought it was appropriate for today.
  10. Sounds like you've got it sorted out real well. Guess I'm a little slower learner. Here's my set-up FWIW.
  11. I have the VersaHaul as well. I have the light kit and plate holder on mine. Most of the time it is on the back of my 5th wheel as I travel around the country for work. I've gone close to 40,000 miles all across the country with it. Then, when I go riding, it goes on the back of the truck for easier loading and unloading. Very well built piece of equipment. One thing to beware of though. I used a strap over the rear swing arm to hold the back end down. (There was too much bounce in it going to the rear frame and if I went over the top of the rear tire like a lot of pictures show, the rear wheel would turn). This ended in a bad way for me. On a particularly nasty stretch of New Mexico highway, with the VersaHaul on the pickup, the bumps were so bad (almost going airborne in an 8000 lb dually), that the rear strap (over the swingarm) cut, broke, whatever, and the bike went off the back at 65 mph. $800 later, the bike was ready to ride again but I needed to do something about the carrier as my confidence in it was now shaky. My solution was D-Rings and short straps from E-trailer looped through the D-Rings and run through short sections of garden hose where the straps contacted the rims of both wheels holding the bottom of the tire and wheel down to the VersaHaul. Haven't had any problems since. Sorry about getting a little wordy, but I hate to see others go through what I went through if I can warn them. $800 is pretty fortunate for me. It easily could have been double that. I got fairly lucky in a manner of speaking. I am loading my bike in the morning and I will post a picture for you to see what I did.
  12. I use the Avenza app on my smart phone. There is a free MVUM for the Walla Walla Ranger District of the Umatilla National Forest that has the trails out of Harris Park on it. It is not really detailed, but uses GPS locating and is very accurate in my experience to showing you right where you are at. I used it up there 2 years ago when I was in the area for work. Coincidentally, I am headed back again for more work. I should be in the area by next Thursday and could probably ride there next Saturday or Sunday if you're still in the area.
  13. I'm sure your kids will be talking about their first trip to Moab for a long time. That was excellent! They did great and it sounded like they had a fun time. Of course, the next time I go to Moab, I'm going to want to say "Tweety Bird" when I ride Hells Revenge now.
  14. I use the Avenza app on my phone. There is a free map available for that app. It's not the best map I've used on this app, but it will keep you from getting completely lost.