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    I travel for work all over and stay in one place for months at a time. I like to sample the local offroad riding wherever I stay and meet up with local TT'ers.
  1. I travel around the country for work a lot, so I see a lot of variation in elevation, temperature, and humidity. This year alone I have ridden in New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and Missouri. I'm in Alabama now, but haven't ridden here yet. Anytime I go somewhere new, my first order of business is to start the bike and let it warm up to 235 degrees without touching the throttle (I have an RS with the Trail Tech). After this warmup I shut the bike down and turn off the key. Then I finish gearing up, and go ride. I have never had issues with how the bike runs with this procedure after 2 1/2 years. The only time I had an issue was when I first had the bike and I didn't get the air filter seated properly and got dirt past the filter.
  2. http:// From this weekends Ozark 100 race in Missouri. Sleepy and I were not able to represent the brand in the night moto, but thankfully Jordan Ashburn was there to pick up the slack for us and win it all.
  3. It's worrying me a bit to see his progress. The last time I raced him in February, he passed me on the last lap to take the final trophy position from me. I've really been wanting to get one back on him. The problem is, since then I've been traveling the country working and only had the chance to trail ride about a half a dozen times. However, he's done like........oh, I don't know.......20 races. I have a feeling the next time we see each other in November, it will be at the starting line only. I may have more footage on his rearview cam than the front one now.
  4. Yes.
  5. I have a 430 RS with the Rekluse. To finally get mine dialed in I went with the stiffer springs and adjusted it. I took it to a hare scramble where we could pre run the course, so I did a good hard lap (25-30 minutes), then pulled into the pit area, left it running and adjusted again with the engine and clutch nice and heated up from normal use. I have adjusted once since then very slightly just to get the "feel" I was looking for, but that second adjustment had me almost exactly where I wanted to be. Good folks at Rekluse. They've taken good care of me on a couple of occasions that I needed some assistance.
  6. Had it happen to mine. Rekluse took care of me. They said they had a batch where the bonding process wasn't done properly. They shipped out a new set of outer rings to where I was in Arkansas and I had them with time to install and ride before the next weekend came.
  7. I had the same thing happen to me on a solo ride 5 miles from the truck. That was a long hike. Couldn't find anything, so I bought a Lithium Ion jump starter to carry in my pack. After 3 more rides, and several jump starts, I finally found my problem. Turns out the plug came loose, but didn't come off on what I believe in the voltage regulator. It's on the frame up front on the left side in front of the fuel tank. Once I found it, and plugged it all the way back in I haven't had the problem again.
  8. Sorry, dealer took care of it. That is the info passed down to me from them. Very trustworthy dealer. They sponsor many racers in the area and go the extra mile to take care of the regular guys too.
  9. I had this issue and it was something different that what everyone else has mentioned. My error at about the same amount of hours as you have on yours. After servicing the air filter I didn't get it seated back down completely in the air box. It looked good from the side that you put it in on, but the opposite side hadn't seated properly. Dirt got into the intake and coated one of the sensors in there so it couldn't do its job properly. Once everything got properly cleaned and air filter got put in properly, the dealer did a reprogram on it and it's been good ever since. I now take the seat off when I put the air filter back in to make sure it has seated all the way around.
  10. Nah! That was just me trying to show my youngest son that the old man has still got it. It took me 3 days to recover from that ride. I don't always ride like that, but when I do, I make sure I've got plenty of time off before I have to go back to work.
  11. I like it. Hooks up well in a variety of conditions and wears well too.
  12. I usually run a MotoZ mountain hybrid on the rear for mountain riding so I don't tear trails up as much, but I have a Sedona MX907HP on right now from when I was racing in Missouri. It hooked up really well for me with little to no wheel spin when I didn't want it. MotoZ Tractionator Enduro S/T on the front. I can't recommend that one as well for that type of riding. Compound was too hard and there are signs of chunking already. Still haven't found a front tire that I'm really crazy about yet. That was a relentless climb. You didn't stop climbing for almost 7 minutes and 1000 vertical feet. If you dabbed it was difficult to get your feet back on the pegs with the angle of ascent. I'm sure I looked ridiculous at points on that climb, but the good thing about wearing the camera is nobody sees that.
  13. I have a 2016 430 RS. It takes a little time to get into where the lodge is. It's about 40 minutes of FS road once you leave the pavement on the south end on Lake Pend Oreille, but worth it in my opinion. I guess a lot of pros go there and do training and stay there too. I rode 1 day with Javier from Gold Creek Lodge and 1 day with Steve and Rick from the PANTRA group. The trails are loads of fun. There are some steep climbs there too. We all know how the camera flattens terrain out. On some of that stuff you can hear the motor working pretty good and I was in 1st gear with 13/52 gearing.