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    I travel for work all over and stay in one place for months at a time. I like to sample the local offroad riding wherever I stay and meet up with local TT'ers.
  1. mississippi

    Thanks. No sand whoops in the mountains.
  2. Working down south this year and had never been here. Signed up for SERA (Southern Enduro Riders Association). Had a Sprint Enduro in Mississippi last weekend. I had never done a sprint enduro and it was a fun format. The issue I had was that it was sand, sandy soil, and more sand. I'm used to rocks, gravelly soil, and more rocks so this was quite a change for me. I thought I adapted well to the situation. Ended up 3rd in C 40+ which I thought was pretty good considering I'm 53.
  3. mississippi

    A very different experience for me. Never raced in that much sandy soil before and no rocks (I’m from Wyoming). Had fun and felt like I adapted well. Weather was perfect. Ended up with 3rd in C 40+.
  4. Are you talking about Bonecutters by any chance? Steve and his family are great to work with. I travel all over the country for work and all I have to do is call them for a part I need and they will drop ship it to me anywhere in the continental US that I happen to be. Last year alone they shipped to me in Colorado, Oregon, Arkansas, and Alabama. Never had to wait more than 3 days for parts to arrive. They also support the local race scene in Missouri a lot.
  5. I was a longtime XR rider that made the change to a Beta. I'm 6'1" 255 and I went with the 430 4t. I like to lug it low in the RPM's as well (must be an XR thing). The 2t's are a good bike and I've ridden a couple of them, but spending my life on a 4t, that's where I was comfortable. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the Beta's. You will feel much better riding any of them, coming off the XR. Just be sure and get your suspension done for your weight and riding. I recommend LT Racing in Washington State. I like technical riding and he set mine up beautifully.
  6. mississippi

    Hoping it stays dry the rest of the week so conditions improve. I'm down south for work this year and doing some racing here for the first time ever. I thought my biggest adjustment would be learning to ride in sand, but that greasy swamp clay in Louisiana was like nothing I'd ever ridden before, and hope to not have to ride again anytime soon.
  7. Missouri

    Just to be clear, that is not me. Just a good sampling of the trails. I have done a few harescrambles there at a considerably slower pace.
  8. Missouri

    Here's a good representation of HHR's regular trails. From an enduro there last year.
  9. From the same venue as Sleepy except I'm still a C rider, so we aren't able to race each other. This is the morning race. Took me little while to get moving, but once I hit a groove I had my best finish ever. Sorry, no catapulting Yamaha's in this one.
  10. I travel around the country for work a lot, so I see a lot of variation in elevation, temperature, and humidity. This year alone I have ridden in New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and Missouri. I'm in Alabama now, but haven't ridden here yet. Anytime I go somewhere new, my first order of business is to start the bike and let it warm up to 235 degrees without touching the throttle (I have an RS with the Trail Tech). After this warmup I shut the bike down and turn off the key. Then I finish gearing up, and go ride. I have never had issues with how the bike runs with this procedure after 2 1/2 years. The only time I had an issue was when I first had the bike and I didn't get the air filter seated properly and got dirt past the filter.
  11. http:// From this weekends Ozark 100 race in Missouri. Sleepy and I were not able to represent the brand in the night moto, but thankfully Jordan Ashburn was there to pick up the slack for us and win it all.
  12. It's worrying me a bit to see his progress. The last time I raced him in February, he passed me on the last lap to take the final trophy position from me. I've really been wanting to get one back on him. The problem is, since then I've been traveling the country working and only had the chance to trail ride about a half a dozen times. However, he's done like........oh, I don't know.......20 races. I have a feeling the next time we see each other in November, it will be at the starting line only. I may have more footage on his rearview cam than the front one now.
  13. Yes.
  14. I have a 430 RS with the Rekluse. To finally get mine dialed in I went with the stiffer springs and adjusted it. I took it to a hare scramble where we could pre run the course, so I did a good hard lap (25-30 minutes), then pulled into the pit area, left it running and adjusted again with the engine and clutch nice and heated up from normal use. I have adjusted once since then very slightly just to get the "feel" I was looking for, but that second adjustment had me almost exactly where I wanted to be. Good folks at Rekluse. They've taken good care of me on a couple of occasions that I needed some assistance.
  15. Had it happen to mine. Rekluse took care of me. They said they had a batch where the bonding process wasn't done properly. They shipped out a new set of outer rings to where I was in Arkansas and I had them with time to install and ride before the next weekend came.